Can Dogs Have Dried Pineapple?

Dried pineapple is a delicious and nutrient-rich treat for us humans, but can dogs have dried pineapple too?

The short answer to this common question asked by dog parents is – no.

Even though fresh pineapple is a healthy and safe fruit to give to your pup in small quantities and from time to time, dried pineapple has a very high concentration of sugar, which makes it unsuitable for canines. The reason is that it can lead to blood sugar level spikes and digestive problems such as diarrhea. Too much sugar can also lead to weight gain and tooth problems.

Can I Give My Dog Frozen Pineapple?

Small chunks of frozen pineapple can be an excellent cooling treat for your furbaby, especially in the hot summer. The frozen tropical fruit maintains all its essential nutrients, which can benefit your pup’s health. Even more, the freezing temperatures will destroy any pathogens or pollutants the fruit may contain. Make sure that there is no added sugar, Xylitol, or other artificial sweeteners to the frozen pineapple before feeding it to your dog.

Are There Health Benefits of Giving Dried Pineapple to My Dog?

Dried pineapple has a much higher concentration of beneficial nutrients than the same amount of fresh pineapple. But because it is dehydrated and condensed into a smaller size, it also contains much more sugar than the same amount of fresh pineapple. The smaller size often poses a problem with portion control.

So, while your dog can benefit from these nutrients, the risk of consuming so much sugar and the consequences from it may outweigh the advantages.

We recommend that you stick to fresh or frozen pineapple when choosing a healthy treat for your four-legged companion.

Is Fresh Pineapple Good For Dogs?

Fresh pineapple is safe for canines when given in moderation and prepped and served properly.

This tropical tangy and sweet fruit is packed with vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, thiamin, copper, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, iron, antioxidants, and bromelain.

It is also highly efficient for resolving the unpleasant habit of coprophagia (the pup eating its own poop).

But, remember to peel the pineapple and chop it into small chunks before serving it to your furbaby to avoid the risk of choking or obstruction.

Also, give your pet only small amounts and occasionally, because, like other fruits, pineapple contains sugar too.

If you are giving your furry companion fresh pineapple for the first time, start with a tiny amount and watch it for any adverse reactions.

Can Eating Dried Pineapple Harm My Dog?

One or two pieces of dried pineapple are not likely to do any harm to your pup. But eating large quantities can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, tooth problems, and weight gain. Obesity is dangerous for dogs as it can cause many health and mobility issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pains, and others. Research shows that obesity can shorten the lifespan of canines by 2.5 years!

If you want to reward your beloved pet with some delicious pineapple, then opt for some fresh or frozen one instead.

Can I Give Dried Pineapple To My Diabetic Dog?

No, you should choose some healthier options if your dog has diabetes.

The high sugar content in the dried pineapple can lead to spikes in the blood glucose levels, leading to unpleasant and dangerous adverse effects in diabetic dogs.

Always consult with your veterinarian before adding new types of food, especially human food, to your dog’s diet.

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