Can Dogs Eat Doritos? Are They Safe?

Let’s talk about the most popular toasted corn chips—Doritos! These spicy snacks are typical across various households, thanks to their savoriness. You’ll find them in multiple flavors, choosing whichever fits you best.

The biggest question, however, is whether you can offer it to your dog. This article explores the reasons for and against feeding Doritos to your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Doritos Safely?

Yes. Plain Doritos are an excellent and safe snack for your dog when offered in moderation and less frequently. Yet, you must be careful when giving these snacks to your dog to avoid health complications in the long run.

A small amount of Doritos will likely cause no harm to your pet. However, excessive consumption of these snacks exposes your dog to large amounts of calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. Unfortunately, these ingredients can cause severe gastrointestinal complications to your dog.

Various flavors of Doritos are available, each posing different spices. Notable elements include garlic and onion, which are harmful to your dog. High doses of these ingredients could cause red blood cell damage, increasing the risk of anemia in your dog.

Do Dogs Love Doritos?


Yes. Most dogs crave sweet and flavorful snacks. They will likely be attracted to any snack that has a sweet smell, including Doritos, which flavor makes it an excellent treat for your pet. In addition, most dogs like crunchy and salty snacks, properties Doritos offers.

Why People Give Their Dogs Doritos?

Doritos are often used as a treat to reward great behavior in dogs. You’ll give your dog this snack to enhance positive reinforcement, ensuring the dog maintains a particular trait. However, you must ensure that the Dorito contains no harmful ingredients to avoid health issues and fatality.

You could also give your dog Doritos if you want it to stop barking. However, you must ensure that the amount offered is moderate. They must also be in relatively small sizes to avoid choking.

Concerns About Doritos for Dogs

While you could be tempted to give your dog a few chips of Doritos, most experts advise against it because of the excess fat and salt they contain. These snacks contain various toxic ingredients that could cause the following issues in dogs.

Sodium Poisoning

The excess salt in Doritos causes sodium poisoning in dogs. This condition results in vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and incoordination. Providing your dog with sufficient water could help reinstate a perfect water and electrolyte balance.


Excessive consumption of the fat on Doritos can contribute to pancreatitis in dogs. This inflammatory reaction stems from the early activation of enzymes from the pancreas, causing it to digest itself.


Doritos might contain onion dip, a product of onions or garlic. Unfortunately, when taken in large quantities, this element damages red blood cells, causing anemia.

Choking Hazard

Doritos are not consistent food, which could get stuck in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Multiple fragments in the gut can choke your pet or injure the GI tract.

Dental Health Issues

Doritos contain sugar that can cause tooth decay and gum diseases in dogs. You can avoid this problem by regularly brushing the dog’s teeth.

Healthy Alternatives to Doritos

Keeping your dog away from Doritos is the best way to protect it against various health complications. You can do this by offering fruits and snacks rich in minerals, fiber, and micronutrients.

Various healthy alternatives to Doritos are available, including apples, celery, peanut butter, and dog treats. These options do not contain excess sugar, fats, or salt that can cause poisoning.

Final Thoughts

Doritos are suitable for your dog if consumed in small quantities. You can offer them as treats, preferably once in weeks or months. The idea is to minimize consumption, protecting your pet from pancreatitis, sodium poisoning, choking hazards, and dental health issues. While consuming Doritos is not associated with fatality, you might need medical help in extreme cases.

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