Can Dogs Eat Curry? Is Curry Safe For Dogs?

Curry is one of the best dishes around. Curry is full of flavor and has the most delicious aroma. But is your dog allowed to eat curry?

Dogs Absolutely should not eat curry.

Curry is a tremendous cultural staple that many people worldwide love, but your dog should avoid it. There are so many spices and herbs in curries, which can be extremely hot or mild. These ingredients can be dangerous for dogs to eat.

Curry is a typical dish with onions, garlic, chilies, and sugar. However, most of these ingredients are extremely dangerous for dogs to eat. One of these ingredients can provide some exciting benefits. For more information, please read on.

Curry For Dogs: Dangerous Ingredients


Many curries have a meat base and are often enriched with healthy root vegetables or leafy leaves. It’s not the ingredients that can have too much effect on dogs. Seasoning agents are what do the real damage.

Garlic And Onions

Garlic and onion are both members of the allium family. Although delicious for humans, these ingredients can be very toxic to dogs. They contain a compound called thiosulfate. Although thiosulfate does not cause any harm to humans, it can cause serious oxidative damage to your dog’s red blood cells.

Thiosulfate Damage can lead to hemolytic anemia. This anemia can cause your dog to have difficulty breathing, lethargy, and general weakness. Other minor symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, loss of appetite, and dehydration.


Chilies can be a wild ingredient for humans. They can cause severe discomfort for your dog. Although they aren’t as toxic to dogs as garlic and onions, the extra punch they pack can cause discomfort.

Capsaicin is the chemical that makes chilies hot. It can cause severe irritation, especially in spicy curries. After consuming the curry, your dog might experience an emotional rollercoaster ride and physical sensations. Some dogs may run for their water bowls, fearful, and feign panic. Some will whimper or whine in pain. You should not allow chilies to get into your dog’s mouth.


Dogs and humans alike need sodium. As part of a healthy lifestyle, dogs and humans need sodium. They don’t require too much. Our salty snacks, such as pretzels and chips, can be too salty for our dogs. Curry often has more salt than these examples.

Salt intake can cause severe side effects in your dog. They will first show signs of excessive thirst. As they begin to become dehydrated, you’ll notice them drinking every ounce of water they can. They might start to vomit and become weaker. Your dog may also experience seizures. You can keep your pup away from salty foods.


Another ingredient commonly used in curry is sugar, which can cause serious health problems for your dog. While it’s not as dangerous immediately as other ingredients, sugar can cause serious long-term problems.

Sugar intake can cause diabetes in dogs and obesity in cats.

Is There A Healthy Curry For Dogs?

Turmeric is the one thing that can save your dog from all the bad curry. Turmeric is a key ingredient in many curries and one of the most powerful ingredients on the planet.

It is full of antioxidants that will keep your dog’s immune system strong, reduce heart disease, and provide tons of anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you want to treat your dog with a little bit of “curry”, give it a sprinkle or two of turmeric every now and again. They won’t feel any pain and it will give them a healthy boost.

Keep Curry Out Of Reach For Your Dog

As you can see, it’s risky for your dog to eat curry. The many other ingredients quickly outweigh the health benefits of turmeric. This delicious dish is best kept to yourself.

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