Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken?

Do you enjoy putting teriyaki sauce on any food? You might be wondering if your pets can enjoy this Japanese delight with you. Can dogs Have Teriyaki Chicken or other teriyaki foods? Keep reading for the answers!

What’s Teriyaki Chicken?

Teriyaki is a Japanese dish that uses chicken, beef, or pork. Vegetables such as onions or mushrooms can be added to enhance the Teriyaki sauce’s flavor. Teriyaki cookery had seen a rise in popularity since the 1960s. Teriyaki chicken, fish, and beef dishes are still very popular in the USA.

Teriyaki is a Japanese method of cooking that involves marinating ingredients in mirin, soy sauce, and sugar before grilling or baking.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken?


The short answer to this question is NO. Dogs should avoid teriyaki chicken because it contains ingredients that are not healthy for them and can cause serious health problems. While chicken is good for dogs, teriyaki has high amounts of sodium that can be toxic to dogs. It also contains sugar which can lead to obesity, diabetes, and a rise in dental problems.

Garlic is another ingredient in teriyaki, which is potentially dangerous for dogs, causing oxidative damage to red blood cells and hemolytic anemia in dogs.

Some teriyaki chicken recipes used xylitol to replace sugar, which is very toxic to dogs, even in small amounts. Your dog might get vomiting from accidentally eating teriyaki chicken, but most probably, it will recover quickly and be able to eat normally again.

Suppose your dog has been vomiting or experiencing diarrhea for more than 24 hours. In that case, you should bring him to your emergency hospital or vet clinic to determine if any other problems or complications are present.

If your dog accidentally ate teriyaki chicken made with xylitol, you should immediately take him to the veterinarian. Your vet may induce vomiting and possibly give him fluids and activated charcoal.

What Should I Do if my Dog Eats Teriyaki Chicken?

Dogs can experience nausea and vomiting as their stomachs are not used to this type of food. However, they will soon recover if they accidentally eat teriyaki chicken. If your dog has vomiting or diarrhea, after he eats a lot of teriyaki chicken, you should immediately take him to the veterinarian to rule out any other problems.

Terriyaki is unsafe for dogs to consume because it contains many ingredients that are unsafe for dogs to eat, including soy sauce and sugar as well as rice wine and garlic. Teriyaki sauces that do not contain sugar can often contain xylitol which is toxic for dogs.

How to Handle Dogs That Eat Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki sauce is a dangerous condiment for dogs. It should not be fed to your dog, because even a small amount of teriyaki chicken can harm it.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog accidentally eats teriyaki chicken. Your vet will induce vomiting to remove the food from your dog’s system. Your veterinarian may also give activated fluids or charcoal to your dog to prevent dehydration.

Can Teriyaki Chicken Kill Dogs?

Most likely, your dog won’t die from teriyaki chicken. Even though many recipes claim that it contains no harmful ingredients, teriyaki is toxic to pets. Teriyaki chicken is high in garlic and brown sugar, often used in large amounts to enhance the flavor of teriyaki marinades. These condiments are toxic for dogs and can be fatal to them.

Consuming garlic can lead to anemia and even death. Thiosulfate is one of the constituents of garlic, which in dogs prevents hemoglobin from reacting to oxygen. Your dog will love plain chicken. You don’t have to add any additional ingredients like teriyaki to the dog’s food.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Sauce?

Mixing soy sauce, sakemirin (foreign options are wine), sugar, and honey is how you make Teriyaki. After the sauce is reduced to the desired thickness, it can be used to marinate meat, fish, or chicken.

Teriyaki is unsafe for dogs to eat because it contains:

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is made from soybeans, wheat, and salt and is mostly used in Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea. Soy sauce contains a lot of salt, and in large quantities, it can cause poisoning in humans. It is also very toxic for dogs, even if it’s in small amounts.

Soy sauce has a lot of sodium. It is well-known that salt can cause severe health problems in dogs, especially when consumed in large quantities. Salt poisoning can be fatal and very dangerous if there is too much salt in dog food.

Soy sauce is high in amines such as histamine, tyramine, and other amines. Overdosing histamine can cause hazardous side effects. Salt poisoning symptoms for dogs include nausea, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. If left untreated, it can cause injury to the kidneys, seizures, coma, and even death.


Although sugar is not toxic for dogs, too much can cause obesity which can reduce their lifespan and lead to secondary diagnoses such as diabetes and periodontal diseases.

Honey can be used as a sweetener for dogs since it is naturally sweetened and contains small amounts of vitamins or minerals. It is best to limit the amount you give to your Fido and keep it in moderation.


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener, often used to replace sugar. It can cause severe blood sugar drops in dogs within hours and liver failure within days. If your dog accidentally eats teriyaki with this xylitol, take him to an emergency vet immediately. Shock, vomiting, lethargy, collapse seizures, and lack of orientation are some of the signs of xylitol poisoning.

Teriyaki-containing xylitol can be more dangerous than the regular one. If your dog has ingested it, bring it to your vet immediately.


Garlic is a common condiment in teriyaki sauces. It is well-known that garlic is toxic to dogs and causes hemolytic anemia.


Mirin is a rice wine that is similar to sake and is used in Japanese cuisines. Mirin is sweet naturally and does not contain sugar. However, it has a lower alcohol level than sake but a higher sugar ratio. Mirin is sweet naturally and does not contain sugar.

Although a small amount of wine isn’t harmful to dogs, Japanese wine is typically sweeter than regular wine. High-calorie mirin can cause obesity.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Pork?


No. Pork is also a great source of protein that helps the body repair and make new cells to maintain healthy fur, skin, and muscles. However, pork is not the only ingredient in teriyaki pork. This dish also contains teriyaki, which is unhealthy and could cause poisoning in dogs.

Teriyaki contains lots of salt, which in large quantities is toxic to dogs. It also contains sugar, which can cause diabetes, obesity, and periodontal diseases. Teriyaki can also include garlic, which is poisonous for dogs, causing red blood cell damage and hemolytic anemia.

Dogs are more likely to be poisoned by teriyaki sauces made with xylitol than those made with normal sugar. Make sure you check all ingredients. If your dog ate xylitol-containing food, call your vet immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Beef Jerky?

Again NO. As mentioned above, teriyaki contains garlic, which is considered one of the most dangerous foods for dogs. The garlic can cause oxidative damage in red blood cells and hemolytic anemia in dogs.

Teriyaki is high in sodium (salt), which is toxic to dogs. It also contains sugar, which can cause a dog to become overweight, diabetic, or have dental problems.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky made with xylitol is more dangerous than the one that uses normal sugar. Call your vet immediately and bring your dog to an emergency hospital if you think he has eaten teriyaki made with xylitol.

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You shouldn’t feed teriyaki dishes to dogs. You can expect your dog to feel stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea if he accidentally eats some. However, if he continues to have these symptoms, take your dog to the vet.

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