Can My Dog Eat Green Apples?

You might be asking, “Can my dog eat green apples?” You’re not the only one. Green apples are delicious and nutritious for both humans and dogs.

Green apples contain a large amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acids). This antioxidant protects the cells from free radicals, such as oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

One medium-sized apple provides 8.4 mg of vitamin C – about 10% of the daily recommended allowance for humans. Other antioxidants in the fruit help support the brain and muscles.

Can My Dog Eat Green Apples?

Yes, the answer is yes, but first, there are some caveats. Apples are high in fiber and can provide good nutrition for dogs, but they can cause digestive problems in some dogs. All colors of apples are safe to feed to dogs. Green apples can be a bit off-putting to dogs due to their sour taste. The skin of green apples is beneficial to dogs as it contains phytonutrients that are helpful against cancer.

Why are Green Apples Good Dog Treats?

Green apples are a great addition to a dog’s diet. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, is the most important nutrient found in green apples. This nutrient protects cells from free radicals.

One medium-sized apple contains 8.4 mg of Vitamin C. Antioxidants are also beneficial, as they help fight inflammation and improve the function of the brain and muscles. Additionally, fiber reduces blood sugar levels and feeds beneficial bacteria in the dog’s digestive system.

Apples are a great source of fiber as they have both soluble and insoluble fiber. However, dogs may experience digestive upset if they are ingested large amounts of fiber. While all apples are safe to feed to dogs, the green variety is a little sourer than the red ones, making them less attractive to chew.

How Can I Feed my Dog Green Apples?


When giving your dog an apple, make sure to wash it thoroughly. To give your dog an enjoyable treat, cut green apples into pieces and shred them using a cheese grater or vegetable peeler.

Remove the core, stem, and seeds. The seeds and core are choking hazards and should not be left where your dog can easily reach them. The seeds are toxic and contain a compound that releases cyanide when digested. If your dog does consume an apple core with the seeds, it is best to contact your vet for immediate help.

What Part of A Green Apple Can’t My Dog Eat?

It’s possible for your dog to enjoy the taste of a green apple. However, you should not give it to your dog in large amounts. Green apples are acidic and can upset your pup’s digestive system. Golden Delicious is a slightly sweeter alternative to green apples. Your dog can have a snack or a meal mix occasionally. Just remember not to feed your pup too much, and keep the servings around 10% of the daily food intake.

Dogs should avoid eating the core and seeds of apples because they contain trace amounts of cyanide, a poisonous substance that can be fatal to dogs if ingested in large quantities. The apple’s tough stem and core should also be avoided, as they can choke your dog if swallowed. Dogs may have difficulty chewing cored apples, which can cause choking and gastrointestinal blockage.

Are Green Apples Good For a Dog’s Teeth?

Do green apples help your dog’s teeth? Yes, they can! Green apples are rich in vitamin A, which can help maintain fresh breath. They can also brighten their teeth because they contain malic acid, which is a natural bleaching agent.

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