Do Dogs Know What Kisses Are?

Kissing is a way for humans to show affection. As a dog owner, there is a high chance that your furry friend has been a recipient of kisses as a show of adoration. Some canines may respond cheerfully to kisses, while some tend to avoid them.

Do Dogs Know What Kisses Are?

It is interesting to know that your doggo understands and appreciates your efforts of affection. In the wild, dogs don’t get kisses; it is more of learned behavior.

Puppies and new dogs, however, may react negatively to kisses as they do not know what is happening. It may be stressful for some canines, as they may interpret kisses as a sign of aggression whenever you bring your face close to theirs. They may respond aggressively by barking, showing teeth, or biting.

It is a cause for alarm if you have young kids who want some cuddles and kisses from their furry buddies. The good thing is that they become more accommodating of kisses with time and may respond positively.

Dogs love kisses once they understand that you have no ill will. Initially, they may avoid your kisses by running away, probably due to being scared.

It is easy to know if your doggo loves kisses. Tail wagging is one of the signs that your dog loves kisses. It may come closer to you for cuddles and hugs. Some canines take kisses as a playtime cue and will roll playfully, waiting for you to join in on the fun.

Are Dog Licks the Same as Kisses?

Most of us think that dog licks are the same as kisses, but it is not always the case. Licking serves many purposes. Licking another canine is a show of appeasement, meaning it doesn’t want a fight. Your doggo may lick your face to tell you it comes in peace.

Also, canines may lick you to get your attention. Dogs love the attention of their owners and will resort to something you respond to. For some dogs, it is a way of stress relief.

Can licking be the same as kissing? Yes, it can, especially with trained dogs. Usually, they use it as a way to respond to your kisses.

Other Ways Dogs Respond to Kisses

Your dog may respond to kisses by yawning. Unlike humans, yawning in dogs is not a sign of boredom; it feels threatened or stressed. Your pup will yawn when you kiss it to calm itself down or to show you it means no harm.

Sneezing is another noticeable response when you kiss your furry friend. According to canine experts, sneezing is a dog’s way of laughing or showing you that it is having fun. So, a sneeze after a kiss is your doggo’s way of saying that it is enjoying your show of affection.

Training Your Dog to Love Kisses

Imagine trying to kiss your dog, but it snaps at you. You can prevent such a heartbreaking occurrence by training your dog to love kisses. It is advisable to train puppies, as they learn fast. Give your pup lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddles. As it grows, it will associate the kisses and hugs with affection and respond positively.

Training older dogs can be challenging. You need to be slow and gentle, as they may assume kissing is a form of aggression. You can incorporate kissing when playing with your canine. It will take it as a form of bonding.

Points To Note About Dogs and Kisses

The following are some things to keep in mind regarding kissing your dog.

Don’t Force Kisses on Your Pup

Never force kisses on your canine, as it may mistake it for aggression and hit back in a nasty way. Always be gentle, especially when training your doggo to accept and give back kisses.

Also, detect its mood before kissing it and respect its personal space. Some dogs love to keep to themselves when stressed or anxious – kissing out of the blues can agitate them.

Associated Health Risks

You should be careful when kissing your dog as you may unknowingly contract diseases. Dogs are not picky eaters and may eat contaminated food and spread diseases like salmonella. Watch what your dog eats to prevent such eventualities.

Other Ways of Showing Affection

Besides kissing, you can show affection to your pup in many ways. Cuddling, hugs, walks, and playing are excellent ways of showing love to your furry friend. Look for an activity it is into and share the incredible moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dog Yawn When I Kiss It?

Dogs react to kisses in many ways, like yawning. Most of the time, it is a sign of anxiety or stress. You can ease the situation by giving it a gentle pat on its head to soothe it or give it some space.

Is It Okay to Kiss My Dog?

Kissing your dog is fine as long as it does not respond negatively. Do not force kisses on your dog if it does not like them, as it may react aggressively.

Why Does My Dog Like to Lick My Face?

Your dog licking your face is a way of showing affection or getting your attention. It may also lick your face to respond to kisses or to calm down its anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Do dogs understand kisses? Probably not, but with time they associate kisses with adoration from their owners. Not all dogs love kisses, especially those not used to such shows of affection. Initially, they may take a kissing attempt as an attack and snap.

The good news is that you can train your pup to accept and respond accordingly to kisses. The tips highlighted in this article will come in handy!

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