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Help! Are Cane Corsos Aggressive? How Do I Prevent This?

If the thought of bringing home a Cane Corso has crossed your mind, you may have also wondered about its level of aggression. It is normal to have this question in your mind, given that this canine is widely popular for its protective and intimidating nature.

However, you do not need to fret. Cane Corsos are affectionate, devoted to the humans they love, and equally vicious towards many animals and strangers. Where the question of their aggressiveness is concerned, continue reading to find out more.

Is Cane Corsos Aggressive?

One of the primary reasons why Cane Corsos are usually found in shelters and rescue organizations is that people give them up. According to dog owners, they cannot handle this pooch’s aggression and choose to let it go.

However, the truth is that Cane Corsos are not as challenging. They are affectionate and devoted canines who love cuddles.

Indeed, these pups are sometimes easy to handle, socialize, or train. Their weight of 100 pounds also tends to intimidate a lot of people. But at the end of the day, when a Cane Corso comes running up into your arms to hug and lick you, you will realize that the struggle is worth it.

What Are The Reasons That Cause Cane Corso’s Aggression?

Like any other animal or a dog breed, Cane Corsos tend to become aggressive due to several factors. These include the social behaviors of those around them, fear, and possessiveness. Let’s discuss them in detail below.


It probably seems bizarre to think about the mighty Cane Corso being afraid of something. But the truth is that despite their tough exterior, these pups can also experience fear and feel the urge to protect themselves.

Often, this behavior is triggered due to negative experiences because of other dogs, trauma received from a previous owner, or the lack of social skills.

Social Aggressive Behavior

If you have other pups apart from the Cane Corso in your home, you may see some socially aggressive behavior. Being the pack’s Alpha, these dogs try to dominate the newer members, especially if they feel threatened or disturbed.

Possessive Behavior

A Cane Corso can exhibit territorial or possessive behavior regarding the things or people they care about. These could include dog treats, favorite toys, dog food, and you.

How Can You Prevent Aggression In Your Cane Corso?

Follow the tips below to soften the rough exterior of your beloved Cane Corso.

1. Start With Socialization Early

The first 16 weeks of your Cane Corso’s life are crucial. Make sure not to keep it locked up inside the kennel and take it out for long walks. Otherwise, your pup will become jumpy and nervous around people and other pets.

To socialize your pup, feel free to take it to a few puppy parties and give it time to get to meet other people. Keep in mind that this is the best time to teach your dog how to socialize, and once these weeks have passed, this task becomes challenging for a Cane Corso.

2. Begin Obedience Training As Soon As Possible

The second you bring your Cane Corso home, start its training. Do not waste time until it hits adolescence and becomes too strong to control. Young canines are impressionable and tend to grasp the basics faster.

3. Teach Your Pup Bite Inhibition

Since you have such a large canine on your hands, teaching it to bite inhibition is essential. Try to include other pups in this process, as well as the mother of the Cane Corso.

Several trainers recommend that you scruff the dog if it bites, while others think that shrieking loudly is enough to startle the pup. If your canine tries to put its teeth on your body during playtime, clearly tell it no and give it a timeout of around five to ten minutes.

As a result, the Cane Corso will realize what it was doing was wrong, and losing you, even for a short while, should be upsetting enough. Congratulations! You will not have to yell at your beloved furry friend or scruff it.

4. Be A Leader

Small lap dogs are quite observant, but their observation skills can not be compared to Cane Corso’s. If you want your pup to submit to you and not dominate, you need to be a leader and make it believe that you are in charge.

Make your pup sit before you feed it, give it time to wait near the door before you grant permission to go out, or tell it to sit and wait while you do your chores or have dinner.

While this may sound harsh, you do not need to be. Keep the experience positive by ensuring that your tone is gentle but firm. Focus on positive training without force, and your Cane Corso will be the sweetest pup in the world.

5. Put A Stop To Acts Of Aggression

As your furry friend starts to grow older, there will be times when it becomes aggressive. When this happens, it is up to you to show that its behavior is not okay.

It is only possible if you keep an eye out for signs of mild aggression, which include staring down strangers, barking, or growling. All such actions of your Cane Corso need to be handled right away with obedience commands.

Try to get it to lie or sit down so that it loses its dominant posture.

6. Do Not Make The Mistake Of Encouraging Aggression

Never make the mistake of encouraging your pup’s aggression. Bear in mind that this breed is natural at guarding its humans and, thus, will be naturally suspicious of other animals, objects, and strangers.

Therefore, teaching your puppy to be wary of unfamiliar situations and places is not wise. So, ensure you do not motivate or praise it when it growls or stares down at anything or anyone.

Should You Neuter Your Cane Corso To Put An End To Its Aggression?

No! Neutering your Cane Corso is not the solution to its aggressiveness. While surgery has proved to be effective in helping tone down dominance and intimidation in various male dogs, it may not work on this breed in particular. Moreover, neutering your pup will never help prevent aggression against strangers anyway.

What Can You Do If Your Cane Corso Is Aggressive Around Other Dogs?

Have you noticed your beloved canine being aggressive toward other dogs? Well, you can brush away all your worries because the methods below will assist you in preventing this behavior. However, remember that a Cane Corso is impressionable at a young age and should be allowed to socialize with other dogs from a young age to prevent aggression later in life.

Basic Obedience Commands

If you pursue this method, your pup needs to know basic obedience commands, such as sitting, heel, or lying down. In addition, you can teach it to stay in one place and hold its position for prolonged periods. This kind of impulse control is helpful, especially when you take your Cane Corso out for daily walks.

Using these commands allows you to avoid any aggressive situations your furry friend may encounter. You can even anticipate them in advance. For example, when you see another pooch approaching, have the Cane Corso go down into a sitting position. Wait for the other animal to pass before starting your pleasant walk again.

Use A Muzzle And A Short Leash

Slip collars or choke chains have now become widely unpopular, and for a good reason. However, consider getting a short leash if you own an aggressive Cane Corso to help diffuse situations and make it easier to control the pup.

On the other hand, a muzzle ensures enough room for your dog to breathe with its mouth open and even pant while it walks. It puts pressure on the nose and calms your furry friend down. Another benefit of a muzzle is that it prevents your Cane Corso from biting and being dangerous.


While this is not a long-term solution or the answer to your Cane Corso aggression problems, avoidance can be helpful. When you see another dog walking your way, change directions and take your pup as far away as possible. It will ensure that your furry pal does not feel fearful of the other animal.


Flooding is a method that will force your pup to face its fears. Whether you are afraid of being around humans or other dogs, your Cane Corso will eventually realize that nothing bad will happen. Consequently, it will stop being sensitive to others.

Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning entails that you diffuse expected aggressive situations with dog treats. As soon as you see your Cane Corso becoming nervous due to the presence of another human or animal, offer it a treat to calm it down. However, make sure these are special, or your dog will not value them enough.

This process can be effective if you work with other dog owners experiencing the same problems. It also includes a little flooding; therefore, you will need to expose your dog to another animal.

But do not force your pup into uncomfortable situations. Have another dog owner casually walk their furry friend past yours. Next, repeat this every day or a couple of times a week, and you will see great results!

Should You Talk To A Behaviorist?

It has already been established that Cane Corsos are not easy to handle due to their size and the fact that they were initially bred to be guard dogs. Remember, old habits die hard!

If the aggression problem of your pup turns out to be too much for you, do not be afraid to see a behaviorist. They will help you make any important decisions for your dog’s future.

You can consult a local dog trainer or your vet if there are no behaviorists near you. They can offer you professional advice for your beloved dog.

Cane Corso; A Family Dog

Cane Corsos are wonderful companions who can light up your life by being your pal in need. But remember, they need plenty of energy, consistency, and time. If you want a good relationship with your pup, you will need to get professional help by taking courses or training beforehand.

Then, you can finally bring this majestic four-legged tail wagger home and make it an essential member of the herd.

However, make sure to evaluate this decision as many times as possible. “Are Cane Corsos aggressive?” is a question most people ask. If you are a first-time dog owner, you should not bring home an aggressive guard dog like this one. It has special needs that can only be taken care of and dealt with by experienced owners.

The good news for you is that if you know how to handle a Cane Corso, have a lifestyle that can suit the temperament of this breed, and safely raise it, then you are in for a treat.

Wishing you a rich life with the beautiful Cane Corso!

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