Can Dogs Eat Wasabi? Is it Safe?

Dogs are usually thrilled to have anything meaty, including seafood. However, despite their eagerness to try out our dishes, we cannot always let them have their way as they have a delicate stomach.

Today, we will look at whether dogs can have wasabi, a paste often served alongside sushi.

Is Wasabi Safe for Your Dog

If sushi is a typical diet in your home, you’ve probably shared a piece or two with your pup. Most dogs who have had sushi tend to like it due to its great taste. The dish also provides excellent nutritional value as it is a rich source of proteins. However, the same cannot be said of its condiment, wasabi.

What is Wasabi?

Also known as Japanese horseradish, it is a plant from the family Brassicaceae. The plant’s ground rhizome is grated and then made into a paste to make the condiment wasabi.

Wasabi’s flavoring can be very spicy and aromatic, mainly stimulating the nose. Unlike condiments like pepper which linger for some time, wasabi’s hot burning sensation disappears as soon as it starts. This stirs up excitement and anticipation every time you want to bite your food.

The condiment is especially suitable for sushi due to its anti-bacterial effect that helps fight against bacteria and its pleasant and refreshing aroma.

While humans find its taste delightful and health benefits valuable, it is not advisable to feed it to dogs. The condiment tends to irritate their mouths and digestive tracts.

A tiny amount may have little to no effect. Your dog consuming a whole lump is where the problem lies.

What Happens When Your Dogs Eats Wasabi?


After eating wasabi, after effects tend to come by pretty fast. Your dog may start rubbing their snout against any surface they come across, including the floor. They may even use their paws to rub it, hoping to get rid of the burning sensation. If there’s some water in their bowl, your dog will drink it so as to cool down their tongues.

Other reactions include incessant pacing, running around, sneezing, licking of lips, and drooling. Luckily, just like in humans, the burning sensation will soon go away. The real problem lies afterward when they experience a stomach upset. This results in diarrhea, vomit, or they become sickly.

Do you Need to Consult a Vet When Your Dog Eats Wasabi?

It depends. If they only consume it in small amounts, there is no need to. You can give them some water and observe their behavior. They may vomit or have diarrhea for a day or two, and then everything is back to normal.

However, if the reactions mentioned above go on for a prolonged period, get in touch with a vet.

What About Wasabi Snacks?

Other than making a condiment, wasabi is used to make various snacks, including potato chips, green mame peas, and KitKat. You can pass along some of these snacks to your furry friend.

We wouldn’t, however, advise on it becoming a frequent treat. If you can, altogether avoid giving them to your dog. Though the snacks do not result in a burning sensation, your dog may still experience diarrhea or vomit.

Final Words

Spicy foods are a no-no to your pup, and wasabi is no exemption. Compared to humans, dogs have more sensitive stomachs; thus, consuming spices leads to stomach upsets. It may also burn their mouths and cause gas and bloating.

Keep wasabi away from your dog to be on the safe side. Safely store it in the fridge or on a high shelf. If there are leftovers, dispose of them so that your dog cannot gain access. Also, avoid feeding it shrimp that has been in contact with wasabi.

In case your dog somehow manages to consume the condiment, despite all your efforts, give it some water and pay close attention. If the after-effects of consuming wasabi persist for more than two days, pay a visit to your vet.

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