Coffee Wood For Dog Chews

There are many chew toys for dogs on the market, but Java Wood Chews and Coffee Wood Chews have received more positive feedback and popularity from customers all over the globe.

Coffee wood is a dense wood that gives dogs a satisfying, healthy chew. It is a natural wood product that can be chewed and hardly splintered.

Let’s find out why coffee wood chew is good for you and your furry friends.

Is Coffee Wood Safe for Dogs?

These wood sticks do not contain any animal or artificial ingredients, calories, or caffeine and can be used for overweight dogs or dogs with allergies.

Coffee tree wood is harder and more difficult to splinter than wood from the local forests, so your dog will love chewing the stick for many years.

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Is Wood Digestible for Dogs?

However, wood can splinter when chewed, and pieces of wood can get stuck in the dog’s throat, causing infection. It can rarely cause intestinal blockage if wood shards are swallowed.

Coffee Wood Chew Helps Dogs Stay Calm

Coffee wood chew is great for dogs of all ages as it soothes the dog’s tendency to tear or bite at objects.

Boredom and anxiety are two main reasons for dogs who spend too much time alone at home, to ruin furniture and clothes and cause damage to clothing and shoes.

Dogs may be able to reduce stress and boredom by chewing on the coffee wood chew. This will help them lessen their chances of destroying your possessions.

Coffee Wood Chew Helps to Clean Gums and Teeth, and Strengthen Jaw Muscles


Coffee wood chew also works to remove plaque from teeth. Neglecting to clean your dog’s teeth and gums can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, and even death.

Wood fibers have the same effect on dogs as dental floss. In addition, wood fibers are safe and can be swallowed by your pet, unlike other debris. Fiber is simple and helps your dog’s bowel movement.

Coffee wood chew can also be used to strengthen your jaw muscles and as a toothbrush to help prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

Coffee Wood Chomp is a 100% Natural, Sustainable Chew Toy

Coffee wood chew is 100% made from coffee tree wood. It does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Moreover, coffee tree wood is harvested ethically and sustainably and only coffee trees older than 20 years are taken down.

Are Coffee Wood Chews for Dogs Safe?

Coffee wood is safe for dogs. Chew on coffee wood chew is safer for dogs than chewing on branches and trees.

It is impossible to tell where the stick was taken from or if another animal chewed on it. It could rot, harbor bacteria, or be home to nasty insects.

A random branch found at the park could be toxic to dogs. Black cherries and walnuts are just a few of the many plants poisonous to dogs.

Chewing such plants can lead to digestive and respiratory problems.

Dogs can also be affected by the furniture at home. This is because the fence posts are treated using insecticides and wood preservatives.

The furniture made of wood is coated with sealants and paints. It can be very harmful to dogs to chew on old pieces of wood.

Coffee Chew is an Excellent Option for Dogs Suffering from Allergies or Weight Problems

Coffee wood chew for dogs has no calories so your dog can chew it without affecting its weight. Coffee wood chew is an excellent toy for dogs who have allergies and is also a great substitute for chews high in calories or sugar.


Does chewing any wood cause harm to my dog?

Wood can easily break apart. Even if your dog doesn’t seem to be actively eating wood, small pieces of wood or splinters can break apart and become swallowed. These splinters may get lodged in the dog’s throat or digestive tract, causing blockages or infections. Additionally, many plants are toxic to dogs and a significant health threat to your fido.

Coffe wood is durable enough to sustain the dog’s bites and is proven as one of the best non-toxic chew toys.

Is Oakwood toxic to dogs?

Young leaves and acorns contain gallotannin, which is a poisonous chemical that can cause severe intestinal distress in dogs and damage to the kidneys and liver. Common symptoms of gallotannin poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea.

Why does my dog chew on wood trim?

Obsessive wood trimming chewing may indicate that your dog needs to be stimulated and exercise more.

Obsessive chewing of wood may signify that your dog is anxious or stressed.

Separation anxiety may indicate that your dog is destructive only when left alone.

Can dogs chew olive wood?

Olivewood is a hardier wood than many native species. To give your dog a healthy, safe, and satisfying chew, clean the wood with sandpaper, wash and dry it, and then lightly infuse it with olive oil.

Are bully sticks bad for dogs?

Bully sticks are healthy treats and safe treats for dogs that provide various health benefits to your dog.

Bully sticks can be easily digested, like other treats or chews, and can be an excellent choice for your dog, as they are made only from high-protein beef flesh.

How long can dogs use deer antlers?

Antler chews can last up to six months, depending on how aggressive your dog is and the size and shape of the antler.

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