Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausages?

Dogs can eat Vienna sausages; however, they are unhealthy as they contain high levels of sodium and fat. Also, the seasoning used to prepare the sausages may contain toxins dangerous to dogs. It will be better for your pooch if you don’t offer the meal.

Should I Worry if My Dog Ate a Vienna Sausage?

Your dog has probably consumed plenty of forbidden foods without your knowledge and is still fine. Your dog having a bite of Vienna sausage will not put them at immediate health risk. You do not need to panic and rush to the vet if there is no sign of an allergic reaction.

Ingredients in Vienna Sausages That are Harmful to Dogs

Vienna sausages are made using different ingredients. Most of these ingredients are harmful to dogs and add no nutritional value. Some of them are:


The sodium content in a can of Vienna sausages is too high for a dog. This can expose them to multiple diseases in the future, such as hypernatremia, a condition where sodium concentration in their blood is high. If hypernatremia is not treated early, your dog can get heart problems and several other health complications.


Since Vienna sausages are processed foods, they contain preservatives, some of which are harmful to canines. Though your dog will not have an immediate reaction, the negative effects of preservatives can be long-lasting.

Fats and Cholesterol

To maintain your dog’s health, the food they consume should be low fat. Vienna sausages are the opposite of this, as they have a high-fat content that can make your dog obese.

Dangerous Flavorings

Garlic and onions are toxic to dogs as they can cause several issues such as lethargy, excessive salivation, and general body weakness. In severe cases, they can cause death.

What Happens After Your Dog Eats Vienna Sausages?


Vienna sausages are made from ground beef or pork, mixed with spices. Though it is a delicious meal for humans, it can expose your furry friend to risks such as:

Behavior Changes

As a new dog owner, the best way to train a dog is by offering treats as a reward. As much as you might think that you are in control, your pooch might have an uncanny way of manipulating you. For example, they may only show more interest when offered a specific food such as Vienna sausage, and this behavior will only worsen as they age.

Also, they may become picky eaters. Your dog being picky on the meals offered can pose a serious problem to their health, as they might not accept to eat the healthier foods that you prepare for them.

Health Issues

These can arise if a dog eats too much Vienna sausages. One health issue associated with the sausages is weight gain. 20% of the meal is made up of fat, making it highly unhealthy for a dog suffering from obesity.

Other health problems your dog may suffer from due to Vienna sausages include:

Sodium Poisoning

A can of Vienna sausages contains about 1400mg of sodium. The sodium content in the meal is too high for dogs, which can expose them to several health issues. If your dog takes too much sodium, they’re likely to get high blood pressure, kidney failure, and osteoarthritis.

Little Nutritional Value

Most processed foods intended to be consumed by humans offer dogs little to no nutritional value. Just because the meal is made from ground beef or pork does not mean the protein and minerals in their unprocessed version are present in the Vienna sausages.

All dogs require a healthy, nutritious meal that can help them generate enough energy. Feeding your dog Vienna sausages will not supplement their protein-based meals; rather, it will expose them to several health issues.

Why Do Dogs Love Vienna Sausages?

Your furry friend can develop a preference for a certain food because of the aroma and taste. Vienna sausages have an attractive smell and a meaty taste that can tempt your dog.

Healthy Alternatives of Vienna Sausages for Dogs

Dogs are omnivorous and will enjoy most meals you love to prepare for yourself. It is important to note that not all meals you make for yourself are healthy for your pooch. If your dog loves Vienna sausages, you can always make a safer alternative that will add nutritional value to their health.

You can prepare for your dog chicken sausages instead, as it has a better nutritional content that will benefit their health. Another food that can satisfy your dog’s palate is green beans; it is nutrient-dense, and your dog might appreciate the meal more than you imagine.

Final Words

Vienna Sausages are good for dogs only as an occasional treat, where there is no alternative. They have been associated with multiple diseases, including obesity and heart diseases; thus, it would be best for your dog to avoid them.

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