Can Dogs Eat Couscous? Is It Safe?

From its nutty and sweet flavor to its mild and neutral taste, couscous is a delicacy you cannot miss. It is often served with wet meals, taking the flavor of whatever it is paired with. But is it suitable for your dog? Here are a few insights into this.

Can Dogs Eat Couscous?

Yes. You can feed plain couscous to your dog in moderation. The recommended amount is approximately one tablespoon of couscous per nine pounds. You’ll need to adjust the quantity with your pet’s weight.

This meal contains proteins that enhance muscle development and cellular health. It also has fiber elements that boost digestion and gut health. In addition, it has vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B6 and magnesium, which regulate the function of body organs and immunity.

Couscous is also rich in selenium, which helps in cancer prevention. While this is an essential nutrient, the dog must take it in moderation to avoid nausea, depression, vomiting, and nervousness.

However, you must avoid seasoned or spiced couscous, as too much salt can cause significant gut health complications. Garlic and onions are poisonous to dogs, causing anemia, lethargy, weakness, pale mucous membrane, and an irritated gut.

The Risks of Couscous

Couscous is not toxic to your pet. Besides, this meal is made from wheat or barley, making it a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, it poses various risks, including the following.

  • Kidney issues might arise if there is excessive consumption of salted couscous. This problem is characterized by unusual urination and extreme thirst.
  • Anemia could arise if your couscous is seasoned with garlic and onions. Avoid this problem by minimizing the seasonings, preferably eliminating garlic and onions.
  • Dogs with gluten allergies will hardly digest couscous. Feeding your dog this meal exposes it to vomiting and diarrhea.

Should You Mix Couscous With Other foods?

Mixing couscous with other foods is the best way to serve your dog. Ensure that you serve plain couscous alongside vegetables or meat. A balanced combination of meat, vegetables, and couscous helps guarantee better nutritional value. Since this meal is rich in proteins, you can mix it with other carbohydrates, including rice. Yet, prioritize serving couscous alongside proteins.

Final Thoughts

Couscous is a perfect meal for your pet, mainly when served with meat or vegetables. It offers excellent nutritional value and health benefits.

However, you must serve it plain and in moderation to avoid various health complications.

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