Can Dogs Eat Truffles?

Let’s talk about the edible spores that grow on an underground fungus—truffles! Truffles are often confused for mushrooms, thanks to their shared similarities. These fungi are cultivated and harvested across various parts of the world.

Most dogs and pigs have always sniffled these fungi out due to their sharp sense of smell. In addition, truffles have a hormone called androstanol, also found in male pigs’ saliva. Yet, when trained, your dog will less likely want to eat truffles once sniffled out.

While dogs are excellent hunters for truffles, not everyone is sure whether or not they can eat them. This article explores why your dog should or should not eat these fungi.

What are Truffles and Truffle Oil?

A truffle is an elusive culinary delicacy resembling mushrooms and an edible spore that grows on underground fungi. This spore is categorized under the tuberaceae family alongside other fungi, including Peziza and Geopora. This delicacy offers an earthy, oaty, and meaty flavor, making it an excellent choice for most people.

Truffle oil is made from the residue of truffles and is used to add flavor to food. However, some truffle oils are manufactured aromatic compounds, meaning they are made from various chemicals or compounds.

Can I Feed Truffles to My Dog?

Yes. You can feed truffles to your dog since they are generally healthy and safe. However, you must ensure that the truffles are fresh and not contaminated to protect your dog against unexpected poisoning. Since you are less likely to buy your dog these expensive truffles, your pet will readily consume them during a hunt or any time they access them in the house.

Various types and species of truffles are available. Yet, most of them are harmless. That does not mean you should let your guard down. Ensure that your dog does not eat mushrooms that resemble truffles since some of them can be poisonous. In such instances, you’ll want to involve a vet to help. Immediate attention can help prevent fatality in extreme cases.

Further, dogs can consume natural truffle oil derived from truffles. Yet, you’ll have to give it to your dog in moderation.

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Do Truffles and Truffle Oil Have Health Benefits?

Various health benefits come with truffles and truffle oil. Adding this delicacy to your dog’s typical diet will be wise since it assures you of the following elements.

Antioxidative Properties

Truffles are rich in antioxidants. These compounds help fight various free radicals, preventing oxidative damage to your dog’s cells. This property will help cushion your dog against chronic conditions, including heart disorders and cancer. Notable antioxidants in these truffles include vitamin C, gallic acid, and lycopene. In addition, expect anti-inflammatory properties to help address pain and inflammation.

Antibacterial Properties

Suppose you want to eliminate bacteria, particularly in your dog’s mouth. Then, truffles are an excellent solution. Their antimicrobial properties will help reduce bacteria, ensuring that your dog is significantly healthy in the long run. Remember, its antibacterial properties are so potent that you will not need antibiotics.

Minerals and Vitamins

Truffles are a perfect source of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. These elements will guarantee the growth and development of your dog, including its muscles and immunity. For instance, truffles are rich in magnesium and manganese, which boost energy production and prevent constipation. On the other hand, calcium and phosphorous contribute to strong bones and dental health. Amino acids will ensure that your dog has better skin and fur.

Side Effects of Truffles

While truffles are significantly healthy and safe, you might witness some side effects in some dogs. This delicacy could trigger various allergic reactions and health complications. Here are a few insights into what you’ll likely notice.

Stomach Upsets

Your dog will likely suffer stomach upsets, particularly after overeating truffles. These stomach upsets manifest in different forms, including diarrhea, vomiting, and loose stool. In some cases, the dog will experience significant pain.

Dehydration will also be inevitable in some cases. To avoid some complications, ensure that your dog has access to enough water after consuming truffles.

Skin Issues

Rarely, itchy and irritated skin will be unavoidable due to an allergic response. In such cases, you must treat your dog on time lest it develops sores and infections in the long run.

Kidney Complication

In extreme cases, kidney complications will arise after your dog eats truffles. You could attribute this to the excess protein in truffles which could be so much that it makes it difficult for the kidneys to remove toxins efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Truffles are safe and healthy for your dog. Yet, you must give them out in moderation to avoid the side effects above. In extreme cases, professional assistance from a qualified vet will help.

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