Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish?

You cannot resist Swedish Fish. It is such a delicacy! But is it suitable for your dog? You need to be sure whether popular candy is ideal for your dog. You must understand the implications of your dog consuming specific treats, including Swedish Fish. The following information will help.

Can I Feed My Dog Swedish Fish?

No. Feeding your dog with Swedish Fish is suicidal. While it is a delicious candy, it contains too much sugar for the dog to consume. Excessive sugar consumption exposes your dog to various health complications, including obesity and diabetes.

Swedish Fish has three main ingredients: corn syrup, inverted sugar, and sugar. These elements pose a significant health threat, meaning you must avoid them if your dog is to live long. Sugar is associated with instances of diabetes and obesity.

On the other hand, corn syrup is not toxic in itself. However, you might need to check the contents of the corn syrup. Syrups with xylitol are not an excellent choice, thanks to their ability to increase obesity, diabetes, and constipation. However, corn syrup could be ideal for dogs with hypoglycemia.

Artificial colors and preservatives are also standard in Swedish Fish and could be harmful to your dog. One such additive is Red 40, which is closely linked with cancerous effects.


There is no suitable amount of Swedish Fish to give to your dog. Any small amount of Swedish Fish will likely result in health issues for the dog. Besides, dogs are not genetically designed to consume any form of candy. Exposing them to this delicacy could prove fatal if not taken care of on time.

One Swedish Fish is enough to cause significant health complications for a dog. This candy comes with xylitol, which is a nightmare for dogs. This component causes bloating and diarrhea and could also result in fatality among dogs. You might want to call a vet as soon as the dog consumes it.

There is a chance that your dog will love candy. However, while it is a sweet option, it could expose you to unexpected vet expenses. Vomiting and diarrhea will be constant.

There is no suitable alternative to Swedish Fish except for natural treats. You’ll have to consider treats with no additives and guarantee various health and nutritional benefits.

Effects of Eating Swedish Fish

Expect multiple adverse issues once you feed your pet Swedish Fish. This product results in digestive complications, dehydration, and hyperactivity.

Various digestive issues suffice nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. These symptoms will make your dog significantly uncomfortable. They all contribute to dehydration, meaning that your dog will likely require more than the usual amount of water.

Excessive sugar contributes to hyperactivity. This result means it becomes hard to control your dog in the long run. At the same time, expect dental cavities. Sugar will likely destroy your dog’s teeth if uncontrolled or consumed in excess.

Top Scientific Reasons Why Your Dog Should Not Take Sugar

Sugar is awesome. Or maybe that is what we think. Yet, various scientific studies explain why this is a wrong addition to your dog’s diet. Unfortunately, that is what you get when you feed your dog Swedish Fish. Here are the top reasons why this move is wrong.

High Blood Sugar

Excess sugar in the blood poses the risk of developing type II diabetes. The dog’s pancreas will fail to process sugar, meaning blood sugar and glucose regulation will be a mirage. There will also be excess insulin production, making the cells non-reactive to the insulin.

Metabolic Issues

Sugar is associated with increased insulin secretion, contributing to insulin resistance. This aspect will also see the blood sugar levels rise, damaging the pancreas in the long run. Insulin can significantly affect other hormones in the body, altering the pet’s muscle tone and fat storage. The dog will become less active, obese, and susceptible to various infections.

Weight Gain and Obesity

Refined sugar in Swedish Fish comes with empty calories. This element implies that your dog will gain significant weight within a pretty short period. Excessive weight puts substantial stress on the joints, increases lethargy, and enhances inactivity.

Stomach Upsets

Sugar causes stomach upsets and gastrointestinal issues. Excess sugar will destroy beneficial bacteria in the gut and could cause microbial imbalance, contributing to significant stomach upsets. Your dog will experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as a result.

In addition, excess sugar exposes your dog to high toxicity levels. The theobromine in the Swedish Fish will be significantly problematic for the pet to digest. For this reason, expect increased thirst, restlessness, stomach issues, and blood vessel dilation.


Sugar has adverse effects on the enamel of the dog’s teeth. Excessive exposure to sugar will create dents and cavities in the teeth. This situation worsens if you do not brush your dog’s teeth. This dog will also be susceptible to gum diseases and inflammation.

What to Do When Your Dog Eats Swedish Fish

Prevention is the best way to stop the dog from eating Swedish Fish. In this case, you will need to stow away the candy in locked cabinets. You can also keep them in a lockable pantry. The idea is to minimize access. In addition, you must consider not including any candy or sugar when preparing your dog’s food.

Suppose the dog accesses this candy and takes a small amount. In that case, you will monitor your pet for approximately 24 hours. Note down any substantial changes in its behavior, including watching out for diarrhea, vomiting, and hyperactivity. In extreme cases, you’ll need to consult a vet. An excellent professional will help address the issue and avoid fatality.

Final Say

As long as you want your dog to remain healthy and live long, avoid Swedish Fish and other candies. These candies have excessive sugar content, exposing your dog to various risks, including obesity, diabetes, adverse metabolic problems, and stomach upsets. You will need a medical professional to guide you if your dog eats this candy.

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