Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? Is Black Pepper Safe For Dogs?

You can’t do without black pepper, can you? Black peppercorn is a popular spice widely accepted in different cuisines. It adds depth and flavor to food, improving texture and aroma. You’ll choose between a black pepper paste and ground option.

Peppercorn comes from a flowering vine, which produces white, green, and black pepper, depending on the fruit’s ripeness.

It is like a charm that helps the body increase the absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream. Its ability to stimulate hydrochloric acid in your stomach improves digestion. Above all, it makes your meal wholesome. But, how do you feel when you give it to your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper?

Black pepper is not toxic to dogs when offered in moderation. Small amounts of pepper help protect the dog against stomach upsets that would occur in excessive consumption. Yet, most dogs prefer foods with no black pepper, among other spices. The general rule would be to avoid black pepper if you cannot limit the intake.

Suppose you add black pepper to your dog’s food to improve its flavor. Then, there is a high chance that your pet will reject this food. Dogs are sensitive to the smell of black pepper, meaning they will likely reject any food with this seasoning. However, a pinch of this seasoning on meat and veggies is ideal, causing no stomach upsets or irritation.

Drawbacks of Black Pepper for Dogs


Black pepper can irritate your dog’s sense of smell and stomach lining, triggering stomach upsets, diarrhea, and vomiting. Its effects on the dog are minor and manageable, exposing your dog to no fatalities. However, this can only happen if the dog eats this black pepper in small quantities.

Yet, most people use black pepper to deter canines from eating specific foods. Usually, you’ll sprinkle this seasoning on whatever you do not want the dog to eat, discouraging it from gnawing or chewing on the item.

Types of Black Pepper Dogs Should Not Eat

Your dog will likely reject black pepper based on how fresh it is. Freshly ground black pepper has multiple volatile essential oils that irritate your dog and release aromatics that are unpleasant to most pets.

Various healthy alternatives are available for dogs, including fresh vegetables and doggy treats. Confirm the fat content and number of calories in the options you select.

Final Thoughts

While black pepper is not toxic to dogs, it is not an excellent addition to your doggy’s diet.

Its aroma could irritate the dog’s sensitive gastrointestinal and respiratory systems.

The best option would be to avoid it altogether.

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