Can Dogs Eat Sour Patch Kids? Here’s What You Need To Know

You’re munching on your favorite sweet and sour candy while catching up on the latest episode of Bridgerton. You get sucked in by the thrilling entertainment only to realize your pup has gobbled up almost the entire bag.

As you stare into those innocent puppy eyes, you can’t help but wonder if it’s safe for your dog to eat sour patch kids? They offer no nutritional benefits to humans, but how bad are they for your dog?

Like most dog parents, you’ll find it hard to resist feeding your pup a tasty treat on the regular. But can dogs eat sour patch kids? The short answer is no. Read along to find out why it’s not a good idea to feed your dog Sour patch kids.

Are Sour Patch Kids Bad For My Dog?


Sour patch kids are a timeless treat in most households. Sweet and refreshing yet tangy and sour, these candy gummies are a favorite for most people-especially kids. They come in various exciting flavors, including sour patch kids candy corn, sour patch kids cereal, and sour patch kids ice pops.

But, most human snacks aren’t healthy for your furry companion. A significant number are laden with ingredients that are downright unhealthy for them.

Sour patch kids are not the worst thing that your furry friend can chomp down, but they contain ingredients that can harm your pup, such as:

Sugar: Sour patch kids are high in sugar, including corn syrup and fructose. A serving (16 pieces) of sour patch kids is loaded with 26g of sugar. Sugar buildup in your dog’s system can cause gastrointestinal upset, obesity, diabetes, and tooth fractures.

Xylitol: Sugar-free sour patch kids use sugar alcohol (xylitol) to substitute sugar. When your canine eats xylitol, there’s a rapid release of insulin which causes a significant drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia) within 10 to 60 minutes of ingestion. Hypoglycemia is life-threatening, as higher amounts of xylitol can lead to liver failure.

Tartaric and Citric acid: You might wonder if the sour tang of citric acid and tartaric acid that makes your mouth pucker negatively affects your canine companion. After all, any food that spooks your tastebuds with its tart taste cannot fail to affect your dog. Well, your instincts are right! Tartaric acid can cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and kidney failure.

In large quantities, citric acid can cause stomach irritation, seizures, and central nervous system depression. Besides, most canines don’t like the puckery taste of citric acid, even though many pet foods contain a small dose of the acid as a natural preservative. A small amount of citric acid won’t cause any side effects of concern, but you should avoid a citrus binge.

Can I Give My Dog Sour Patch Kids As Occasional Treats?

An occasional treat of one or two sour patch gummies will not kill your pooch. Although this won’t severely affect their health, we recommend feeding your pup healthy dog treats. But if your dog’s taste buds are already tingling with anticipation, keep it at 10 grams. A sour patch gummy is about 2.5 grams, so you can see how a handful of pieces can quickly exceed your pup’s daily sugar allowance.

Also, don’t let this become a habit since pups quickly become accustomed to certain treats and will beg you for them at the slightest chance.

Keep in mind; that the chewy, kid-shaped gummies are especially harmful to diabetic and old dogs. The sugar content in a few pieces is enough to cause hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar). Sugar is the main culprit behind gum infections and cavities in dogs.

So, if your furry friend has poor dental health, giving them candy will only worsen their health.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Sour Patch Gummies?

Your puppy is unlikely to get ill after eating a few pieces of sour patch kids. However, too many and they risk having these symptoms:

My Dog Ate Sour Patch Kids. What Should I Do?

A piece or two of sour patch kids shouldn’t send you into panic mode since they are insufficient to put your Fido down.

But if they gobbled a giant bag of gummies, there’s cause for alarm. Observe their behavior and stool in the next couple of days. If your dog is experiencing difficulty pooping, you must rush them to the vet clinic. They’ll be given a laxative to get rid of the junk in their gut.

If your pup munched on a few pieces of sugar-free sour patch kids, you’d need to watch them for the next few hours. However, if the candies contain any ingredients that are toxic to dogs (such as xylitol), you should call your vet right away.

The best treatment is prevention. Keeping your furry best friend away from sour patch kids in the first place is crucial. Canines are curious eaters, and they tend to munch before they look. So it would be best if you stash your gummy bags away in locked cabinets. Also, discuss healthy treat options for your pup with everyone at home, especially kids.

What Healthy Alternatives Can I Feed My Dog Other Than Sour Patch Kids?

If you want to reward your pup with a sweet treat while keeping them healthy, here are some delicious and nutritious alternatives:

The Bottom line: Should Dogs Eat Sour Patch Kids?

If you were on your wit’s end on whether your four-legged companion should eat sour patch kids, this article has hopefully put you at ease. Even though sour patch kids are not toxic to your pup, they contain plenty of harmful ingredients to their health.

If your dog munches on a piece or two by accident, there’s no cause for alarm. But it would be best if you didn’t purposefully feed them, sour patch kids. Instead, switch to a dog treat that can boost your Fido’s health.

The best way to keep your pup from eating sugary treats is not to feed them any in the first place. If their taste buds are not accustomed to human treats, they won’t be tempted to munch on any.

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