Can Dogs Eat Artichokes?

Artichokes are among the healthiest vegetables humans can eat. There are several delicious recipes you can use to prepare them. If you have your dog around you when it is time to eat, you may have wondered if they can join in. Today, let us look at whether dogs can have artichokes.

Are Artichokes Safe For Dogs?

You can feed your dog artichokes with no problem. You only have to ensure you use safe methods to prepare the veggies and provide them in moderation and in bite-size pieces. Dogs can easily choke on artichokes because of their size, so you want pieces that are easy to swallow.

Artichokes are dangerous to dogs if you prepare them with lots of spices. You should also avoid preparing them with a lot of salt to prevent dehydration.

Dogs are carnivorous, and they get most of their nutrients from meat. Because of this, you have to create a balance between the vegetables and the protein you give them. Don’t let the vegetables be more than the protein.

There are many ways to feed artichokes to your dog, ranging from fresh to canned.

Are There Any Adverse Effects Of Dogs Eating Artichokes


It depends on what type of artichoke your dog consumes. Generally, artichokes are safe for dogs. They are healthy vegetables that your dog can enjoy. The only thing that can endanger your dog is if they choke on it. You can easily avoid this by cutting the thistle into small pieces.

Below are the different types of artichokes and their effect on dogs.

Fresh Artichoke

Fresh or raw artichokes are safe for dog consumption. The raw type has the best nutrients and is loaded with vitamin C. Ensure you prepare them in sizes that your dog can easily chew to prevent choking.

Artichoke Hearts

Dogs can also eat artichoke hearts with no problem. They pack a lot of nutrients and contain high levels of antioxidants, which help dogs fight diseases. They also include folate and potassium, which boost a dog’s overall health.

However, be careful when feeding your dog artichoke hearts. They have high fiber content that might irritate your dog’s bowels. Moderate fiber is good for dogs’ digestion, helping them pass stool easily. On the other hand, too much fiber can result in loose stool and diarrhea.

Artichoke Leaves

These are not safe for dogs; artichoke leaves are inedible. Generally, it is safe to keep your dog away from the leaves of all plants (unless you are sure they are edible) as most are not safe for consumption.

Artichoke Thistle

Commonly referred to as artichoke cardoon, the artichoke thistle doesn’t have much going for it. Its effect on dogs is yet to be established; thus, it is best to avoid feeding it to your dog until more is known.

Marinated Artichokes

These can be safe for your pup. However, consider only feeding your furry friend unseasoned or raw artichokes for the best results. The marinade used in artichokes can have high salt content that is unsafe for dogs. Seek help from your vet if your dog ingests food containing too much salt.

Cooked Artichokes

This artichoke is safe for dogs, but only to some extent. Artichokes cooked using spices are not safe for dogs. Neither are those made with too much salt. Only feed the pup with unseasoned artichokes.

If you have to use seasoning, only use those that are dog-friendly. You may need to talk with your vet before deciding what spices to use or whether you can make food for dogs with any spices. Avoid using salt; dogs don’t have a sophisticated palate that recognizes salt.

Steamed Artichokes

Unseasoned artichokes with little to no salt are okay for dogs when steamed. Your dog might even enjoy steamed artichokes as they are softer to chew. Cut them up before feeding your dog to avoid choking.

Fried Artichokes

Although fried foods are some of the most delicious foods, they are not healthy for us. Fried foods are also not safe for dogs. Fats and oils can be a huge contributor to weight gain in dogs and can also cause indigestion problems and put your dog at risk of developing diabetes.

If you choose to feed your pup fried artichokes, only do it in moderation. Skip frying the artichokes altogether if you can.

Can You Feed Your Dog Jerusalem Artichokes?

Also known as sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes are safe for dogs to eat. They are starchy tubers closely related to the sunflower. These artichokes are good for your pup’s digestion, but only in controlled portions.

Artichoke Dip

Depending on how you prepare your artichoke dip, you can feed it to your dog with no problem. However, if you use the regular dip, you have to be more careful as it contains cream cheese.

Too much dairy can harm your pet’s digestion. Besides, it is best to keep it away from those with lactose intolerance. To find out if your dog has any problems with it, try feeding them a small portion of artichoke dip and see how they react. If your furry friend has a negative reaction, don’t feed it to them again.

Final Thought

Your dog can safely eat artichokes but in moderation and only specific parts of the fruit. Keep them away from artichoke leaves. Ensure the artichokes your pup eats don’t have too much salt or contain any harmful spices. It is best to feed your dog raw, unseasoned artichokes.

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