Can Dogs Eat Pringles? How Bad Is Junk Food?

It is common for dogs to desire a taste of the snacks their owners eat. In turn, you might want to share the snacks and treats you have with your dog, such as Pringles, but are they safe for them?

Pringles are among the top three popularly consumed snacks in the United States. There are various flavors available to choose from, which can be easily purchased in your local grocery store.

This article will answer whether the snack is dog-friendly and discuss more Pringles concerning dogs.

Are Pringles Safe Dor Dogs?

No. It is not recommended to give this snack to your furry friend. Pringles do not add significant nutritional value to your dog’s diet; instead, they cause more harm than good. It will be better for your dog to stick to their regular snacks for overall safety and a healthy lifestyle.

Why Are Pringles Bad For Dogs?


There are several reasons not to share the snack with your dog. They include:

High Sodium Content

Most of the time, during or after eating a handful of tasty Pringles, you might want to have a cold drink to wash it down. This is because of the high sodium content.

In small amounts, sodium is crucial for your dog’s well-being as it assists in keeping their nervous system functioning properly and balancing fluids.

Chips have a higher sodium content than what dogs require. Regular consumption of Pringles by your dog can lead to salt poisoning, which can be fatal in extreme cases.

The first sign you will notice from your dog is extreme thirst. They will drink more water than usual, leading to a swollen abdomen, which is painful when touched. Other symptoms include:

In severe cases of sodium poisoning, your dog can get seizures and tremors. The symptoms can be worse for smaller dog breeds as their bodies might have a lower tolerance than bigger breeds.

If you suspect your dog suffers from salt poisoning, contact a vet immediately.

High-Fat Content

Just as sodium, fat is also a crucial component in a dog’s diet. The fat levels in Pringles are too high for dogs, so you should avoid incorporating the snack into your dog’s diet. Foods with high-fat content are known to cause pancreatitis in dogs.

The pancreas is among the smallest organs in a dog’s body, yet it has an important role. It assists in the digestion process of foods and regulates blood glucose levels. If the organ gets damaged, it will swell and become inflamed, which will cause a lot of pain in your dog.

Symptoms such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, and vomiting are common in dogs suffering from pancreatitis. These symptoms are similar to those of sodium poisoning in dogs. You must, therefore, take your canine to a vet to receive the correct diagnosis when you notice such symptoms.

Canine pancreatitis can result from several reasons other than foods with high-fat content. If your dog is diagnosed with the disease and only ate Pringles a handful of times, they might be admitted for further monitoring to establish the root cause.

Toxic Seasonings

Different flavors of Pringles have different seasonings in them. Salt, garlic, and onion powder are common ingredients when making Pringles. The seasonings are known to be toxic to dogs, and you should stay clear from feeding your pup foods and snacks that contain them.

They can cause severe gastrointestinal issues such as stomach upset and diarrhea. If your dog regularly eats foods with a high amount of garlic and onion powder, they are susceptible to getting anemia. These seasonings damage the red blood cells, making your dog vulnerable to getting the disease.

Other spices and seasonings associated with the disease include chives, scallions, and shallots.

There are various signs that your dog shows when seasonings affect their general health. The first noticeable sign can be irritation in your dog’s mouth. Drooling will also be a visible sign. Your dog will probably feel nauseous and experience abdominal pain.

Luckily the symptoms are not fatal though they can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Contact a vet as soon as possible when you notice such symptoms.

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Can Pringles Kill A Dog?

The snack can be a choking hazard when not appropriately chewed by a dog. If you are not present in such an incident, it can ultimately lead to the demise of your furry friend. Keep Pringles far from a dog’s reach to prevent this from happening.

Besides Pringles being a choking hazard, they can lead to diseases that will change your dog’s quality of life. This can lead to canine depression and, in severe situations- death.

Are There Safe Pringles Flavors for Dogs?

There are many Pringles flavors, and you might wonder if there are any dog-friendly varieties you can offer to your pup. Sadly, there are no flavors that you can offer your dog so that they enjoy the fun and taste that you get from eating Pringles.

All of the flavors have unacceptable toxins that can harm your dog.

Though sharing a chip or two won’t harm your dog, it is best to consider other dog-safe treats. Better safe than sorry!

Dog-Friendly Alternative To Pringles

Since Pringles have been established not to be dog-friendly, other human snacks can be a safer alternative. The most popular snack you can offer to dogs is plain popcorn. Other snacks you can feed your dog include:

Final Thoughts

As much as sharing is caring, you should not share Pringles with your furry friend. The ingredients present in the snack cannot be metabolized by dogs and will put their health at risk. Instead, you can make a homemade snack free from toxins that can affect your dog.

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