Can Dogs Eat Gravy?

Do you have to endear your dog’s sad and pleading stare every time you eat a delicious roast with gravy? It is no surprise that pups find this savory sauce particularly tempting because of its tasty meaty flavor and aroma.

So, you may be wondering whether you can let your dog lick your plate or treat it with some gravy safely.

Read on to find out whether dogs can eat gravy. Also included is information about which types are bad for them and how to prepare a dog-friendly alternative sauce for your four-legged companion.

Can Dogs Eat Gravy – Overview

There is no definite yes or no answer to this question. Whether the gravy is suitable or can be harmful to canines depends on the type of sauce, its ingredients, and the quantities consumed.

Some sauces contain ingredients that are known to be potentially toxic for pups. Such components include onion and garlic (or onion or garlic powder).

Too much fat in the gravy can lead to inflammation of the pup’s pancreas and even to pancreatitis, a severe and painful condition.

Gravy usually contains a lot of salt, so it should not be fed to dogs regularly or in large quantities either.

Some homemade or store-bought sauces include other ingredients such as wine and even chocolate, which are toxic and dangerous for pups.

But overall, eating a single spoonful or a lick of gravy on holidays should not be a problem for most healthy dogs.

Can I give my dog some gravy granules?

Check the ingredients used for making the granules before preparing some sauce for your pup. Avoid feeding it with granules that contain garlic or onion powder or any allergens to which your dog is sensitive.

If you want to treat your dog with a topping made from gravy granules, make sure to use small quantities and dilute them with more water before serving the gravy to the pup.

Is Bisto gravy OK for pups?

Aah! Bisto! You may love this famous granulated British gravy and sauce mix brand, but is it OK to treat your four-legged companion with some Bisto too?

While Bisto is known to contain less sugar, salt, and fat than some other similar products, it still includes some and often contains onion or garlic powders, which are toxic for canines. Plus, Bisto sauces can contain soy or wheat, which some pups are sensitive or allergic to.

If your dog doesn’t have allergies and is generally healthy and well, it won’t hurt to reward it occasionally with just a little Bisto sauce. Keep in mind that smaller pups are more likely to be affected by the harmful or toxic ingredients in the sauce! Even a small amount of onion or salt can cause a toy or small breed dog to become mild to severely ill.

Is KFC gravy OK for dogs?

KFC is very stringent when it comes to keeping its secret ingredients secret. But even though the components of the delicious KFC gravy have not been officially revealed, we can say that it is something you should not feed your dog.

The main reasons are that this sauce is very salty and contains many calories. It is assumed that the gravy is made with the remainders of the batter and the chicken used for making the famous KFC fried chicken meals. This is an excellent way to prevent food wastage and to give the sauce a rich and delicious flavor, but it is definitely not recommended for dogs.

This sauce contains garlic and onion powders which are toxic for canines. It is high in fat and can cause pancreatic inflammation or lead to pancreatitis in the pup. Plus, the high caloric value of the KFC gravy can quickly lead to the dog becoming overweight or obese, which can shorten its lifespan significantly.

Another reason to refrain from treating your pup with KFC gravy is that it contains other potential allergens common amongst canines. Some of them are wheat, gluten, eggs, milk, oats, barley, sesame, oats, soya, and celery.

Is Marmite gravy OK for your pup?

Marmite is another famous gravy originating from England. Today, it is also popular in Australia and New Zealand, where its local alternative, Vegemite, is often used instead.

If you like eating Marmite gravy, you may want to know whether you can add some to your dog’s food as a treat.

This sauce is OK as an occasional treat for dogs but in minimal quantities, and if no onion or garlic powders persist in it.

Since it is pretty salty, avoid giving it to your pet frequently. Instead, treat your furry friend to a spoonful of Marmite gravy only on special occasions.

Is gravy harmful to dogs?

In general, gravy for human consumption is not considered a healthy or recommended option for a treat for dogs. The main reason is the high salt (sodium) content in most of these sauces.

While dogs need some sodium to stay healthy and well, too much salt can lead to sodium poisoning and dehydration in canines. Small dogs and those with underlying health issues are particularly susceptible to dehydration.

If your pup has an underlying health condition such as a cardiovascular problem, avoid feeding it any food high in sodium.

Another reason why gravy is not suitable for dogs is the fact that it often contains ingredients that are toxic for pups. Some of them include garlic or onion powder or paste, wine, chocolate, and others. Consuming too many onions and garlic can lead to anemia and liver failure in pups.

Plus, the sauce may contain ingredients to which some dogs are allergic or are sensitive.

Last but not least, some of these sauces are very high in fat and calories. Consuming too much fat can lead to an inflammation of the pancreas of the pup. In some cases, this can lead to dangerous and painful pancreatitis.

The high calories can cause the pup to gain weight, become overweight or obese, and thus unhealthy. Being overweight in dogs can actually shorten the lifespans of these animals. So, make sure to keep your pet at a healthy weight and that it is eating a healthy diet and staying active.

How to prepare dog-friendly homemade gravy?

Although a pup can be wholly content and healthy even if you feed it the same good quality dog food day after day for years, we know that dog parents like to give their fur babies special treats occasionally.

This is why we have some suggestions for preparing your own gravy, which is safe and healthy for the dog.

Some of these gravies are ready-made and available in pet stores.

Still, take the time to check the dog gravy’s label for any potential allergens, as well as to check the caloric value and calculate how much to give to your pup.

But if you want to prepare some gravy for your dog by yourself, then you can too. Just boil down any meat bones and scraps like you normally would when making gravy. Just abstain from adding too much salt, sugar, or any onion or garlic paste or powder, wine, and other harmful ingredients. Or remove some of the sauce before adding the other ingredients so it is safe for your dog. You will be able to enjoy the gravy later when you season the rest. You may want to dilute the sauce if it is too concentrated before feeding it to your pet.

Another way to prepare this meaty, savory sauce for pups is to puree some turkey mince or other boneless meat, add some water, and then serve it to your dog.

If you are in a hurry, you can dilute some gravy granules with more water than usual and add it as a topping to your pup’s food.

Regardless of the type of gravy you treat your dog, keep in mind that it still has calories, even when diluted. So, calculate and restrict the intake of treats such as gravy to only up to 10% of your pup’s recommended daily caloric intake.

It is best to reserve the dog-friendly gravy for special occasions only.

For dog-friendly gravy, you can mix and dilute some high-quality freeze-dried dog food with water and serve it to your four-legged companion while retaining peace of mind.

Final Verdict – Can Dogs Eat Gravy?

While some types of gravy can be diluted and given to dogs in small quantities as occasional treats, we recommend you avoid feeding your dog with such a sauce.

This meaty sauce is high in calories, salt, fat, sugar, onion, garlic, and other ingredients, which are not only harmful but can be dangerous for canines.

A few licks of the gravy on Thanksgiving will not harm your dog, but giving it gravy regularly and in large quantities can be very harmful to your pet.

Instead of treating your four-legged companion with gravy for human consumption, you can prepare a healthier version. You can dilute some high-quality frozen dog food into a more liquid substance and use it as a topping for the kibble.

To keep your pup fit and healthy, make sure to feed it the recommended calories per day. If you will be adding treats to its menu, ensure that they are included in the caloric intake and are no more than 10% of hot recommended daily values.

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