Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup is arguably the best accompaniment for pancakes you could ever try. Its silky smooth texture and powerful flavor take any food you pair it to the next level. While enjoying your maple syrup, it might have crossed your mind whether you can share it with your dog.

Is Maple Syrup Safe for Dogs?

Yes, it is. You might actually find that your dog quite enjoys its sweet taste. However, be careful when giving it to your dog. Do not make maple syrup an everyday thing in their diet.

Maple syrup doesn’t have many nutritional benefits for dogs. Pure maple syrup has fewer sugars and might be safer for your pup. However, most of the syrup we find in our grocery stores is just sugar.

It has other nutritional benefits like vitamins and some amino acids. These can boost your dog’s immunity, helping with the development of bones. It can also help give them energy, especially for dogs that don’t move much.

However, the syrup doesn’t contain any proteins and fat, which are essential in your dog’s diet. Maple syrup is, therefore, better treated as a treat for your furry friend. Give it to them once in a while if you must, but try as much as possible to avoid it.

Dangers of Maple Syrup for Dogs


You have to be careful about how you feed your dog this syrup. Giving it to them in the form of baked goods is dangerous for your friend. Baked goods, such as pastries can contain xylitol- an artificial sweetener.

This sweetener is toxic to dogs, whereby it can cause life-threatening low blood sugar. It might also cause liver failure and seizures. A dog’s reaction to xylitol can be right away or take up to 12 hours. Never feed your dog any pastry or candy that contains xylitol. Contact your vet if your dog eats even a small amount.

Another danger of feeding your dog maple syrup is that it exposes them to gastrointestinal problems. Some dogs are not used to eating sweet foods. Look out for symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain.

Obesity is also another possible danger of dogs eating maple syrup. Continuous ingestion of the syrup leads to a buildup of its sugars. Obese dogs can suffer from multiple joint problems. The syrup may also make them vulnerable to diabetes and other weight-related conditions.

Some dogs might also be allergic to maple syrup. While this is not common, you need to monitor your dog. Begin serving them in smaller portions to see their reactions. Stop feeding them immediately if you see a bad reaction.

A Safe Way of Feeding Your Dog Maple Syrup

If your dog likes sweet food and maple syrup specifically, you can feed them a little in their food. Pour some syrup on their plate or their treats. It is a great way of flavoring their food and might encourage fussy eaters.

Do not feed your dog any treats with maple flavoring. Add a few drops to their regular food or treats to prevent xylitol poisoning. Also, do not make maple syrup a staple in their diet.

How Much Maple Syrup Can a Dog Eat?

It is best to stay away from maple syrup altogether. However, only give your dog a few licks if you still want to include syrup in your dog’s diet. This is more than enough and will not have any negative effects. Once or twice a week is the best way to go with maple syrup in your dog’s diet. You can leave it at that or increase it to a few more times, just do not make it an everyday thing.


Maple syrup is safe for dogs to eat. However, be moderate with it as it contains high amounts of sugar. Limit your dog’s exposure to one or two licks a day.

Look out for any reactions, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or drooling. Additionally, ensure your dog doesn’t have a maple syrup allergy if you choose to feed it the syrup.

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