Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

Plantains are similar to bananas in appearance, and they have many nutritional benefits to humans. Have you ever thought of sharing plantains with your dog? This article will talk about plantains and if they are safe for dogs to eat.

Are Plantains Safe for Dogs?

Plantains are safe to be consumed by dogs. The fruits are nutrient-rich, with plenty of vitamin C and dietary fibers. However, the high presence of fibers in the fruit can cause stomach upset and diarrhea when fed in excess. Plantains also have high sugar content, making them dangerous to dogs suffering from diabetes.

Additionally, the carbohydrates and sugar content present in the fruit can increase the chances of your dog suffering from obesity. Canine obesity is dangerous as it can lead to several other serious health problems such as heart diseases and pancreatitis.

Benefits of Plantains to Dogs

There are many vital nutrients in plantains beneficial to a dog’s health. The nutrient profile of the fruit is excellent, as the minerals and vitamins present in them are well balanced.

Vitamin C

The nutrient is essential as it helps maintain and strengthen a dog’s immunity. It helps reduce inflammation in dogs’ bodies and eliminates free radicals that attack dogs’ cells, causing cognitive aging.

Though the vitamin has many beneficial properties for dogs, it is vital to note that your furry friend can make vitamin C independently. When sharing the fruit with them, do it in moderation to avoid an overload of the mineral in their body.


It is known for its help in regulating bowel movement. Fiber assists in absorbing excess water and increasing the bulk of your dog’s poop, making it firm. This aids the dog in having a healthy bowel movement. It also helps regulate a healthy pH in their intestines, hindering the growth of harmful bacteria in their guts.

Moreover, fiber is a complex carbohydrate that takes longer to digest in a dog’s body. The fruit can be beneficial to your dog if it is suffering from obesity. Your furry friend will feel full for a long time, eliminating the need to eat regularly.

Potassium and Magnesium

Plantains are rich in potassium and magnesium, essential minerals to a dog’s body. Magnesium is responsible for strengthening and regeneration of a dog’s muscle. The minerals also help in promoting fluid regulation and sending nerve signals.

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How to Prepare Plantains for Dogs?


If you want to introduce plantains to your dog, you should ensure that they are prepared correctly to be safe to consume. Dogs should not eat raw plantains as they have a high starch content, which is challenging for their bodies to digest. Cooking the fruit will make it easier for them to enjoy.

When preparing plantains, you should ensure that you make them bland. It is essential not to add any ingredients to add flavor as they can be toxic to your dog. Boiling or steaming is the best preparation method. After boiling the fruit, you can peel it off and mash it. We recommend mixing the puree in their regular meals in small portions.

Can Dogs Eat Fried Plantains?

It would be best not to share fried plantains with your furry friend. Though they are not toxic to their health, regular consumption of fried foods can lead to your pooch experiencing several health issues in the future. Fried plantains contain high levels of calories, and nearly a third of it is contributed by oil which is harmful to a dog. Regular consumption of fried plantains by dogs will expose them to heart diseases and obesity.

Are Plantain Peels Safe for Dogs?

Plantain peels are not dog-friendly, thus they should be kept far from your pooch. If your dog accidentally ate plantain peels, you should not panic. Your dog can experience indigestion or vomiting, but nothing fatal will happen. If the symptoms persist and cause too much pain for your dog, you can rush them to a vet.


Plantains offer a variety of health benefits to dogs, and it is perfectly fine to serve them in moderation. However, we recommend not giving them raw or fried plantain as these bear negative effects on your pooch’s health.

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