Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth?

We all love some good chicken broth for those cold winter nights. It can even be comfort food. While enjoying some hot chicken broth, you might have wondered if you can share some with your canine best friend. This begs the question, can dogs eat chicken broth?

Before answering this question, you must first determine whether dogs can eat chicken or not. This is important as it helps you know if your dog can handle chicken-based foods.

Dogs can eat chicken as long as it is prepared correctly. This brings us to our main question: what about chicken broth?

Chicken broth is not just healthy for us; it is a good way to get your pup some necessary vitamins. It is a great nutrition source for dogs, and it has veterinarian approval.

However, exercise caution when choosing brands. You must select one without harmful ingredients, but more on this later.

Is Chicken Broth Safe for Dogs?

Chicken, in general, is beneficial to dogs. However, you have to be careful when feeding your dog raw chicken. This is because raw chicken can result in several health issues, such as salmonella and other infections.

Regarding chicken broth, caution is the name of the game. The ingredients used in preparing the broth play a big part. Dogs are sensitive to most spices, sauces, and other condiments. For example, feeding your dog chicken broth with onions might be toxic.

Chicken broth can also harm your beloved pet if you use frozen chicken with many chemical preservatives. It might also be dangerous to them because of the high sodium content in most broth recipes or pre-made broths.

Best Ways to Prepare Chicken Broth


Just because you must be more alert when preparing chicken broth doesn’t mean your canine should miss out on this delicious meal. There are multiple ways to prepare the chicken broth for your dog to enjoy.

These include:

Homemade Dog Treats

You might be used to giving regular, commercial dog treats to your pup. However, most of these treats are full of artificial dyes and preservatives that are not nutritional. You can replace these unhealthy foods with a nice bowl of chicken broth.

Use the broth to make several homemade treats and don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen. Remember, however, to stay away from harmful ingredients.

You can also serve your dog chicken nuggets every once in a while to spice up their treats. Ensure the nuggets are dog-friendly and don’t contain any toxic substances.

Appetite Booster

Dogs can get bored with a monotonous diet. Others are naturally picky eaters because of their genetics. Chicken broth can come to your rescue in these circumstances. The aroma and flavor of chicken can excite even the pickiest of eaters.

Mix some chicken broth with their regular food to add more taste. There are even claims that the broth assists dogs with digestive issues, such as constipation and diarrhea.

As a treat for finishing their food, feed your dogs chicken bones. This will give them something to gnaw on, and keep them busy and delighted.

Soothe an Upset Stomach

If your dog is sick or has a stomach upset, it will probably be less inclined to eat. It might have the flu or recover from a prolonged illness that took away its appetite. Going for a long time without eating can result in malnutrition. One way to avoid malnutrition is by feeding them chicken broth.

This is easier on their stomachs than solid foods they may be unable to digest. Make it as plain as possible; just give them some good old chicken broth without salt or other additives. This makes it easier on their stomachs even when they throw up.

Chicken Broth Sicles

Create fun popsicles for those hot summer days. Freeze the liquid in popsicle molds and use them to beat the heat. To add more nutrients, you can combine the broth with some vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers.

Chicken Pie Dinner

Kick your dog’s diet up a notch by creating pup-friendly chicken pot pies. Chicken broth is a major ingredient in making these pies; you can also add a few chicken pieces for a protein boost.

Puppy PB Bars

This is one dog treat you can be sure your pup would love. Use some oats, chicken broth, peanut butter, water, and cinnamon to create the perfect baked snacks. Feed these to your dog as a treat or use them as a token of appreciation for good behavior or completing training. Ensure you use low-sodium chicken broth and ingredients when making them.


Chicken broth contains amino acids like collagen and glycine. These are beneficial to your dog’s health. You can, therefore, use chicken broth as a dietary supplement. It promotes good kidney and liver function, healthy joints, and hydration.

Chicken broth can also be a cure-all when your dog is under the weather. You might have to get a vet’s diagnosis when they still aren’t improving.

What is the Best Chicken Broth for Dogs?

Most chicken broth brands are safe for dog consumption. However, there are some with a few questionable ingredients. Avoid chicken broths with added chemical ingredients and high sodium content.

You should also be aware that even organic labeled chicken broths can contain some of these harmful substances. Study the ingredients list and the broth label to see whether they are all dog-friendly. You can also ask your vet for advice about the best brands.

Look for chicken broth with:

  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Low sodium content
  • No onions, garlic, or other harmful ingredients
  • No artificial dyes and flavors
  • No preservatives
  • Slow-cooked or small-batch chicken broth. These are high-quality preparation methods with no harmful substances.

Final Thoughts

Chicken broth is one of the healthiest and safest additions to a dog’s diet. It is versatile in its use, ranging from treats to supplements, soothing stomach upsets, and an appetite booster. It also adds several healthy nutrients to your pup’s diet, improving their joints, liver, and kidney functions.

Remember that not all broth brands are safe for dogs. If worst comes to worst, you can always create a chicken broth that is safe for your dog.

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