10 Best Dog Collars Of 2022

Having a dog calls for the acquisition of various accessories for their well-being. A dog collar is among the must-have utilities, which play several roles. It is primarily used with a leash for containing your canine, especially outdoors. Other purposes for a collar are giving your doggo a sense of style, identification, and training.

Our furry buddies deserve the best, so you should get them the finest collars. Getting a befitting dog collar may be troublesome to many, particularly first-time dog owners. This should no longer be the case, courtesy of this buying guide that will lead you to the ideal collar for your doggo.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Collar

The following are crucial factors to weigh when getting a dog collar for your canine.


The accessory you have in mind should fit your dog. A small collar can make it uncomfortable and even choke it, while a larger one may fall off when worn. You should measure your dog to know which collar to go for.

If your dog’s neck measurement is 20 inches, the suitable collar should be 22 inches. It won’t be too tight or too big. You may apply the two-finger trick to get the perfect size. Here, you put tape or string around the neck, then put two fingers under it to account for breathing space. Use this measurement to get the collar.

Alternatively, you may rely on the size for an estimate. A 12-inch collar may fit a dog weighing 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) and less, while a dog weighing 11-25 pounds (5-11 kgs) can wear an 11-to-15-inch collar.

Adjustable collars are perfect for puppies, as you can tweak their sizes as the pups grow. If possible, bring your dog along when shopping for this wearable to get the best fit.


When looking at material, we mainly focus on durability and comfort. Here are the most common materials used to make dog collars.

  • Leather is a popular dog collar material, appreciated for its durability. It is cozy and looks better as it ages. The downside with leather collars is their prohibitive cost.
  • Nylon collars are very common due to their affordability. They may be polypropylene or nylon: the latter is cheaper but not as durable as nylon. They are excellent for dogs that love swimming.
  • Cotton is among the coziest materials, mostly found on rope collars. This material is soft and suitable for canines with thin hair.
  • Metal is highly durable. However, going for a collar made from it is not advisable as it may hurt your furry buddy.


Regarding price, many go for the cheaper option, which doesn’t always work, as it may be of low quality. The logical move is to focus on value. Pick an affordable collar with several amazing features to strike a satisfying bargain.

Avoid used collars, as they may not fit your dog or may transmit fungal infections.


As mentioned earlier, some dog collars are a fashion statement and give your dog personality. Leather collars are excellent for a mild or minimalistic style. You can go for the colorful collars if you want to draw attention to your pup. Most pet stores have several designs to pick from, depending on your preference. Alternatively, you may fancy highly detailed custom pieces.


These dog wearables serve various purposes. Flat and rope collars are among the most common, helping in restraining dogs. Plus, they are comfy and stylish. Smart collars have GPS tracking systems and your canine’s info, suitable for dogs that disappear a lot, aiding in their location.

For training, you can use martingale, halter, choker, or prong collars. Their design makes it hard for dogs to escape as they tighten around their necks. Nevertheless, many animal rights organizations are against prong collars due to their associated harm to dogs.

Our Best Dog Collar Selection

The following are our picks for the best dog collars. Read on to determine which entry suits your four-legged friend.

Best Overall – Joytale Padded Reflective Dog Collar

Starting our review is the Joytale padded dog collar, which is the best overall pick. Durability is one of this collar’s selling points, courtesy of its tough nylon construction. The inner part features padded neoprene rubber for your dog’s comfort.

This Joytale product is a great safety accessory, supported by its highly reflective threads. It makes it easy to locate your canine in the dark. The collar has an extra loop where you can attach tags and leashes.

You cannot overlook the stylishness of this wearable. It comes in various luminous colors for your dog to stick out.

Using this Joytale collar is hassle-free, with a quick-release ABS buckle that is sturdy and easy to fasten or unlock. The buckle’s curved design is comfy for your dog.


  • Easy to use and adjust the length
  • A durable construction
  • The collar is stylish
  • Comfortable courtesy of the padding
  • Reflective thread for easy identification in the dark


  • The collar might have a chemical smell

Best for Puppies – Chai’s Choice Cushion Dog Collar

CHAI S CHOICE Comfort Cushion 3M Polyester Reflective Dog Collar

As previously hinted, you should get adjustable collars for puppies, as you can expand their size as your doggo grows. The Chai’s Choice cushion dog collar is perfect for puppies, with plenty of appealing features.

The first thing to love about this dog collar is that you can adjust it to fit different neck sizes and even bigger dogs. You save a lot when you get it for your pup, as you may use it even when they are fully grown. It is a robust polyester construction, translating to longevity.

The Chai’s Choice collar is gentle on your dog’s neck and has soft neoprene padding. It does not have rough edges that can make your canine uncomfortable.

Furthermore, it is a stylish add-on and comes in various colors. The reflective colors make it easier to identify your four-legged buddy when it is dark.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for large and small dogs as it is adjustable
  • A durable construction featuring finely stitched nylon
  • It is comfortable and stylish
  • The neon colors allow for easy location of your dog when it is dark


  • The collar is hard to remove sometimes due to a stiff, quick-release button.

Best Personalized Pick- GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

GOTAGS Nylon Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized dog collars are handy if you want to capture your dog’s info. GoTags personalized dog collars come in various designs and colors, which you pick from as per your preference. Your dog’s name and contact are permanently stitched on the nylon collar. It is a durable form of identification, considering the sturdy materials used.

This dog collar is versatile, a feature noticeable in several aspects. First, it comes in four sizes: extra small, small, medium, and large. Additionally, you have five colors and 15 embroidery thread options.

GoTags dog collar is a stylish add-on for your canine, especially if you nail the color and embroidery selection. You attach a leash or tags on the stainless steel D ring. The collar is easy to fasten, courtesy of a plastic side release buckle.


  • Stylish and comfy
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • You can add any info you want on the colors
  • Easy to use
  • A top-grade nylon construction


  • You can only have 25 characters printed on the collar, including spaces

Best For Large Dogs- Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Collar

If you have a large canine, you will need a large collar to fit and restrain it, especially if it is energetic. The Black Rhino neoprene padded collar is a heavy-duty product suitable for big dog breeds. Despite being heavy-duty, it is lightweight and won’t strain your doggy. The comfort element is further enhanced with the neoprene padding.

No need to worry if your dog loves to swim. The material of this wearable dries faster and is odor resistant.

The collar’s reflective stitching is a safety feature, as your dog will be visible in the dark when wearing it. A ring allows for effortless latching, and you can adjust the length using the buckles.


  • Heavy-duty construction featuring high-quality materials
  • Comfortable for your canine
  • The reflective stitching helps for identification in the dark
  • A D ring for attaching a harness or tags
  • The fabric dries fast and is odorless


  • The grommet’s material bends easily

Best For Small Dogs – TagME Reflective Dog Collar

The TagME reflective dog collar is a befitting pick if you have a small dog. It is adjustable from 8-12 inches; thus, you may use it for puppies before they graduate to larger collars. A thing to love about this collar is its durability – nylon is its main material, with heavy-duty plastic in parts like the buckles.

This collar has reflective threading, which keeps your dog highly visible when it is dark, hence, upholding its safety. Moreover, it is comfortable, thanks to the treated nylon joints, which prevent scratching. The plastic buckle is cozy and easy to release.

TagME dog collars are stylish, with over 10 solid colors to choose from. They are the perfect choice if you are into simplicity.


  • Ideal for puppies and small canines
  • A robust construction
  • It is stylish, with more than ten color options
  • Reflective threading for visibility when it is dark
  • A comfortable collar


  • The collar doesn’t stay tight

The Stylish Pick – Blueberry Pet Floral Print Collar

BLUEBERRY PET Floral Prints Polyester Dog Collar

To match your style, you should get your dog a stunning collar, especially if you are fashion-conscious. A peek at the Blueberry pet floral print collar shows why it makes it to our list of prime dog wearables. It is a looker with several stunning floral patterns to pick from, depending on your preference.

The collar’s material is excellent, featuring high-density polyester that is long-lasting and cozy. The buckles are strong and made of eco-friendly plastic, with their curved inward design upholding comfort. The zinc alloy-coated D rings are resistant to rust and other forms of wear.

Using the collar is straightforward. You can put on and remove the collar effortlessly due to the easy-release plastic buckle. Furthermore, it is washing machine-friendly, and you can adjust the size when necessary.


  • Amazing looks
  • A durable high-density polyester make
  • D rings for hooking a leash or tags
  • Hassle-free use
  • It is comfy and washing machine-friendly


  • Not suitable for chewers

Best For Chewers – Tuff Pupper Heavy-Duty Dog Collar

Chewers will sink their teeth into anything they find, leaving a trail of destruction. Some collars won’t work for dogs that love chewing, as they will bite them off. To solve this problem, use the Tuff Pupper heavy-duty dog collar.

The collar is sturdy and made of ballistic nylon, which can withstand your canine’s teeth. The material’s sturdiness translates to longevity, giving you incredible value on your purchase. Additionally, cleaning is easy, and it dries fast.

This wearable incorporates elastic and reflective materials for comfort and visibility, ensuring your doggo’s well-being. Pick a suitable size from small, medium-large, and extra-large. You have a choice of around ten colors to choose from, an essence of stylishness and versatility.


  • Durable and resilient
  • A stylish look with a choice of ten colors
  • A cozy collar
  • Easy to clean, and it dries fast
  • Reflective material for visibility


  • The collar may have a strong plastic/chemical odor when new

Best For Training – PetSafe Nylon Martingale Collar

PETSAFE Nylon Martingale Dog Collar

Training your dog is challenging and requires you to have the right utilities for the desired outcome. Consider the PetSafe nylon martingale collar to help train your furry friend. It is an excellent accessory as it won’t hurt your dog, unlike the shock and prong collars.

This canine wearable is durable, with high-grade nylon being its primary material. Moreover, it is safe and comfortable. You will appreciate its convenience when you notice its effortless use. You pull the leash connected to the D ring to restrain your dog when training it.

Cleaning is easy, and you can toss it in the washing machine. It is odor-free and resistant to fading.


  • A safe and pleasant collar
  • A sturdy construction
  • The color looks stylish
  • It is washing machine-friendly
  • Odor-free and fade-resistant


  • It is not ideal for dog-playing sessions

Best Leather Collar – Soft Touch Collars Two-Tone Padded Leather Collar

SOFT TOUCH COLLARS Leather Two Tone Padded Dog Collar

Leather is the go-to material for longevity due to its hardiness. The Soft Touch two-tone leather dog collar is a great gift idea for a dog owner or your dog, with its classy appearance being its marketing appeal. Like all leather products, the Soft Touch collar is durable and will serve you for ages without signs of wear and tear.

Its resiliency makes it suitable for large and energetic dog breeds. Also, it is perfect for pups with sensitive skin. It has a mini-brass ring for the attachment of tags or leash.


  • A long-lasting collar
  • A sleek design
  • A unique brass metal detail
  • Suitable for large and energetic canines or those with sensitive skin.
  • It is cozy


  • The collar may have a musty odor

Best Tracking Collar – SPORTDOG TEK Series GPS Collar

SPORTDOG TEK Series 1-5 GPS Dog Tracking Training System

Does your pet keep on disappearing? If yes, get the SPORTDOG TEK series GPS collar for easy tracking.

Heavy-duty plastic is this collar’s primary material, translating to durability. It also comes with a receiver that alerts you about your dog’s location. On its functionality, it has 99 levels of continuous, momentary, and user-programming stimulation.

The lithium batteries are durable and can hold charge for up to 24 hours. DryTek technology makes the collar waterproof, whereby it remains functional if submerged for up to 25 feet.


  • Ease of use
  • Sturdy premium material
  • A long-lasting battery that holds charge for up to 24 hours
  • It is waterproof up to 25 feet underwater
  • 99 levels of momentary static stimulation


  • It may be uncomfortable for your dog due to its stiff design

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Take Off My Dog’s Collar When in the House?

Your dog should not wear the collar 24/7; let it have the wearable when necessary, like if going outdoors. Wearing the collar for long hours may damage the fur around the neck, especially if wet. Also, remove the collar when putting your dog in a cage. The tags can get entangled in the cage’s mesh, presenting a tough situation.

Are Metal Chains Bad?

Metal chains are durable, and some look stylish. You should get a good-fitting metal chain for your pup. A loose-fitting chain can stress its neck, plus it may escape. Also, remember that many people are against metal prong collars used for training, as they can hurt the dog.

Can Collars Be Harmful to Dogs?

The canine wearables are a strangulation risk when tight. Furthermore, they can be harmful if your dog is sensitive to their material or if they cause a fungal infection due to moisture accumulation.


This article is your asset if you are looking for the best dog collars. It guides you on what to consider when shopping for one and presents you with a review of the prime picks.

Always go for the right size for a proper fit. Adjustable collars do an excellent job in this case. You may consult your vet, verified breeders, and other canine professionals on the type of collar suitable for your fuzzy buddy.

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