Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

Cookies are a perfect way to start or end your day. Snacking on these cookies is a sure way to boost your energy and get various nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and fiber. Notably, Fig Newtons are a popular choice among many, offering an unmatched savoriness, making it an ideal selection for any household. You’ll likely find it stocked up somewhere in the pantry.

However, the biggest question is whether these cookies are safe, healthy, or suitable for your dog. The following information will help explain this issue, ensuring that you understand how to handle your dog once it eats Fig Newtons.

Are Fig Newtons Safe For Dogs?

Fig Newtons are an excellent treat for your dog. They have proven non-toxic, meaning they are safe and healthy for your pet. However, that does not mean you should feed multiple Fig Newtons to your dog. Instead, moderation should be the way to go. That is because Fig Newtons contain sugars, wheat, and salt that might harm your pet’s health.

Fig Newtons contain lots of harmful ingredients. Whole wheat, corn syrup, and sugar are high in calories, and excessive consumption of these elements contributes to significant weight increases, including obesity. They could also expose the dog to diabetes in the long run. For this reason, you might need to refrain from including Fig Newtons in your dog’s everyday diet.

Various other ingredients in Fig Newtons are worth avoiding. For instance, hydrogenated cottonseed oil creates trans-fats that can increase bad cholesterol. Artificial flavors and preservatives could also prove scary. One common preservative is sulfur dioxide, which is associated with causing vitamin B1 deficiency among dogs. This issue could be fatal.

There is no specific amount of Fig Newtons to feed to your dog. Yet, typically, you can only give them out as infrequent treats. It is the only way to avoid obesity and diabetes. Such limited consumption will also help promote the health of your dog. One or two sleeves of Fig Newtons will be enough for your dog. Yet, this has to be occasional to avoid overweight issues.

Fig Newtons offer substantial health benefits. They are rich in fiber, which is vital for enhanced digestion and gut health. It also has several vitamins, protein, and minerals central to excellent muscle development and robust immunity. It also has iron and potassium, which help boost dental health and bone density.

My Dog Ate An Entire Sleeve of Newton Figs. Will It Be Fine?

Generally, Newton Figs are suitable for your dog in small quantities. A single sleeve will hardly affect your dog. You could consider it as an occasional treat to make your dog happy. For this reason, your dog will be fine if it ate one or two Newton Figs.

However, you’ll need to be extremely careful with a dog that eats multiple sleeves of Newton Figs. Excessive consumption of these cookies will make your dog sick. The preservatives and artificial flavors in the cookies will instantly react with the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, expect diarrhea and vomiting.

Suppose your dog has diabetes already. In that case, you might need to engage a professional vet for a perfect solution. In some cases, exposing your diabetic dog to excessive sugar and other harmful ingredients could make it susceptible to death.

At the same time, you might want to check the packaging of your Fig Newtons. Some dogs will likely eat this plastic packaging, exposing themselves to significant health issues. Plastic could cause intestinal blockage. This issue requires the services of a vet, including surgery in extreme cases.

How to Prevent Dogs From Eating Fig Newtons

Various preventive measures will ensure that your dog is safe and healthy. Preventing your dog from eating excessive Fig Newtons will cushion it against diabetes, obesity, and gastrointestinal issues. You’ll need to embrace a few steps to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Training your dog to avoid Fig Newtons from the onset will be an excellent investment. Ensure that the dog understands that this snack is not suitable for them. Saying no to them will help avoid complications in the long run. Depending on personal preferences, you use either positive or negative reinforcement during the training.

If you have children, you’ll need to tell them not to give Fig Newtons to dogs. You could teach them about the adverse effects of the move, ensuring that they become central to protecting the dog’s health.

Further, consider pet-proofing your house. This move will help

minimize the dog’s access to various harmful products, including Fig Newtons. Keep your Fig Newtons in lockable cabinets, ensuring the dog does not reach them. In addition, refrain from leaving these snacks on open surfaces.

Despite taking all the preventive measures above, your dog might still access Fig Newtons. In such cases, you’ll monitor its health or physiological changes, taking necessary steps if something seems wrong. You’ll have to watch out for diarrhea and vomiting, which could indicate poisoning, which you must address instantly. In extreme cases, contact a vet to offer insights into the problem. This step could help avoid fatality in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you are unsure about giving your dog Fig Newtons. They are safe and can offer substantial nutritional value. However, they are not the best. The insights above indicate why you must avoid giving your dog these Fig Newtons. You also understand when and how to feed your pet with this snack.

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