Can Dogs Eat Ground Beef?

You can use ground beef in numerous dishes, thanks to its versatility. It is also affordable, making it popular in most households. Ground beef is perfect for making burger patties, lasagna, and multiple wraps. While enjoying these treats, you might want to share them with your dog.

Generally, ground beef without any additives is safe for dogs. However, we don’t usually make plain ground beef. Some of the additives we use can be unsafe for dogs. Below we delve deep into feeding your dog ground beef.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Ground Beef?

Raw meat is not harmful to dogs. Their stomach is strong enough to digest it with no problems. However, there can be parasites and bacteria in raw meat that can be problematic.

Some owners prefer feeding their dogs with raw meat, claiming it is better for them. There isn’t enough evidence supporting this. It is better to feed them cooked beef as it has fewer chances of exposing them to unwanted bacteria. Just because your dog loves ground beef is not enough reason to risk their health by feeding it to them raw.

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How Much Ground Beef Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs’ diets should contain mostly meat. However, feeding them a varied diet is better for their health. A balanced diet exists even for dogs, ensuring they get all nutrients necessary for their development.

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A commercial diet is the best one for your dog. It includes multiple ingredients that can benefit them. You can also choose to switch their diet up every few days to ensure they get all the nutrients they need.

Meat is dense in nutritional benefits, and a little goes a long way. The best amount to feed your dog is around a quarter or a third-pound of meat per every 20 pounds of dog weight.

Do not only feed your pup ground beef; variety is necessary. To find the appropriate amount to feed your dog, use this calculation:
If they eat beef with commercial food, calculate how much of the commercial food they need in a day. Once you do this, find how much ground beef you want to include in their meal. Subtract the amount of ground beef from the other food.

Take this for an example; your dog weighs 60 pounds. They should eat at least one pound of meat or 3 cups of doggie kibble daily. You can choose the amount of ground beef you think is appropriate for them. If you think a third of their meal should be meat, you can feed them a third-pound of ground beef. You then give them 2 cups of kibble to make up for the remaining amount.

If you want their diet to be half protein and half other foods, you can feed them around one-sixth pounds of ground beef. The remaining portion should be from their commercial dog food.

Note that this calculation varies depending on your dog’s size and how much they should eat in a day.

Kinds of Ground Beef to Give to Dogs


Lean ground meat is the best option for your furry companion’s diet. At least 90% of the meat should be lean. This gives the meat the perfect balance of fat and healthy protein. It doesn’t only work with beef; you can use the same amount with turkey, chicken, and other kinds of meat.

Avoid adding spices to your pup’s food. If you are going to prepare it together with your food, put the amount you want them to eat aside before adding spices. Stay away from ingredients like garlic and onion. You can serve your dog boiled ground beef to be on the safe side.

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Mixing Ground Beef and Dry Food

You can mix some ground beef with your pup’s dry dog food. You will, however, have to lower their regular amount of dry food; don’t feed them the same amount as you normally do to avoid obesity.

Mixing dry food and ground beef is an excellent option for increasing your pup’s interest in their regular food. The scent of the meat can encourage them to eat more. Strain and rinse the ground beef before adding it to your dog’s food to remove extra fat.

Avoid giving this mixture to new dogs or dogs with anxiety. Sometimes, new dogs may be anxious, making them too nervous to eat. Others might have stomach aches. Don’t just assume your dog is a picky eater. Only do this if they have a history of not eating. Consult your vet if you can, to be on the safe side.

Only include the ground beef as a way to boost their nutrient intake. Using the meat as an incentive for them to eat might train them only to eat their food if it has ground beef. This can make it hard for them to self-regulate and might make the dog refuse to eat unless you add some.

The best way to feed your dog ground beef is by using it sparingly. Give it to them in small portions, ensuring they eat their regular food as well. If you want to encourage a fussy eater, use some beef broth instead. You can also use ground beef but only when you can be sure you can control it.

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Final Thoughts

Ground beef can be an excellent treat for your dog. They can eat it with no problems and even get some nutritional benefits while at it. You can use ground beef as a regular part of their diet. Ensure you feed it to them moderately and avoid using harmful ingredients.

Calculate how much ground beef is safe for your dog – get help from a dog nutritionist or vet if you must. Don’t feed them too much meat and balance it with other foods. With moderation, your furry friend can derive the best from ground beef.

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