are dogs allowed in target

Are Dogs Allowed In Target?

When you’re out shopping, it’s not uncommon to see a dog accompanying its owner. However, you might not realize that there are different laws governing where service dogs are allowed to go. For example, did you know that only service dogs are permitted in Target?

This policy was put in place to keep both shoppers and employees safe. Service dogs are highly trained to perform specific jobs, such as helping people with disabilities or providing emotional support. They undergo rigorous health and behavior checks to ensure they can safely interact with the public.

Non-service animals, on the other hand, have no such training or certification. Without proper training, they may be more apt to bite or cause other accidents. For this reason, Target has a strict policy of only permitting service animals inside their stores. While in the store, they must wear a vest or harness that identifies them as service animals.

So, if you’re planning on bringing your dog shopping with you, make sure they are a registered service animal. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave it at home.

What Is A Service Animal?

You’ve probably seen service animals in public places and wondered what they are and what they do.

A service animal has been trained to perform tasks that help people with disabilities. These tasks can range from providing simple companionship to helping people with serious conditions like blindness or epilepsy. Service animals are not considered your typical pet; they are working animals that provide vital assistance to their owners.

Service animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which means they can go into public places with their owners. This includes places like restaurants, stores, and even hospitals. As long as the animal is trained to behave and not disrupt other patrons, businesses are not allowed to ask owners to leave because of their service animal.

Types Of Service Dogs That Can Shop At Target

When you think of a service dog, chances are you picture a seeing-eye dog or one that assists someone in a wheelchair. But there are many different types of service dogs that perform all sorts of tasks, including shopping at Target! That’s right, Target now allows all types of service dogs in their stores. So, what kinds of service dogs can you expect to see shopping at Target?

Psychiatric Support

Psychiatric support dogs assist people suffering from anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression. These dogs are trained to perform tasks that help their owners cope with their condition. For example, a psychiatric support dog might be trained to remind their owner to take their meds or provide deep pressure therapy during an anxiety attack.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance dogs provide vital assistance to people with serious medical conditions. These dogs are trained to perform tasks like alerting their owner to a drop in blood sugar levels or retrieving medication from a high shelf. Medical assistance dogs can make a big difference in the lives of their owners, and Target is now allowing them to shop alongside their humans!


Therapy dogs provide comfort and companionship to people who are sick, elderly, or grieving. These dogs are often used in hospitals and nursing homes but can also be found in schools and other public places. Therapy dogs are not trained to perform specific tasks, but their mere presence can be therapeutic for those who are feeling down.

Emergency Response

Emergency response dogs are specially trained to assist in a medical emergency. For example, if the owner has a seizure, the dog can help to keep them safe by keeping them from falling and injuring themselves.

In addition, the dog can also alert other people to the situation and help to bring them any needed medical supplies. Emergency response dogs are an invaluable resource for people with medical conditions that could result in a sudden emergency. With their assistance, most people can lead normal lives despite their health concerns.

Mobility Assistance

Mobility assistance dogs help people who have trouble walking due to a disability or injury. These dogs are trained to bring objects to their owner, open doors, and even help them stand up from a sitting position.

Severe Allergy Support

Severe allergy support dogs are trained to alert their owners to the presence of an allergen. For example, if the owner has a severe allergy to peanuts, the dog can be trained to sniff out peanuts and then alert the owner to stay away from them. This can be a lifesaving tool for people with severe allergies, as it can help them to avoid potentially dangerous situations.


Target’s policy of only allowing service dogs in their stores is a sound one that benefits everyone involved. It helps keep the dog and the owner safe, avoid potential liability issues and accommodate those with allergies or other medical conditions.

So next time you see someone walking around Target with their dog, remember there’s a good reason for it!

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