Can Dogs Drink Beer?

Has your dog shown any interest in the alcoholic beverage you often drink? If you have ever wondered what can happen if you share a glass of beer with your furry friend, then in this article, you will find answers relating to your question.

Is Beer Safe for Dogs?

No, it is not safe for dogs to drink beer. Dogs who ingest any type of alcohol into their system will get alcohol poisoning from it. It would be best if you always kept your beer out of reach so that your canine doesn’t drink some accidentally.

Do Dogs Like Beer?

Most pets are attracted to the foods and the drink we consume. It will not come as a surprise if your dog shows interest in your favorite alcoholic beverage. Other than dogs getting attracted to what pet owners consume, below are other reasons why some dogs might like beer:

  • The smell of beer – Some dogs can be attracted to particular brands of beers due to their aromas. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and if a particular beer brand’s aroma is pleasing to them, they may want to taste it.
  • The taste of beer – It is a common belief that most dogs are attracted to the beer and like it because it is sweet. Dogs love sweet treats, just as humans love to indulge in sweet foods and drinks.

Ingredients in Beers that are Toxic to Dogs


Most pet owners underrate the toxicity of beer to their dogs. The following ingredients can greatly harm your dog when ingested.


The body of the dog wasn’t built to metabolize ethanol. 1 ml of pure ethanol is equal to nearly 0.8 grams. The lethal ethanol dosage for dogs ranges between 5.5 to 7.9g per kilogram. With these figures, it is evident that the amount of ethanol that can cause intoxication in canines will vary depending on the concentration in beer.

A human liver can process more than 90% percent of alcohol drank through enzymes that quickly metabolize ethanol. On the other hand, a dog’s liver cannot process and excrete alcohol; thus, your pup taking beer can lead to permanent organ damage.


The process of carbonation in beers can lead to bloating in most dogs. If your dog has digestive issues, keeping the alcoholic drink far from them is wise. An excessive gas build-up in dogs can lead to abdominal swelling and cut blood supply to vital organs in their bodies.


These flowers are an important ingredient in the brewing process. They are responsible for the bitter, tangy flavor that beers have. Hops are, however, a highly toxic ingredient that can provoke hypothermia, making the general body temperatures of a dog rise to over 105 F (40.5C). The ingredient might not kill a dog but will leave it with severe body damage.

Common Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms in Dogs

Now that it has been established, beer is toxic to dogs and puts them at risk of serious health issues. It is important to be familiar with the symptoms of alcohol poisoning in case your dog consumes beer accidentally.

Below are four common symptoms to look out for if you suspect that your dog has ingested beer:

  • Tremors and seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Disorientation
  • Lack of coordination

Possible Consequences of a Dog Drinking Beer

These might occur depending on the amount of beer your dog drank:

It will Affect the CNC

Response to beer consumed will start showing when it reaches the central nervous system. Your dog will start to lose coordination and experience drowsiness. Excess alcohol can further affect the nervous system by slowing down its heartbeat rate and breathing.

If your dog starts experiencing temperature fluctuations, rush to the nearest vet for emergency treatment.

Causes Hypoglycemia

Dogs drinking beers can have a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. This will result in loss of consciousness followed by seizures. If you have a diabetic canine, tasting beer can be fatal.

Causes Dehydration

Alcohol is a diuretic substance, so the beer will likely dehydrate your dog causing failure in its bodily functions. Functions such as temperature regulation, digestion, and proper kidney function will be greatly affected.


Though you might enjoy a beer or two when relaxing at home, it is important to put it out of your dog’s reach. Alcohol poisoning is dangerous in dogs and can lead to death if your furry friend has an underlying health condition. If you suspect your dog has accidentally drank beer, you must rush it to the vet for immediate treatment.

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