Can Dogs Have Tomato Soup?

Dogs are common in many households all over the world. They are part of the family, and even though they have their own food, there are always leftovers from the table that end up in the hands of man’s best friend. Dogs can eat some human food, but not all.

Can dogs eat tomato soup? The short answer is NO.

Although dogs can eat ripe tomatoes in small quantities, tomato soups often contain non-dog-friendly ingredients such as onion and garlic. Garlic and onions contain an ingredient that can cause anemia in dogs, damaging their red blood cells.

However, a few simple changes to any recipe can create a tasty soup that your dog will love.

Is Tomato Soup Safe for Dogs?

Your dog should not be able to eat tomato soup by itself. Different recipes have different ingredients and can sometimes be toxic for your dog, making it difficult to give a general answer. Before you give your dog a bite, read the ingredient labels.

Onions, garlic, and salt are the main culprits to be aware of, and you should avoid all of these substances.

You can make your own tomato soup if you are determined to give it to your dog. This way, you can ensure your dog doesn’t get any ingredients that aren’t compatible with their taste buds.

What to Avoid When Cooking for Your Dog?

There are many foods that are good and bad for dogs.

This is a brief list of ingredients that should not be used in soups for dogs.

Salt can taste great to humans but can cause kidney damage, vomiting, diarrhea, and even death in dogs.

Although onions are a popular vegetable among humans, they can be toxic to dogs.

As with onions, red blood cells are also affected by garlic which can also cause gastroenteritis in your dog’s digestive system.

Dogs can eat small quantities of red tomatoes. However, unripe tomatoes and stems are very dangerous.

Boiling bones can make a nutritious broth that you can use to base all types of soups.

Giving your dog these cooked bones may seem tempting, but it is not a good idea because they become brittle and can cause damage to the dog’s stomach and throat.

Avocados are very dangerous for dogs.

Dogs should avoid eating flesh, skin, and pit because they contain a chemical that can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Is Tomato Soup Healthy for Dogs?


Some vitamins and minerals found in tomato soup are good for dogs, including vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. There aren’t enough vitamins and minerals in tomato soup to make a significant difference in your dog’s health.

You can use tomato soup to hydrate your dog. However, your dog will be much happier consuming water than tomato soup. So it is not worth sharing your soup just for that reason.

Overall, tomato soup can be dangerous and probably not good for your dog.

How to Make Dog-Safe Tomato Soup?

Although tomato soup might not be the best choice for your dog’s health, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t enjoy their own soup. It’s up to you to make it.

To make tomato soup for your dog, combine tomatoes, pumpkin purée, and sodium-free chicken broth. Bring them to a boil, and allow them to cool down before you give the soup to your dog. Pumpkin is high in fiber so it is an excellent choice for dogs with a clogged digestive system.

Another soup you can make for your dog is chicken soup. Boil the chicken and add carrots, celery, and any other vegetables your dog likes. Although you can add noodles to the stock, you may prefer to give your dog more vegetables or a higher protein source. You can leave out the chicken and make it a vegetable soup.

Beef stew is a favorite of dogs. You can make your own dog-friendly version by following these steps. You will need beef cubes, your vegetables, and some chopped tomatoes. Once it’s all done, put it in a Crockpot. Let it simmer until it becomes tender.

More Simple Ideas for Dog-Safe Soups

It’s okay to give your pet a treat. Soup is a great option if you need to warm them up on a colder day.

Dogs can be upset by new foods if they are given too much. So, limit the amount of soup you give to your dog and watch how they respond.

Tomato Soup

Combine tomatoes, pumpkin puree, and a dog-friendly broth. Stir them in a pot. Although it may sound strange, the pumpkin is full of healthy fiber that your dog will need.

Chicken Noodle Soup

The simple stock of boiled chicken, carrots, and celery, combined with any type of store-bought noodles, is the perfect treat for your furry friend when it’s cold outside.

Vegetable Soup

Dogs are naturally omnivores and will eat vegetables for a healthy snack. Mix any combination of dog-friendly vegetables in a pot. Let simmer until soft.

Peanut Soup

Peanut soup might sound odd to some, but it is a real thing that can be easily modified to make it dog-safe.

In a large pot, combine unsalted peanut butter, dog-friendly vegetable stock, collard greens, and ripe tomatoes. Allow it to simmer for a while and then add brown rice if you prefer.

Beef Stew

Place beef cubes and carrots, celery, water, and chopped tomato in a crockpot. Let it simmer for about an hour or until the meat becomes tender.

Use Dog-Friendly Soup Ingredients

You can provide your dog with nutrients and other health benefits from fresh fruits and vegetables. These ingredients could be used in dog-friendly soups.

When cooking for your dog, you can use ripe tomatoes. Although there are some disagreements about the safety and health of tomatoes, as long as they’re ripe, and no stems or leaves are added to your cooking, they’re safe.

Pumpkin is high in fiber and vitamins that your dog needs to be healthy. Dogs seem to love the pumpkin taste.

Celery is also rich in fiber, which will help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy and, in addition, will freshen their breath.

Carrots are great for dogs because they provide vitamin A. They also taste great in soup.

Dogs can eat all kinds of peas. Peas are mildly sweet and rich in vitamins.

Cucumbers make a great treat for dogs. Cucumbers are low in carbohydrates, oils, and fats, and high in vitamins and minerals, and can increase your dog’s energy level.

Here are the Downsides to Cooking for your Pet

While the homemade soup is great for dogs, it should not be their only meal. Dogs must eat a certain amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

It can be difficult to create the right ratios at home. Dogs who eat homemade food often need to supplement what they don’t get from their diet.

To ensure your dog’s health, you should consult a veterinarian before taking on the task of making your own dog food.

Cooking for your dog takes time and money. If you cannot dedicate the time each day, it is best to buy store-bought food.

So What is the Verdict? Is Tomato Soup Safe for Dogs?

Although tomato soup isn’t necessarily dangerous for dogs, it may contain ingredients that can be toxic to them, such as garlic, salt, and onions. Before giving your dog your tomato soup, make sure you read the ingredients.

Even if the homemade tomato soup is safe, it’s not a good idea to give it to your pet. You can convince your dog to have something better.

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