Can Dogs Eat Chips?

Like many human junk meals, chips aren’t ideal for our four-legged buddies. Starchy and salty foods meant for human consumption can be dangerous for our pets.

Read through to find out why you shouldn’t allow your dog to ingest chips.

What Makes Potato Chips Bad for My Dog?

Potato chips don’t offer any health benefits. While these treats are made from potatoes, they provide zero benefits for your dog. Typically, chips are empty calories that your lovely pup doesn’t need.

Another reason dogs shouldn’t eat potato chips is their high salt content. Dogs only need a bit of salt in their meals. Usually, potato chips have a lot of salt to make them tasty, but this can cause severe problems to your pooch if it takes a lot of them. It can lead to health issues like seizures, diarrhea, and vomiting. Other reasons you shouldn’t give your dog chips include:

  • Too much oil: Chips are deep-fried in cooking oil. Your four-legged buddy can’t digest oil-heavy meals, and eating a lot of it will cause health issues such as pancreatitis.
  • No vitamins: Chips don’t provide any vitamins. If you must add something new to your pup’s meal, it should serve a purpose.
  • Excessive Carbohydrates: Chips are loaded with carbohydrates. While carbs are a perfect source of energy, the quantity in potato chips is too much such that it can cause obesity.
  • Artificial flavors: This treat is packed with unhealthy, addictive, and artificial flavors. So, it is best to keep potato chips away from your dog.

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What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Chips?

Maybe your furry buddy ate a few pieces of chips it found on the floor. Don’t panic since it will be okay. Ensure your dog drinks enough water and monitor its behavior.

Nevertheless, your dog might experience some gastrointestinal distress if it ingests many chips. Other signs you will notice include:

If your Fido somehow feasted on too many chips while you were not watching, inform your vet immediately. They will give you viable advice on what to do next. Some physical problems will be resolved within 24 hours. Ensure your pup does not reach any more potato chips during this period.

What are the Best Substitutes for Chips?

Rather than feeding your dog junk food, there are numerous healthy treats available for your dog, found online or in local pet shops. If you must give your dog the food meant for human consumption, ensure they are not harmful.

Some of the healthy substitutes for potato chips that can be used as treats for your pup include:

  • Rawhide chews: dogs like to chew these long and dried cow skin. They are available in various sizes and shapes and help in keeping your pup’s teeth clean.
  • Dog treats: there are numerous kinds of healthy treats on the market. Go for those high in protein and low in fat. They should also be made from natural ingredients.
  • Dehydrated meals: your dog will love these treats. You can easily prepare them at home with a dehydrator or purchase them. They comprise dried meat pieces and veggies such as pumpkin slices and sweet potato chips.
  • Pet biscuits: Pet biscuits are healthy, and you can make them at home using simple ingredients such as oats, peanut butter, and wheat flour. You can purchase the biscuits from a dog store in various sizes and shapes.

How to Establish a Healthy Meal for Your Dog

Since you want your pups to stay healthy, give them dog food. They also need water and a few occasional treats to keep them healthy. It’s good to avoid feeding your dog foods high in sugar, salt, and calories, as this can result in obesity and other health issues.

Furthermore, be mindful of the amount of food your dog eats. If you often give your four-legged pal human treats and food, they may not be hungry when you feed them their dog food. Therefore, ensure to space out their eating time and offer them the recommended serving amount on the dog food package.

If you believe your dog ingested a toxic substance, it is advisable to call a vet immediately. As a dog parent, you need to keep your canine companion away from toxic foods and ensure they only consume healthy meals.

Final Word

If your Fido eats a few slices of potato chips, you don’t have to worry. However, too many can be harmful to their health. Look out for signs such as nausea and diarrhea. If you notice these signs call your vet for professional help.

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