A Guide To Antlers For Dogs

Do the treats you give your dog cause its waist to balloon up? Is that why you constantly search for delicacies that do not add even more calories to your furry friend’s body? If yes, then read ahead to discover answers to all your queries!

Deer antlers can be the best chew toy for your canine friend, especially if it is regularly chewing on your furniture and shoes. It is a wonderful way to redirect its chewing habits and comes with various health benefits.

But are they safe for your pup?

Are Antlers For Dogs Safe?

Antlers have become a popular new choice for many dog owners to use as chew toys. Several of these are there, such as fallow and full antlers. But are they safe to give your dog?

The answer is yes! You will be fine if the antlers you give your dog are safe to be chewed. It eliminates the possibility of sharp and split edges. However, the best thing about antlers is that they do not dry out, become brittle, or even splinter. Simply put, they can give your canine a long-lasting chew.

Your pup can reap numerous other benefits from chewing on antlers. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the pros of getting antlers for dogs, the precautions to take before giving them to your furry friend, and how to choose the perfect one.

The Benefits Of Getting Antlers

Antlers Are Firm

One of the best-selling points of antlers is that they are firm and not likely to splinter. Compared to bones, they are especially strong and unlikely to chip off.

Antlers Provide Nutrients

It is a well-known fact that antlers for dogs do not have any additives, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. It entails that you will get what you see.

If you want your pup to get extra minerals to boost stronger teeth and bones, then an antler is what you need. They are rich in phosphorus and calcium, so your pup will have a healthy chew toy.

Antlers Can Improve Dental Hygiene

There is no denying that antlers are relatively tough, so when your furry friend keeps chewing on them, they help scrape away any plaque buildup in their mouth. It boosts their tooth strength and overall dental hygiene.

Antlers Are Natural Stress Relievers

Chewing is nothing short of a healthy pastime for your pup. Thus, you can provide it with antlers, which will keep your dog busy for hours and help minimize its stress and anxiety. It will also save your furniture from getting bite marks!

Antlers Make Dogs And Their Owners Happy

Most dogs are happy to spend their time chewing, so you will offer it a fun toy. Moreover, antlers do not create a mess, leave any sticky residues or odors, or get ripped out, which will please you too!

Precautions To Follow When Giving Antlers To Your Dog

A good quality antler is a safe and tasty chew toy for your little pet. While its material does not splinter, it tends to crumble, so you do not have to worry about any sharp parts lodging into your canine’s digestive tract.

However, there are a couple of safety precautions that you need to keep in mind when giving your dog antlers.

1. Get Rid Of The Bone When It Becomes Too Small

The primary issue with bones is that dogs attempt to eat rather than chew them. The smaller a bone gets, the more appealing it becomes for them to swallow.

So, make sure to get rid of the last piece of antler once your dog has worn it down. It will save you from taking them to the vet because a small bone has lodged into the digestive tract.

2. Refrain Your Pup From Eating The Bone

Once you give your dog antlers, keep a close eye on it whenever it chews. The size can decrease with time, and your pup may swallow it. So, if you want to ensure that it does not gulp the leftover bone down, pay attention to your canine.

At What Age Can You Give Your Pup Split Antlers?

If you were unaware, split antlers are said to be more suitable for pups, primarily due to their soft nature. However, they could put your furry friend at risk, so you should wait until it has developed its adult teeth. Once its bones mature and teeth fully erupt, let your four-legged pal have the time of its life with antlers for dogs.

Are you wondering when your pup will reach skeletal maturity? Well, there is no conclusive answer. Various dogs have different ages at which their bones and teeth hit their peak, which depends on their breed and size. However, most puppies should not be allowed to chew on antlers until they are at least a year old.

How Long Do Antlers Typically Last?

Antlers for dogs usually last for at least six months to a year. They are a source of long-lasting entertainment for all dogs but can eventually wear out or become damaged. Therefore, you need to take precautions for your canine’s safety.

Keep a close eye on your dog’s antlers to spot any early signs of weaknesses. If you prevent your pup from continuously chewing on an antler that is visibly splintered or cracked, you can significantly reduce the risk of getting harmed.

Choosing The Right Antler For Your Furry Friend

Antler chews for dogs come in several colors, thicknesses, and shapes. When you go out to find one, you will notice that no two of these are alike. It works out well for you since you can now ensure that your pup enjoys variety in its chew toys.

The antler you finally choose for your dog depends primarily on preferences and how long you want the toy to last. Numerous stores will carry split as well as solid antlers. The former is slightly less firm and durable than its concrete counterpart. You can take both of them home and see which one your canine friend prefers more!

In Conclusion

Antlers allow your dogs to reap the benefits of a bone without leaving behind any stains, unpleasant odor, or consuming high-fat content. In addition, no animal has to be captured, harassed, or killed to create this lovely treat for your pup. They are the perfect treat you need to make your canine content.

So, do you want to know whether antlers for dogs will serve you well? Why don’t you purchase one today and see how it goes?

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