Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Imagine this, you are prepping your chicken for dinner, but a piece falls. The first to reach the piece is your canine friend, and it quickly munches it. Is there any need to worry if my dog eats raw chicken?

It is a question many pet owners have, as they have been in such a situation before. You have to keep calm if it happens to you as the situation is not always bad.

This article looks at whether your dog can eat raw chicken and what to expect in such a situation.

Handling Raw Chicken

As a cook, you know how keen you should be when handling raw chicken. The area you are preparing it should be clean to prevent bacterial infestation, mostly from salmonella. The same applies to storage and cooking.

When cooking chicken, a meat thermometer should give you a reading of 165-degrees Fahrenheit before you think about serving it. Raw chicken puts you at the risk of many diseases, which you have to avoid at all costs. The bacteria in poultry can spread to dogs, though it appears uncommon.

If infected, the only solution is to see a veterinary to help in diagnosis and treatment. While dogs can eat chicken, you should be careful if it is raw chicken.

Do Dogs Get Sick from Eating Raw Chicken?

You do not have to worry if the poultry dish in question was well-preserved and prepared correctly. If not properly handled, you may expect some problems after your dog eats it. For pets with a sensitive digestive system, the effects may start showing immediately in the form of vomiting or diarrhea. Others will take up to six hours or more before you notice that they are sick.

Some dogs do not show any results and appear to be okay. The problem is that bacteria can go through the digestive system and come out through the waste. If you do not handle the waste correctly, you may spread the pathogens and put your household at risk of infection.

Book an appointment with the veterinarian if you notice any behavior change after your canine eats uncooked chicken.

What to Do After Your Dog Eats Raw Chicken


Seeing that raw chicken can bring severe issues to your pooch, it is better to keep it away. But what if it ate the meat without you knowing? Here, you have to be very vigilant, checking for any signs of upset that need immediate attention.

Observe your pup for around 2-hours, checking for signs like vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite loss. They indicate a problem with the digestive system due to eating something bad. The upset may settle after some hours. However, if it persists, do not hesitate to reach the vet.

Additionally, handle your dog’s waste carefully to prevent the spread of pathogens. Use gloves and dispose of the waste in the right spot.

Keep away from the dog’s saliva, as it may contain bacteria from the raw chicken. Clean your hands if you touch the saliva or handle your dog after its feasting moment. It is advisable for children, pregnant women, and those ailing to avoid contact with the dog for roughly 48-hours.

The Risk Posed by Chicken Bones

Dogs can eat raw chicken bones with ease as they are soft and easy to break. Cooked chicken bones can be hard and present a choking hazard. The main culprits are bones from the wings, drumsticks, and neck. Your dog may start panting, appearing restless, or trying hard to spit something if such bone is lodged.

If you have such a situation on your hands, it is wise to contact your vet for advice on how to remove it safely. Avoid home remedies, as you may worsen the problem or even get infected.

You can boil the bones to make chicken broth for dogs, which is healthy and will provide fluids for their bodies.

Playing Safe With Raw Chicken for Your Dog

While your dog can eat raw chicken with no side effects, it is better to play it safe and feed them cooked food. Many people argue that cooked chicken bones can splinter, consequently causing a risk of intestinal perforation. While this might happen, the chances are pretty low as dogs have strong teeth.

You may go the extra mile and de-bone the chicken you want to serve your dogs, especially puppies. Some dogs prefer the bones as they become like their chew toys. Replace them with plastic toys that they can use for a long time without causing a mess through careless disposal.

What to Do if Your Dog Prefers Raw Chicken

Feeding your dog raw chicken is not that bad. Some dogs prefer their meat raw, and you will be doing them justice by giving them uncooked poultry. The problem is that dogs are messy eaters, and you will have difficulty cleaning after them.

You also have to be careful with the chicken you serve your dogs. Get it from renowned dealers, who will sell you fresh poultry. Store it in the right way, though it is best to serve it immediately if you can. The risk of bacteria spread comes from the storage part. If you do not nail it, you expect a chicken that is almost going bad and will upset your fuzzy friend’s stomach.

The other thing with serving your dog raw chicken is you will have to forego the kisses. In case the meat had any pathogens, they might quickly spread to you or your family.

While you may save on preparation time by giving your dog raw poultry, the cleaning part and risk of diseases outweigh this benefit.

Alternatives to Raw Chicken for Your Dog

As earlier hinted, feeding raw chicken to your dog comes with many hassles. While it may be healthy, it has some shortcomings that are not worth the effort. You may explore some alternatives that your dog can engage in.

Chicken nuggets for your dog are an excellent way to go, so long as they have zero spices and fats. It is a hearty snack that your pup will enjoy without having to deal with bones.

Also, you may consider going green and giving your canine carrot, mashed pumpkin, watermelon, and fruit chips. They are healthy alternatives that provide various nutrients. To be on the safe side, limit fruit intake to curb sugar problems, such as hyperactivity and diabetes.

Can Dogs Eat Rotten Raw Chicken?

Dogs should not eat raw chicken as it has life-threatening consequences. A healthy dog will, most of the time, avoid spoilt food. A starving dog may chomp on rotten chicken, and it can spell doom. You may notice signs like diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, and loss of appetite. Call a veterinary for immediate attention if your dog eats rotten meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Puppies Eat Raw Chicken?

While puppies can eat raw meat, if it has any issues, the effects will be too much to handle, seeing that their immune systems are still developing. The best thing is to totally avoid giving them raw meat.

Are Raw Chicken Bones Good for My Dog?

Raw chicken bones might have some nutrients for your dog or be a toy to beat boredom. The problem is that they are a choking hazard and may harbor pathogens. Get your canine a suitable alternative, like chicken nuggets, or boil the bones to make broth.

How Do You Deal with a Dog that is Choking on Chicken Bone?

The best way to go when dealing with a choking dog is to call a vet, who will know what to do. Home remedies can help, but may compound the issue if not done properly.

Final Say

Is raw chicken good for my dog? While your dog can eat raw poultry, it is quite unsafe as it may bring about salmonella and other bacterial infections. You may boil the chicken for some time before serving your dog for safety. Other options to consider, include fruit chips, pumpkin, and baby carrots.

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