Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos?

Sharing food with your furry friend can be a nice bonding time for both of you. It can also encourage dogs who are fussy eaters to eat more. You, however, need to be careful while doing this, as dogs don’t have the same palate as we do.

Some humans think jalapenos are the mildest of all spicy foods. Dogs, however, don’t share the same opinion. They have fewer taste buds than we do, meaning they cannot distinguish between spicy foods. So, can dogs eat jalapenos?

Can You Feed Dogs Jalapenos?

This question has a two-fold answer. Dogs can eat jalapenos. However, just because they can eat them doesn’t mean they should. Jalapenos are not toxic to dogs, but they can have other unpleasant effects.

Some dogs don’t like spicy foods and stay away from them altogether. Dogs like these might not have any adverse reactions from eating a jalapeno pepper. Others will have immediate reactions like sneezing and looking for water.

Avoid feeding your dog jalapenos regardless of whether they like them or not.

What are the Effects of Jalapenos on Dogs?


Dogs will have different reactions to eating the pepper. Some might only experience mild effects like those mentioned above. Dogs with a lower tolerance might feel the effects right away, with some even vomiting. They might also feel anxiety and some pain after eating jalapenos.

If you know that your dog has eaten some jalapenos, keep an eye out for any adverse reactions. See whether they are fine or might need some help. Give them lots of water to ensure they stay hydrated.

Jalapenos can also have long-term effects on some dogs. Stomach issues and ulcers are common with dogs that eat the peppers constantly. Gastrointestinal issues can affect dogs and their stomach lining, making them sensitive to other foods.

What You Need to Do

You have to be careful when dealing with dogs. Close the trash to ensure they don’t eat any harmful foods from there. Do not give your dog food containing jalapenos or any other spicy foods.

If your dog is used to eating jalapenos, it is your responsibility to discourage them. For your dog’s health, you should only feed them food and treats made for dogs and limit their exposure to human foods even when they like them.

People’s foods are normally high in sodium, fat, and sugars. These can cause weight gain and expose them to diseases like pancreatitis. Human foods also contain some ingredients that might be toxic, and you don’t want to expose your dog to that.


So, now you know. Keep your dog away from jalapenos. Not only are they too spicy for some dogs, but they are also dangerous. Although jalapenos are not toxic for dogs, they are not a healthy spice. Limit your pup’s exposure to any spicy foods to save their stomachs. Your dog will thank you.

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