10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders – 2023

Can’t find a cat feeder you can rely on to feed your beloved feline regularly? You can rest assured that your cat will be fed and happy while you are not at home if you get a reliable automatic cat feeder.

When choosing one of these amazing gadgets, you want to get one that will not fail in providing the cat with the food it needs even if you are out of town for a few days.it can also help immensely if your cat is a tad overweight, as you can portion the food, so your feline friend loses that extra weight.


Here are our favorite 10 automatic cat feeders.

SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeding from Smartphone

This innovative intelligent cat feeder allows you to control your pet’s feeding via your smartphone – if you are tech-savvy and want to monitor when and how much your kitty eats from anywhere – the Petsafe automatic cat feeder is an impeccable choice.


  • Easy to use a handy smartphone app for easy programming and control
  • A strong and sturdy feeding wheel
  • Great bowl connection
  • Come with an optional SmartFeeder ramp after product registration
  • Easy personalization of portion times and size
  • You can subscribe for smart delivery of pet food for your feeder
  • You will receive notification on your smartphone when food is served or when the feeder needs refilling
  • The SmartFeeder uses sensors and AI to measure portions in accordance to the age, weight, and activity level of your cat, it also finds the perfect recipe for your pet from the world’s largest pet food database


  • The rubber around the wheel of the food dispenser can break easily and get into the food bowl

If you want a cat feeder that is part of the Internet of Things in your home, the PetSmart feeder is the right choice for you!

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

The PetSafe automatic cat feeder features an excellent design and is reliable enough to allow you to travel or go to work without worrying about your cat.


  • Quick and easy programming and setup
  • LCD display and digital clock for proper timing
  • Up to 5 meals can be fed
  • Controlled portioning of kibbles or semi-dry food
  • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe tray
  • Works with 4 D-sized batteries
  • Great for portion control and cat weight management


  • The portions allow for 1 cup of food maximum, so it may not be suitable for large dogs or more than 1 cat

This excellent automatic cat feeder is easy to program, clean, and maintain. You will no longer worry about overfeeding your cat, or getting woken up at 5 a.m. by your hungry kitty with this valuable and top-quality unit!

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

If your cat is insatiable and tends to gulp up all of its food for seconds, this superb digital automatic cat feeder is an outstanding choice.


  • Easy to program
  • Up to 12 meals a day
  • Flexible portions from 1/8 to 4 cups of kibbles and semi-moist food
  • The capacity of the hopper is 24 cups of food.
  • Anti-jam function
  • Works with all popular kibble types, shapes, and sizes
  • Slow feeding mode for preventing gulping and vomiting
  • Immediate feeding mode and pause feeding mode are available too
  • Secured dispenser to keep the food safely in the device
  • Easy to wash removable stainless steel bowl and dishwasher safe parts
  • Works with 4 D-sized batteries.


  • The optional AC power cord is sold separately.

This customizable cat feeder is a very reliable and well-made device that will help you control your cat’s portion size and fast eating habits whether you are home or not. The unique slow feed mode, as well as the option for 12 meals a day is what makes this feline feeder one of the best on the market.

OUTAD 5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Message Recording and LCD Screen

The Outad 5.5L automatic pet feeder will keep the cat’s food fresh and will feed it in controlled portions so you needn’t worry that the cat is hungry or overfed.


  • The hopper holds up to 5.5l of food
  • Features a large easy to read and set LCD panel for the number of meals, the size, and the timing for feeding
  • Has a recordable voice feature to make your cat feel your presence when it comes time for the next meal
  • It is easy to wash and made of safe materials
  • Works with kibbles with a diameter up to 15mm
  • Battery life is up to 6 months (you need 3 D-size batteries)
  • Has a power cord to keep it plugged into the grid
  • Keeps the food fresh and dry
  • The size is 41 x 25 x23cm
  • The meal portion is from 1 to 12 cups


  • The lid could be more secure to prevent pets from opening it

This good-quality automatic cat feeder will ensure that you sleep well without those annoying pre-dawn wake-up mews. You can control the portion size and the number of meals your cat eats even when you are going away for a few days. Best of all – the device will call your cat with your own voice once it is mealtime.

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Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

The CatMate C3000 automatic feline feeder is an excellent choice if you want a sturdy, well-made and reliable cat feeding device for your beloved pet.


  • Very precise portion sizing starting from 2 teaspoons
  • The food hopper can store up to 6.5 lbs. of kibble enough for 1 month
  • The feed nozzle and hopper are safe and tamper-proof
  • All of the parts of the unit are dishwasher safe
  • Works with 4 C batteries with a battery life of 6-9 months
  • Easily programmable and can feed up to 3 meals per day
  • Has a frequent feed mode for small snacks
  • Works with all popular kibbles for cats or small dogs


  • Programming the unit could be easier

This is a very well-made automatic cat feeder which is perfect for people who travel a lot and can’t find a reliable cat feeder. It can store enough food for a month and will ensure that your kitty is properly fed even if you need to be gone for days.

Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder with Ice Pack

If your kitty prefers wet food to kibbles, then this great automatic cat feeder is the right one for you!


  • A sleek design
  • 2 bowls which hold 1 pound of wet food each
  • The bowls and lids are easy to remove and dishwasher safe
  • An ice pack is included to ensure the food is fresh
  • Easy setup
  • Features a battery-operated timer for up to 48 hours
  • Uses just 1 AA/LR6 battery. Battery life is up to a year.
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Very quiet


  • It can be programmed only by the hour
  • Very lightweight so the cat can move it around

This excellent quality wet food automatic cat feeder will ensure that your kitty gets its fresh meal exactly on time. It is very energy efficient and works with a single battery which can last for up to a year.

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Animal Planet Programmable Electronic Pet Feeder

This excellent automatic cat feeder can hold up to 10 pounds of kibbles! You can go on a vacation and rest assured that your cat is being fed regularly with the programmable Animal Planet feeder.


  • The capacity of the large hopper is up to 10 lbs.
  • Works with a power cord or batteries for added portability or for power failures
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Programmable for 1-3 meals per day
  • Portion sizes vary from 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 1 3/4, 2 cups
  • Easy programming with intuitive UI
  • Made of sturdy good quality materials


  • The feeding portions are not as precise as most of the other automatic feeders
  • The lid may need extra securing

With this cat feeder, you can leave home and feel safe that your favorite cat will be getting it meals regularly.  You no longer need to worry about getting home early or getting up in the wee hours to feed your pet.

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Home Intuition Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats, Dogs, Chickens, and much Healthier Smarter Athletic Animals

You can ensure that your cat gets up to six portions of food per day with this trustworthy automatic cat feeder from Home Intuition.


  • Works for dogs, cats, chickens
  • High-quality sturdy design
  • You can record a voice message to call your pet when its mealtime
  • Can serve from 1 to 6 meals per day
  • Works with 4 C sized batteries
  • 13 x 4.5 inches
  • Very easy and intuitive to program


  • The sliding panel can be opened by some clever felines
  • Makes a noise while rotating which can scare a nervous cat away
  • Doesn’t have an AC plug-in option

This is a unique automatic cat feeder which is not as tall as others, so you can easily place it anywhere you want. With a rotating mechanism and a useful voice message playback function, this feline feeder is just what you need if you want to ensure your kitty gets its meals right on time.

Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder For Cats

The Pet Feedster PF-10 is an excellent automated cat feeder which you can easily program or pause depending on whether you are at home or not.


  • Sturdy design
  • Ant and insect-proof water tray and jam-proof
  • Large digital timer display
  • Easy and intuitive programming model
  • A large variety of portion sizes – from a teaspoon up to six cups of kibbles
  • Has an AC power cord and optional battery backup (uses 6 size-D batteries)
  • The food is hidden from sight
  • Serves 1 to 8 meals per day
  • Works with kibbles from 1/8 inches to 2/4 inches
  • The food bowl can be washed in a dishwasher


  • It is not as cheap as some of the other automated pet feeders

This is a superb and very reliable automatic cat feeding device that will provide your cat with the exact amount of food and at the exact time, you want. You can plug it in, or rely on the batteries. Easy to program and clean, this sturdy cat feeder will allow you to finally sleep and relax while your cat gets its meal.

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 Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 Cat or Dog Automatic Pet Feeder

The Crown Majestic Diamond V3 automatic cat feeder will allow you to sleep late on weekends and go on a trip without worrying about who is going to feed your cat.


  • Combined food and water dispensing functions
  • Stylish and sturdy design
  • Dispenses ¼, ½. ¾ 1 or 2 cups of kibbles per meal for superb portion control
  • Hopper can accommodate up to 4.4 lbs. of food
  • Voice recording options to call your cat for mealtime
  • Up to 4 feedings per day
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, and other small pets
  • Made of durable and eco-friendly materials
  • Detachable stainless steel kibble bowl, drinking bowl, and hopper for easy cleaning
  • Works with 4 AA sized batteries and an indicator for low batteries
  • Easy to read LCD display for the feeding times and portion size
  • 6V AC power adapter for plugging the unit in with the batteries as backup
  • Very simplistic programming
  • Chute guard to keep the kibble in the hopper safe from prying paws
  • Can be used without the water bottle and water feeding option


  • Not suitable for prescription or disk-shaped kibble

This great quality automatic cat feeder will call your cat as soon as its meal has been served. You can also feel guilt-free and relaxed when you are not home that your pet has fresh water and is fed in time.


You will be so relieved once you purchase a good quality and reliable automated cat feeder! Not only will your cat let you sleep in the morning, but you can go on trips or to work without constantly worrying about your cat getting hungry. These devices are excellent if you want to potion your cat’s meals and schedule its feeding times properly as well. You can choose from the different models depending on the type of food your cat eats, the ease of programming, the portioning options, and the ease of cleaning.

One of these cat feeders is a definite must for any cat owner! Can’t find a cat feeder you can rely on to feed your beloved feline regularly? You can rest assured that your cat will be fed and happy while you are not at home if you get a reliable automatic cat feeder.

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