Can Dogs Drink Sparkling Water?

Water is essential to all living things as they would not survive without it. There are several types of water, and an example is sparkling water. It is just ordinary water infused with carbon dioxide gas under high pressure. Drinking sparkling water gives the same sensation as drinking a soda.

It’s a hot day, and you’re taking your dog for a walk, and you realize you don’t have a water bottle for your furry friend. The only water available is sparkling water that you carried for yourself. ‘Can dogs have sparkling water?’ is a question that pops up in your mind. This article will answer questions on sparkling water concerning dogs.

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Is Sparkling Water Safe for My Dog?

Dogs can drink sparkling water because it does not contain any toxic substances that can harm them. Nevertheless, it is widely recommended to give your canine regular filtered water over sparkling water. Giving sparkling water to your dog should be done merely for fun or when filtered water is not available.

Are there Concerns about Giving Sparkling Water to a Dog?

Though sparkling water is safe for dogs, the water is carbonated, whereby it can cause bloating in some instances. When giving your dog sparkling water, always do it in moderation to minimize gastrointestinal issues like gas and diarrhea.

Also, you must avoid flavored sparkling water as it may contain xylitol, a harmful substance to your dog.

Benefits of Sparkling Water for Dogs


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Sparkling water has become popular over the years as a perfect replacement for manufactured flavored drinks such as sodas which have high amounts of calories and sugars. If your dog has been a fan of drinking unhealthy sodas, sparkling water is a safe alternative that they may like.

Below are the health benefits of sparkling water for your dog.

1. Improves the Dog’s Digestion

Studies have revealed that sparkling water stimulates the nerves required to eat more than any other drink. Sparkling water has also been discovered to impact bowel movements positively. If your pup has any appetite or constipation issues, providing a bit of sparkling water before meals can be helpful to them.

2. Helps Dogs to Lose Weight

The most noteworthy benefit of sparkling water to dogs is that the drink will help them lose weight. It makes your dog feel full compared to standard drinking water. The fuller your dog feels, the less it will need to eat. Thus, sparkling water will be helpful for dogs suffering from health issues such as obesity.

3. No Phosphorus

Sparkling water doesn’t contain phosphorus. Scientists and vets believe that phosphorus is one of the chemical components responsible for decreased bone health for a dog.

Your dog drinking sparkling water leads to better water retention and absorption of minerals that are helpful for bone strength and development.

What’s the Best Water for a Dog to Drink?

Though sparkling water is safe for dogs, your dog should only drink filtered water regularly as it is the safest option. While tap water may sometimes be considered safe, the water might have contaminants and parasites in some areas, leading to your dog developing health issues.

How Much Water Should a Dog Drink?

For your dog to function at its best, vets recommend that they get at least an ounce of water per pound of body weight, every day. Giving your dog enough water is essential to avoid issues such as dehydration which can be fatal.

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Final Thought

Sparkling water is a safe drink for your dog to enjoy once in a while. It, especially, comes in handy in the absence of filtered water.

While giving your dog the water, ensure to exercise moderation. The amount shared should just be enough to help your pup hold on until you get to a healthier alternative.

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