Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers?

Twizzlers! Whenever you think about candy, you will likely wish you had Twizzlers. They are sugary, sweet, affordable, and fit for you, and perhaps this explains why you stock lots of them in your pantry.

But, how suitable will these Twizzlers be for your dog? Various insights explain why dogs can or cannot eat Twizzlers, including the following.

What Are Twizzlers?

Twizzlers are long-shaped pieces of candy made from corn syrup and wheat flour. Other ingredients include sugar, cornstarch, artificial flavor, palm oil, and salt. In addition, citric acid and glycerin are commonly used in making these Twizzlers.

You’ll find Twizzlers in multiple flavors, including strawberry, cherry, licorice, and Hershey’s chocolate. Alternatively, you could consider sugar-free Twizzlers. A breakdown of these flavors will help you understand what they bring to the table.

No study indicates an instant reaction or harm to your pet. However, the contents of these Twizzlers might pose a risk.

There is no specific amount of Twizzlers dogs can eat as these products are not safe for pets, particularly in the long run. As such, it would be best to minimize the number of Twizzlers you can give to your pet. If possible, avoid them altogether.

Strawberry Twizzlers

Strawberry Twizzlers are the most popular choice among candy lovers. This option contains corn syrup, riboflavin, folic acid, wheat flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, and thiamin mononitrate. It also has corn starch, less than 2% of palm oil, citric acid, artificial color red 40, and lecithin.

Strawberry Twizzlers are filled with sugar, which offers little nutritional value. Sugar has short and long-term effects on the dog. In the long run, your dog will likely be overweight and obese, its teeth will also become weaker over time, and gum disease will be inevitable. Conversely, in the short term, your dog will experience significant diarrhea and vomiting.

Twizzlers’ sugary ingredients include dyes, sweeteners, wheat, and corn. Unfortunately, these elements could prove significantly dangerous to your dog. First, they are likely to trigger food allergies in most pets, exposing your dog to various complications, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Corn syrup offers a substantial number of calories, proving harmful to your pet’s health. For instance, suppose you have a 50-pound pet. In that case, this dog will require approximately 700 to 900 calories per day. Yet, the calorie intake from treats should be no more than 10%, meaning about 90 calories. Unfortunately, three Twizzlers deliver over 120 calories, which is dangerous in the long run.

Food allergies often trigger multiple symptoms, including abdominal pain, skin infection, and itching. Hair loss, vomiting, and nausea will also be inevitable. You’ll need to watch out for these signs as soon as your dog consumes the candy.

Hershey’s Chocolate

Suppose you consider the Hershey’s chocolate flavor. In that case, you’ll expose your dog to various toxins in the long run. Chocolate triggers various health issues, including a rapid heart rate, seizures, panting, vomiting, and diarrhea. You’ll also expect increased weight issues and diabetes in the long run.

Licorice Twizzlers

Are they your favorite? Licorice Twizzlers and Strawberry Twizzlers share the same recipe and ingredients. However, there is a slight difference—licorice has licorice extract and artificial color Blue 1. Yet, they pose various health risks, including food allergies and stomach upsets.

Most people will argue that licorice is found in nature and is used to treat swelling and digestive issues. Yet, they forget that this natural substance guarantees no safety for humans and pets. Excessive amounts of licorice in the body expose the dog to imbalances in potassium levels, leading to irregular heartbeats, liver damage, and heart failure.

What Happens When My Dog Eats Twizzlers?

Suppose your pet consumes a small amount of Twizzlers. In that case, you’ll need to monitor it for a few hours. This move will help identify whether the dog has stomach upsets. However, ensure that you contact an experienced and qualified vet if the dog shows significant discomfort.

If your pet eats too many Twizzlers, you should contact this specialist immediately.

Final Thoughts

Twizzlers are not safe for your pet. While they are sweet and savory, they expose your dog to significant health complications in the long run. For this reason, ensure that you minimize or eliminate Twizzlers in your dog’s diet program.

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