Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

It is no secret that the average western diet mainly includes chicken as the primary source of protein. Chicken has low-fat content and is easily prepared. It is an excellent addition to many meals and part of an all-rounded diet.

Because chicken meat is widely incorporated to make different meals, most dog owners wonder if it is okay to regularly add it to their dog’s diet. In this piece, we will explore whether your dog can safely eat chicken and how to prepare it for your furry friend.

Is Chicken Safe for Dogs?

The straightforward answer is yes; chicken can be added to a dog’s diet. It is an excellent source of proteins,  multiple vitamins, nutrients, and omega 6 fatty acids. When cooking chicken for your dog, avoid adding seasonings such as onion and garlic powder, as they can be harmful.

Unless a vet has diagnosed your dog to have allergies, chicken is completely safe for them to eat. If your dog develops any stomach upset when introducing the meal for the first time, you should seek immediate treatment. Be cautious when giving your dog raw chicken to eat, as some store-bought brands might give your canine bacterial infections.

Benefits of Chicken to Your Dog

A great source of high-quality protein, natural minerals, and vitamins, chicken holds a lot of health benefits for your dog in all the stages of its life.

The meat’s protein contains phosphorus which, along with calcium, is used in strong and healthy bone and teeth development. When your dog has a phosphorus deficiency, fatigue and weakness will be recurring problems in their life.

Chicken contains vitamins such as B3 and B6, which help in lowering cholesterol, boosting cognitive functions, and facilitating protein synthesis.

Selenium is also an element present in chicken that has a couple of benefits in a dog’s life. The mineral has antioxidant components, improving your dog’s skin, and strengthening its immune system.

How Much Chicken Can My Dog Eat?


Chicken is considered a super meal for dogs because it is highly nutritious. This should, however, not make chicken the primary and only meal in a dog’s diet.

The amount of chicken your dog can eat depends on their weight. You should feed your dog about a quarter cup of boiled chicken per 20 pounds of body weight.

Hazards of Feeding Chicken to Your Dog

Most human foods hold potential dangers to pets, and chicken is no exemption. If your dog is a raw meat enthusiast, always pick organically bred chicken brands. The chicken will have gone through several steps that prevent infections and diseases. Also, it lacks preservatives and chemicals that can be toxic to your canine.

When introducing chicken to your pup for the first time, start with boneless chicken. Feeding your dog with chicken bones is a possible choking hazard. They are usually small and, when swallowed, can puncture your pet’s intestines and stomach.

Another chicken hazard is that it can be a source of health problems in dogs, causing weight gain and other diseases. For example, portions such as dark chicken meat and drumsticks can lead to pancreatitis, so avoid giving these to your dog. You can also avoid excessive weight gain by staying away from fatty cuts and only feeding your dog lean chicken parts, such as breast meat.

Is Making Homemade Chicken For My Dog Safe?

For pet owners that would like to prepare a chicken delicacy for their dog, it is essential to know that most diets found on the internet are not balanced.

A study concerning a dog’s diet shows that some dog diets have several nutrient deficiencies. Consult your vet to prepare a diet suitable for your dog to ensure it gets all the necessary nutrients.

Can Chicken Be Used as a Treat For Dogs?

Chicken is valuable to a dog’s diet, but it can also be used as an incentive when training your dog. You can choose to feed your dog chicken nuggets as a treat, considering that most dogs love their enhanced flavor.

Nonetheless, avoid doing it in excess, as chicken nuggets are loaded with fat and ingredients that can be harmful. The calories from the nuggets should not exceed 10% of the total pet’s diet in a day.

How to Prepare Chicken for Your Dog

Is your dog suffering from malnutrition? When this happens, or you need your dog to have a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, you can never go wrong with chicken. Most vets recommend that you feed your dog boiled chicken and plain rice.

To create a mouthwatering boiled chicken meal for your dog, follow the following recipe:


  1. Place 4 chicken breasts in a medium-sized pot.
  2. Add water to the pot and leave about 3 inches of space at the top so that water doesn’t spill over when boiling.
  3. Bring the chicken breast to a boil for about a quarter an hour using high heat.
  4. Pull out the chicken breast from the broth and shred it after cooling.

It is important that you save the chicken broth for your dog as you can use it to prepare rice or any other meal.

Final Thought

Chicken is a great, nutritious meal for your dog. Nevertheless, for it to derive maximum nutritional value, ensure you follow all the necessary rules; feed them the correct amount, don’t use spices, and choose chicken without added additives or preservatives.

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