Black Spot On Dog Tongue: What Are The Reasons?

Have you noticed that your dog’s tongue is not of uniform color? Like humans, dogs can also have birthmarks, freckles, and moles. Strangely, you can see black spots on your pup’s tongue. You may have many questions after seeing black marks on your dog’s tongue.

Gladly we have an answer to all your doubts.

Reasons Why Black Spots Appear On My Dog’s Tongue?

Pigmentation causes these spots to appear on your dog’s tongue. Some of the dog’s skin cells may get pigmented, causing certain tongue parts to appear darker than others.

How Do These Black Spots Look Like On A Dog’s Tongue?

These spots may be black or dark blue and can be any shape or size. Due to the same texture, you won’t be able to feel the black spots on your little furry friend’s tongue. Most dogs have these spots when they are young. As a dog ages, these spots may change in size, shape, and color. Moreover, these spots should be flat on the dog’s tongue.

Are The Black Spots On A Dog’s Tongue A Sign Of Illness?

If the black or blue spots on your dog’s tongue are flat, your dog is perfectly healthy.

However, if you feel the black areas are raised, then you should be concerned. Raised marks are an indication of oral cancers and melanomas. Take your canine partner to a vet as soon as possible.

To ensure nothing unusual is happening in your dog’s mouth, you must take care of its dental hygiene. Regularly brush your dog’s teeth, feed them dental chews, and periodically visit your vet.

Should A Dog Owner Be Worried If The Dog’s Tongue Spot Changes Shape, Size, Or Color?

Most dogs develop dark spots on their tongue while they are in puppyhood. However, some dogs may start showing these spots as they grow older. With age, these spots may change size, shape, or color. Such changes are not unusual and do not require a visit to the vet’s clinic.

However, checking your dog’s oral health is still recommended. Unusual changes that warrant a call to the vet may include the following:

  1. Your dog’s mouth develops a foul odor.
  2. The spots start to emerge on other parts of the mouth.
  3. The dark spots on the dog’s tongue become raised or do not have the same texture as the other parts.

Which Dog Breeds Have Spotted Tongues?

Chow Chows are probably one of the dog breeds very well known for their dark tongue. However, they are not the only ones! There are more than 35 breeds that can have black spots on their tongue.

Having a black spot on their tongue does not necessarily mean that your dog belongs to one of the breeds mentioned above.

Does The Dark Spots On Your Dog’s Tongue Mean It Is Not A Pure Breed?

No! Dark spots do not indicate whether your dog is a pure breed. Many purebred dogs usually have black marks on their tongue. Some pure breeds of dogs may have the appearance of dark spots more common in them when compared with other species. Scientists are still baffled as to why this may be the case.


The appearance of black spots on a dog’s tongue is normal. As a dog owner, you must not be worried about such occurrences. However, getting your dog checked by a vet regularly is highly recommended.

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