Things To Know Before Getting An Affenpinscher

Native to Germany, the Affenpinscher is a toy dog breed that has existed since the 17th century. It is a large dog packed with a small body, and its face is often described as monkey-like.

Affenpinscher is a German name meaning ‘monkey’ or ‘ape.’ Even though this dog is usually black, it can be found in several other colors. The fur around the head of the dog is shaggier, which looks like a mane. Otherwise, its fur is wiry and not very long.

Key Characteristics

The Affenpinscher is now classified as a toy breed; the dog had originally been bred to be smaller in size for hunting rats.

Indeed, these cute little furballs could be vicious predators, but they are no longer used for hunting rats, hence their classification as a toy breed.

Compared to other toy breeds, the Affenpinscher is healthier, feisty, and playful, making them a great companion for anyone. These dogs are small and compact, which only adds to the appeal.

Things To Know Before Getting An Affenpinscher

However, before you decide to get such a pup, there are some things you should know about the Affenpinscher. What are they? Let’s check them out.

Intelligent And Inquisitive

The Affenpinscher is a former scent hound breed, which makes it a curious and intelligent dog. Its sense of smell is keen, and Affenpinschers are likely to follow their noses. If you decide to get this dog, you should be prepared for it to investigate, explore and experiment with new environments, tricks and toys.

While most intelligent dog breeds love brain teasers, Affenpinschers need them. It means that you should get this pup if you are prepared to give it a lot of mental stimulation to keep it calm, healthy, and happy. If you have a lot on your plate, this dog is not for you because such an intelligent breed is susceptible to depression, boredom, disobedience, anxiety, and destructive behaviors.

You do not want your Affenpinscher to start ignoring your commands, do you? Remember to give them lots of toys, company, playtime, and attention; they will be the perfect companion.

You can keep them calm by ensuring your Affenpinscher always has company at home. It is also a good idea to get them puzzles and toys they can play with when they are alone. If you cannot take them out, get a dog walker, or another dog so they can keep each other company.

No Yard Required

The Affenpinscher is a playful, fun, and energetic breed, but as it is quite small, it does not need much exercise. Affenpinschers are about 10 inches tall and don’t weigh more than 4 kg, which means they are pretty compact and don’t need a lot of time outdoors.

You can also meet their exercise needs indoors easily. You should go out for bathroom breaks, walks, or fun. But, if the weather is unsuitable, your dog can stay indoors and still get exercise.

Difficult To Train

The Affenpinscher is also stubborn, like other scent hounds and some intelligent dog breeds, as they tend to be self-driven.

Training the Affenpinscher can be a challenge because they are single-minded. Consistency and patience are vital for training your pet; they will begin to follow commands and do tricks.

Grooming Requirements

Looking at the Affenpinscher, you will see a furry little ball. It is downright adorable, and the fur is their signature trait, but it also means grooming. Luckily, grooming is not that difficult. You have to do a couple of things to ensure that your pup’s coat remains pretty enough and is safe from irritations.

Make it a habit to brush the hair twice a week and do it extensively. Clip their nails regularly and check their ears for dirt. Use wet cotton to clean the dirt from the ears now and then. Their coat also requires trimming twice a year, and you must brush their teeth at least once a week because they can develop dental issues. Getting some chewable toys to prevent dental problems is also a good idea.

Social Dog

Typically, the retrievers and shepherds are known to be social, unlike most hound breeds, but the Affenpinscher is a very loving and social animal. This toy dog breed is the perfect fit if you are looking for a cuddly ball of fur. They want a human presence constantly and like receiving lots of love.

It means that Affenpinschers are great for families with kids and people who stay at home. If you are getting the pup for kids, you should be careful that they don’t hurt it because it is very fragile and small.

Moderately Healthy

Toy breeds are not generally known for their health; this is where the Affenpinscher stands out because it is quite healthy. This breed was created centuries ago for the sole purpose of producing smaller scent hounds, and there are not a lot of health or genetic problems.

Nonetheless, you still need to keep an eye on a couple of issues, including hormonal/thyroid problems, dental issues, fractures, a common heart disease known as Patent ductus arteriosus, hip dysplasia, Luxating patella, and eye problems because of ingrown facial hair.

If you don’t want your loving pup to have any hereditary issues, get it from a reputable breeder and get a health certificate. It is also smart to see the parents of the cuddly ball of fur. Even if you are getting them from a shelter, get a check-up done by the vet and ask for a health certificate.

As for the other issues, you need to maintain your Affenpinscher, which means visiting twice bi-annually, checking for any symptoms, and taking good care of it.

Temperature Sensitivity

An important thing to know about this toy breed is that it belongs to the Brachycephalic dog category, which means it has a short snout. The Affenpinscher undoubtedly looks cute because of it, but it can be a health issue because it can lead to breathing problems.

Hot temperatures may cause them to have breathing problems, or they can also hyperventilate. Stress can also contribute to these issues. Therefore, you must give extra attention to your pup in the summer.

Diet And Nutrition

Your gentle and cute furball should always have access to fresh water, and its diet should be nutritionally balanced. It is the norm to give dogs two meals a day, but you should discuss the diet of your Affenpinscher with the vet.

Ask about the specific dietary requirements so their individual needs are met. No one wants their dog to be overweight, so you have to watch the treats or any additional meals you give them. Since the Affenpinscher is a little dog, even a few extra pounds will make a big difference.

Who Should Get The Affenpinscher?

People who enjoy spending time at home will love these playful furballs, and even apartment-dwellers will find this gentle pup the right fit when they want a canine companion.

You don’t have to have a yard when you get an Affenpinscher because they can be pretty happy indoors too. It is still good if you don’t go out that much because they don’t need daily walks in the park.

Affenpinschers are also known for their social nature, and since they are so lovable, they are perfect for kids. A little bit of socialization can also make them great with other pets.

Getting Ready For The Affenpinscher

There are no such complicated requirements you need to fulfill when you have decided to get the Affenpinscher as a pet. You just need to choose a reliable breeder and ensure the puppy is healthy. The rest is the same as any other dog because your job is to keep them healthy, happy, and safe.

The only real challenge you will have to deal with in the case of Affenpinschers is when you begin their house training. If you have trained other dogs, then it is easier for you. However, if it is the first stubborn dog you have encountered, it might take some time.

You should expand your knowledge about doggy house training, and you must have a significant amount of time, patience, and consistency. If you stick to it, your Affenpinscher will be the most intelligent, obedient, well-trained, and loving companion for you and the entire household.

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