Can Dogs Have Canola Oil?

Canola oil is considered among the healthiest oils you can use to prepare your meals. It has a few saturated fats in comparison to other oils sold within the US. This translates to lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart.

While preparing your dog food, you may wonder if your pup can also derive the same benefits from canola oil. The answer is yes or maybe.

There has been a never-ending controversy on this. While some vouch for it while others criticize it. We will look at both the advantages and disadvantages of dogs having canola oil, to understand where this disagreement comes from.

Advantages Of Canola Oil To Dogs


Just like it is to humans, canola oil is also healthy for dogs. It contains:

  • Low Saturated fats – This reduces the risk of obesity and heart-related ailments. Instead, it contains mono-saturated fats such as Oleic acids, which boost a dog’s immunity.
  • Antioxidants – Canola oil contains polyphenols which are rich in antioxidants. This helps protects your dog’s body from damage by free radicals.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – The oil has significant amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acids responsible for reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, bone fractures, and type-2 diabetes. Also, they promote a healthy coat.
  • Vitamin K – It enables proper blood coagulation and metabolizes calcium into the bones

Disadvantages Of Canola Oils To Dogs

Though these are yet to be scientifically proven, there are several concerns about canola oil. They include:

  • It is high in erucic acids – This acid can cause heart problems when taken in large amounts.
  • It lacks vitamin E – Most vegetable oils are rich in this vitamin which is essential in boosting a dog’s overall health.
  • Contains contaminants and unhealthy additives – Compared to other vegetable oils such as olive oil, canola oil is more processed. The oil also comes from genetically modified plants. As a result, plenty of remnant solvents, deodorizers, and bleach are used.

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Our Verdict

Canola oil is safe for your dog. It comes with plenty of health benefits that are great for your pup. On the negative, the contents mentioned above are not yet proven to have an impact on dogs.

Besides, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approves the oil for use, stating that it does not contain any harmful health effects to humans. What’s more, gives it a clean bill of health for your pet.

Thus, most criticisms you may come across are based on personal opinion rather than proven hard facts.

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