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All About Big Fluffy Black Dogs

Have you ever seen a dog more majestic than a big fluffy black dog? Notice how the rays of the sun glint off its sleek coat. Stunning! Doesn’t it make you want to bring them home? Of course, it does.

But before you can go out and get a gorgeous big fluffy dog, you must consider a few things.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Big Fluffy Black Dogs

Below are some important points to keep in mind when looking to make a furry member a part of your family.


You need to consider color when hoping to bring home a pup. Keep in mind that big fluffy black dogs come in a variety of shades. If you get a dog bred in a specific color, you must also be prepared for various genetic problems.

Health Issues

No matter which color, big fluffy dogs could have numerous serious health problems, such as heart issues, hip dysplasia, and even cancer.

Therefore, finding a breeder who is adamant about health testing is essential. In this way, you can reduce the likelihood of bringing home a pup that needs to be rushed to the vet now and then.


If you are an unprepared or inexperienced dog owner, you are better off bringing home a more petite pooch. Their challenging nature is why rescue organizations and shelters usually have large dogs.

If you can handle big canines, you can bring home one. Make sure to socialize and train them as needed, or you may have to deal with behavioral problems.

Living Conditions

Before bringing home any big fluffy black dogs, you must also keep your living conditions in mind. Could you take it out for walks or stimulate it mentally? Would you have enough energy and time to make it feel loved? Is your yard safe for a dog to play in?

Be mentally prepared beforehand to take up the responsibility of owning a canine. Then, you can bring one home to shower it with love and affection.

Let’s head toward checking some of the best big fluffy dogs out there.

Big Fluffy Black Dogs You Will Love

Here are some awesome big fluffy black dogs you will want to cuddle immediately.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is also referred to as the Berner by pet owners who adore it. It is a loving, full-of-energy pup you can bring home. One of the best character traits of this four-legged tail-wagger is that it loves everyone.

Initially, this canine was bred in Switzerland to be an all-around farm pup. Back in the day, you could see the Bernese Mountain Dog pulling carts, watching over storage, herding cattle, and being a wonderful companion to families.

Today, you will see it running around the yard of a house, trying to fulfill its appetite for physical exercise. If you want to ensure that your furry friend stays content around you, be sure to take it out for adventures. Remember that the Bernese Mountain Dog has separation anxiety and will get cranky if you often leave it alone.

2. Black German Shepherd

You may have seen a German Shepherd in a tan and typical black color, but were you aware that you can find these pups in several black varieties? Yes! But most people think German Shepherds in black are mutts, which is invalid.

This breed is the 2nd most popular in the States, and there are plenty of reasons for this. First, they are intelligent, easy to socialize and train, and get along well with all kinds of people. However, they will get their guard up if there is a threat to the humans they love.

Breeders initially used to keep German Shepherds busy with various tasks, which is why they are used to being active. Therefore, it is up to you to provide them with multiple opportunities for physical exercise and mental stimulation to ensure they stay satisfied and healthy. If you do not give ample opportunities for training to your puppy, they may find creative ways to make their way out of the house!

3. Black Russian Terrier

Do you want to bring home a unique black fluffy pet that lights up your life and does not cause you to pick up dog hair all day? If you enthusiastically nod yes, then you need a Black Russian Terrier. It is still an uncommon breed in America.

This furry canine is often referred to as Blackies and was brought up to be a police and military dog. But this is nothing to waste time worrying about since these pups are adventurous and fun. They also enjoy being around families, especially children. They are also pretty intelligent and require ample exercise every day.

4. Borzoi

A Borzoi is a distinct and unique dog that comes from the country of Russia. It is impressively beautiful in appearance and is well-liked due to its agreeable and calm temperament. Overall, this four-legged tail-wagger is a complete package of glamor, grace, and strength.

One of the best things about this pup is that it can run as fast as 40 miles in an hour. These elegant, large sighthounds can stand up to 28 inches tall and weigh up to 105 pounds.

Another wonderful trait of Borzois is that they are quite friendly and playful. They enjoy spending time with their owners and in training. This explains that they are quite obedient and have a strong work ethic. But remember that a canine of this kind cannot handle everyone. It requires a lot of attention and care to stay content.

5. Giant Schnauzer

A list of big fluffy black dogs may be incomplete without the Giant Schnauzer, which is a stunning addition. These dogs are descendants of the Standard Schnauzers, who enjoy physical activity, mental stimulation, and any task that keeps them busy. Rest assured, you can give them a job for a day, and they will be content doing that.

However, protecting the people it loves makes the Giant Schnauzer the happiest. Where its training is concerned, you must be firm in teaching your canine about socialization. Otherwise, they may develop aggression and unruliness as they grow, making them dangerous dogs.

These pets can be a wonderful addition to your family and help you bring your house to life. Just be sure to regularly brush its coat and exercise to keep it healthy and happy.

6. Briard

Wouldn’t you like to own the shaggiest sheepdog ever? Well, you can now do that by bringing home a Briard. It is famous for its lengthy and distinctive coat, which makes head turns no matter where this pup goes.

Originally, these good-looking canines were bred in France, in the area of Brie. Back then, they were used to defend and herd sheep. These days, they can be seen keeping an eye on the children and dog owners they adore. One of the primary jobs of a Briard is to supervise your entire family, but that also means it needs to be content.

If you want to ensure that this canine is happy at your home, you need to keep up with its physical activity needs. They are also driven to please, so you must give them opportunities to offer you their love and affection. It is truly a treat to bring home a Briard and watch it strut like it is in charge!

7. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Swissy, or the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, is a relative of the Bernese Mountain Dog. However, the two are quite different, especially their coat lengths. You will see that Berners’s coats are medium-length and pretty thick. However, Swissies tend to have relatively shorter hair.

Once you bring this pup home, schedule a time for daily exercise. You can also come up with tasks that they can do to keep them busy and content. Lucky for you, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is not very demanding and has a calm demeanor. So, it will not bother you when you are busy but will shower you with love after a long day.

Even though these pups can weigh more than 100 pounds, they are quite gentle and sweet. Another great trait the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have is that they are great with children as well as other dogs and pets. Thus, you will not have trouble when training them to socialize.

8. Chow Chow

Chow Chow is quite popular, and its personality is compared to that of a house cat. But besides their aloofness, these pups are soft on the inside and outside. Their appearance resembles a teddy bear’s, making you want to hug them immediately. However, you also need to give these canines their space since they enjoy spending time alone.

One interesting fact about Chow Chow is that it has a black and bluish tongue. Where their physical needs are concerned, they do not require you to tire yourself out. Rather, take them out for a walk at least once a day, and you will be good to go!

9. Newfoundland

You may have heard of these big fluffy black dogs already. While they come in many, black is the shade you will often see. Also referred to as the Newfies, these canines are some of the most active and friendliest dogs you will ever meet.

Initially, your furry friends were bred to help retrieve nets from the depths of water. It explains why they enjoy swimming, which could be a fun and bonding activity that your pup and you can take up together.

Moreover, this canine is great with family, and its gentle nature makes it a good companion for children. Bear in mind that these dogs can gain weight quite quickly, so it is up to you to keep them fit by providing opportunities for physical activity.

So, Which Sheepdog Is Perfect For You?

All the dogs on this list are majestic big fluffy black dogs that you can bring home any time. They are wonderful companions and are bound to give you amazing hugs and comforting cuddles after a tiring day. But they require ample physical activity, given their size, so be sure to provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Being a dog parent means getting a best friend for life. They can go on fun adventures for you and long walks. A big fluffy black dog is no different. The ones on this list are full of life but require energy and time from you to stay content.

So, have you decided which of these four-legged tail-waggers you will bring home soon?

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