Cavapoo Mixed Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, & Facts

The Cavapoo is among the many crossbreeds with a Poodle as one parent, including the Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, Maltipoos, and many more Poodle mixes. This particular one is a mix with a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The sweet Cavapoos are playful, curious, and outgoing pups that want the attention they can get and are great family dogs.

The Cavapoo will gladly snuggle next to you or on your lap and spend time playing and running outside as well.

Please, check your local shelters and rescue centers or the online resources for Cavapoos, which are up to adoption before buying a dog from this crossbreed.

Read on to find out more about the fantastic Cavapoo.

The characteristics of the Cavapoo


Adaptability to apartment living

They adapt reasonably well to apartment living, provided that they are taking on regular long walks and are given the physical and mental stimulation they need. But they can resort to barking and destructive behavior if left alone when not trained properly.

Suitability for newbie dog owners

They are smart dogs that are eager to please and are suitable for first-time dog owners who use the right positive reinforcement methods and praise and reward the dog for good behavior.


They have average sensitivity and can usually adjust easily to all types of families and home setups.

Tolerating being left alone

No, they are prone to separation anxiety and like to spend as much time with their humans as possible, making them none tolerant to being left alone for long.

Tolerating cold weather

They have curly and thick coats, which can help protect them from the cold but should not be left outdoors for long when the temperatures are low.

Tolerating hot weather

Cavapoos are not as good with hot weather as with cold temperatures. You should limit the time they spend outdoors in the hottest hours of the day and provide your pup with fresh water, shade, and a cool place to relax during the summer.



Attachment to family

They create a very strong bond with their owners and the whole family. Some are even considered “Velcro dogs,” so you can expect your pup to become attached to the hip over time.

Children friendliness

They are playful and friendly with children but are not suitable for families with very young kids who do not know how to safely interact with such small and fragile dogs.

Dog friendliness

Cavapoos are friendly towards other dogs, especially when they have been socialized from an early age.

Stranger friendliness

They are friendly to just about anyone, which makes them highly sociable dogs but bad guard dogs.

Overall health and grooming requirements


They are usually low or non-shedding, which is why people with pet allergies prefer them.


They are not prone to drooling at all.


They are relatively easy to groom and require weekly brushing, monthly nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and regular inspections for any sores, insect bites, and other abnormalities.

Overall health

They are healthy pups but can be prone to some inherited conditions, which are typical for Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Weight gain potential

They can easily become overweight or obese if left without enough exercise and when overfed.


They are small to medium-sized, depending on whether their Poodle parent is Standard, Miniature, or Toy sized.


Ease of training

They are smart pups who are eager to please and love being praised, so they will learn quickly with positive reinforcement.


They are very intelligent dogs.


While puppies can nip and bite in a playful manner when they are young, Cavapoos are not among the mouthiest dogs.

Prey Drive

They have a standard prey drive and can run after something or someone that interests them, so make sure you always have your dog properly leashed or confined in your yard with a secure fence.


They do not bark a lot but can begin barking and howling if left alone when they are not trained to refrain from this type of destructive behavior.

The impulse to roam and wander off

They have an average wanderlust potential, so you should always keep your dog under control and teach it all of the basic commands, including “here,” “stay,” and others.

Physical and exercise needs


Energy levels

They are playful and active but being small dogs, Cavapoos are not overly energetic.


Although they need daily walks and playtime, Cavapoos can easily adjust to all types of lifestyles and can learn to become lapdogs and even couch potatoes.

Exercise requirements

They will stay well and healthy when provided with enough walks and activities, but they do not require vigorous exercise and are suitable for all types of owners, not just active ones.


They are very playful and outgoing pups.


Temperament: playful, curious, and outgoing

Height at the shoulder: 9-14 inches

Weight: 9-25 lbs.

Life expectancy: 12-15 years

Breed group: mixed dog breed

About the breed

Cavapoos are mixed dogs that are bred from purebred Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s parents. They are among the many Poodle mixes which started being bred intentionally in the 1990s in a quest to create the perfect hypoallergenic companion dogs.

The coats of the Cavapoos can vary in type or color depending on which traits they have inherited from each of their parents. The coats can be wavy or curly, short and soft, and are usually cream, chestnut, gold, fawn, white, or sometimes white and chestnut and even tri-colored.
They are considered non-shedding or low shedding dogs, which makes them preferred pets for owners with pet allergies.

These fun-loving pups will bond with all members of the family and will happily play and romp around with children who are instructed and aware of how to handle and interact safely with such small-sized dogs.


While there may have been some incidental mixes of the two popular breeds in the past, breeders only began breeding Cavapoos intentionally in the late 1990s with the idea to create a dog suitable for people with pet allergies. Today, like most other Poodle mixes, the Cavapoos have become popular dogs for all types of owners.

Even though they are from the so-called “designer breeds,” some Cavapoos do end up in shelters and are in need of adoption, so make sure you check for a dog in need of a home before buying one.


There is no set standard for the Cavapoos, and their size can vary, depending on whether their Poodle parent is Standard, Miniature, or Toy sized.

The usual size of a Cavapoo is about 9-14 inches at the shoulder, and you can expect a pup from this mixed breed to weigh from 9 to 25 lbs.


Thanks to their winning and agreeable personalities, Cavapoos have become sought-after family pets and companion dogs for all types of owners.

They are playful and affectionate but do not do very well when left alone for long, so these pups are not suitable for owners who are out of home and travel a lot because they are prone to separation anxiety.

The Cavapoos are very smart dogs, which are easy to train, eager to please, and will do everything to receive your praise and validation.

Some of these dogs tend to turn into “Velcro dogs,” so you can expect your pup to follow you around just about everywhere you go.

It is essential to train and socialize dogs from this mixed breed properly and from an early age to prevent the destructive behavior which can arise as a result of separation anxiety.

They are friendly dogs, so don’t expect your Cavapoo to be a guard dog.

They require all the attention they can get, making the Cavapoos excellent companion dogs for elderly owners and for people who prefer spending more time at home or owners who are ready to provide them with the attention they need.


Like all dogs, Cavapoos tend to be more predisposed to some health issues than others. They can be affected by some inherited conditions which affect their purebred parents as well.

While overall, the Cavapoo tends to be a happy and healthy dog, you should look out for symptoms and seek early treatment for any of the following common health issues which plague the Poodles and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Exercise and care


Cavapoos are playful and fun-loving little dogs and require about 30-35 minute walks every day, but the intensity and length of each walk should be adjusted to the size, age, and activity level of each pup.

They will also enjoy playing fetch and engaging in other sports and activities with their families, including hiking, running, and others.

When left without enough physical exercise and if they are being overfed or fed with the wrong type of food, these cute mixed-breed dogs can easily become overweight and even obese.

This is something that should be avoided at all costs because obesity in dogs can cause problems with the joints, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other problems which can shorten their lifespans.


It is recommended that you feed your Cavapoo with good quality dog food that is formulated for small to medium-sized dogs and which is appropriate for the pup’s age.

Younger and more active dogs require more calories than older and more sedentary ones, so make sure that you adjust the food quantities depending on your dog’s age, weight, activity level, metabolism, overall health, and the quality of the dog food.

If offering your dog treats and snacks, make sure that you calculate their caloric value to be up to no more than 10% of their daily recommended food intake.

Speak to your veterinarian if you have questions about your dog’s weight and diet.


The coat of the Cavapoo is usually soft and short but can be curly or slightly wavy. The coat colors are usually solid, but in some cases, they can be two or even tri-colored.

Thanks to the low shedding traits they usually inherit from their Poodle parents, Cavapoos are considered none or low shedding, hypoallergenic dogs.

This doesn’t mean that they do not require grooming and maintenance, though.

You should brush the coat of your Cavapoo at least once a week and brush its teeth and gums every day or several times a week. The nails of your pup also need to be trimmed, and you should regularly check and clean its ears from dirt and look for signs of ear infections.

Living with other pets and children

Since these pups are relatively small, they can easily be injured accidentally by children who like rough games. It is essential to teach your kids how to safely handle the pup and interact with it.

Also, always supervise your children when they are playing with the dog.

Overall, the Cavapoo is an excellent playmate for kids that are old enough to understand how to play with them safely.

They can get along with other dogs and pets when socialized properly and when introduced slowly and gradually.

Rescue shelters and groups

Since Cavapoos are not as popular as their purebred parents, they are not so commonly found put up for adoption at rescue centers and shelters.

Still, before buying a dog, you can check these rescue centers or the Poodle or Cavalier specific rescues and groups to see if there is a Cavapoo looking for a forever home.

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