Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Cabbage is a common vegetable used in most homes to prepare recipes such as salads and stews. Vegetables are the ultimate comfort food for humans because they are low-cost and easy to make.

Yes, your dog can eat cabbage. The leafy vegetable has a lot of nutrients and vitamins packed in them that are beneficial to your dog’s overall health.

Whether the cabbage is served raw or cooked, it is safe for dogs to consume. Moreover, your furry friend can eat all types of cabbages, including red, green, and white cabbages.

Nutritional Benefits of Cabbages

As with feeding your dog Brussels sprouts, cabbage also provides lots of nutritional value to your dog. The vitamins and minerals packed in cabbage are:


The vegetable has many dietary fibers, which are very useful to a dog in reducing constipation. The fiber is beneficial in keeping a healthy gut balance and regulating their bowels to keep their colon healthy. This is the same benefit that dogs eating cauliflower get.

Water Content

Cabbage has high water content. This comes in handy for a dog to maintain its hydration levels. Nevertheless, be on the lookout and avoid giving them too much cabbage. Too much water can be troublesome, leading to bloating, vomiting, and restlessness.

Sugar Content

Cabbage has very low sugars. The sugar levels are manageable for dogs prone to stomach upset as cabbage is more gentle on their tummies.


It contains antioxidants that are useful in combating certain diseases such as cancers. The antioxidants also prevent cell damage caused by harmful free radicals in your dog.


Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium are present in cabbage. This helps maintain a dog’s healthy body functions. They also help in the formation of strong teeth and bones and maintain your pup’s overall body strength.


Cabbage has Vitamins C, B, and K, which are necessary for your pup to stay happy and healthy. They strengthen its immune system, are a great source of essential nutrients, and increase the absorption rate of other minerals.

You can also substitute cabbage and have your dog eat kohlrabi to get the same vitamin punch.

Do Dogs Love Cabbage?

Dogs are carnivores, and the ideal meal for them is a balance of wet and dry foods high in protein. When introducing cabbage to your dog for the first time, the reception depends on how you prepared the meal. Most dogs prefer eating unflavored cabbage, but you can introduce some spice by adding chicken broth.

Dangers of Cabbages to Dogs

Even though the vegetable has nutritional benefits, there are still potential dangers to your dog consuming cabbage. Too much cabbage can cause stomach issues, resulting in symptoms such as flatulence, stomach upsets, or watery stool. To avoid this, always give your dog cabbage in moderation.

Below are some dangers to your dog overeating cabbage:

Allergic Reaction

Dogs can be intolerant to particular types of food. Although cabbage is nutritious, there is always a chance that your dog can have an adverse reaction to eating it. Avoid feeding them cabbage if they have a hypersensitive reaction to it. Take your dog to the veterinary to receive urgent medical care if this happens.


As cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, too much can increase bowel movement. Consequently, your dog may be susceptible to diarrhea. This condition is known as hypermotility. You should exercise the same caution when feeding broccoli to your dog.


It is a compound present in cabbage that can affect your dog’s thyroid gland. The compound can accumulate and affect your furry friend when fed too much of this veggie.

How Much Cabbage Can I Feed My Dog?


The amount of cabbage to give to your dog depends on factors such as the size and preference of your pet. It is essential to give your dog small amounts of vegetables periodically, however much the pet likes them.

Also, smaller dogs should eat less cabbage compared to larger dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Cabbage?

Generally, you should be cautious when feeding your dog raw cruciferous vegetables. For example, dogs eating kale may lead to gastrointestinal problems. Feed your dog raw cabbage in small doses to avoid these problems.

Additionally, when offering cabbage to your dog in raw form, ensure that it is finely chopped to prevent choking.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked and Roasted Cabbage?

Dogs can eat both cooked and roasted cabbage as long as it is not prepared with seasoning. Out of the two, your dog might find cooked cabbage more acceptable compared to its roasted counterpart as it has a stronger smell and softer texture.

How to Serve Cabbage to My Dog

After checking with your vet on whether you can add cabbage to your dog’s diet, you can now look for the best way to prepare it for them.

The following are serving ideas that you can choose to implement:

  1. Chop the cabbage into fine pieces and sprinkle it as a topping on their food.
  2. Cook it without seasoning and spices and serve it to your canine.
  3. Add a little cabbage to your dog’s homemade meal so that the vegetable can balance out the protein served.

Final Word

Cabbage is an excellent addition to your dog’s daily diet. When introducing the vegetable to them for the first time, remember moderation is essential, and you should take your time to monitor them.

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