Do Dogs Like Cold Water? Or Do They Prefer It Warm?

One thing’s for sure – staying hydrated is high on our priority list. Few things beat the satisfaction of downing a glass of cold water in the sweltering summer heat or after an intense, sweaty workout. Even though warm and cold water is equally hydrating, cold water is more refreshing and offers more satisfying hydration.

Nature’s beverage is also vital for your canine companion to stay hydrated. 70-80% of your canine’s lean body mass is composed of water.

Most pup parents don’t think about the water they dish out to their furry companions. If anything, pups will drink any water when they’re dehydrated. But does your dog like his water warm or cold? Here’s the sip!

Cold vs Warm Water. Which Is Best For Dogs?

One thing we share with our pups is that we both love cold water. Study shows that dogs prefer cool drinking water around 59 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius over warm or room temperature water. But this doesn’t apply to all dogs. The exact temperature at that our canines prefers their water is based on individual preference.

If your hound has a lower core body temperature, they’ll prefer slightly warmer water. But if their core body temperature is warmer, cooler water, especially after running around in the sweltering heat, will make for a better choice.

However, dogs aren’t as picky as humans. If your canine is thirsty, any water will do, including lukewarm water. But it’s a good idea to refill their water bowl with fresh, clean, and cool water.

To determine your canine’s water preference, it’s best to provide them with water of varying temperatures and watch their reaction. But don’t give Fido hot water. If it can burn your mouth, it can burn your dog too.

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Can Dogs Have Ice Water?

Ice water can be a refreshing drink when it’s scorching outside but can your dog slurp on some chilled water? Here’s where you draw the line between the water you drink and the water that Fido drinks. Dunking a couple of ice cubes into your glass of water can feel satisfying but is ice good for dogs?

It depends. If the pieces are small and have no choking risk, then ice is perfectly safe for Fido. If anything, crushed or shaved ice makes for a hydrating and refreshing treat during summer. Also, with large pups, avoid hard, dense, sharp pieces of ice since they can easily fracture or chip their teeth and cause choking.

You can add ice cubes to your pup’s water, but most dogs prefer to lick and nibble on them separately. Unlike us, dogs have highly sensitive mouths, and gulping on ice water can be uncomfortable and even painful for your dog.

Ice cubes are off the table if your pup has sensitive teeth or dental issues.

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Does Ice Cold Water Make Dogs Bloat?

It is speculated that giving your furry friend ice cold water will cause his tummy to go into excruciating life-threatening spasms. Well, we peel back the layers to reveal the truth. Bloating occurs when your pet gulps on food and water, introducing plenty of air in the gut. The stomach expands, resulting in abdominal discomfort. Organs around the gut also feel the pressure, which worsens the pain.

Worst case scenario- the situation deteriorates to gastric dilatation and volvulus ( GDV), where the organs twist, fold and get out of position. The pressure then builds up, restricting blood flow. Without immediate surgery, your dog can die.

So, the takeaway message is it isn’t the water temperature causing bloating but the lack of a reliable water supply when your pup is active and thirsty.

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What Water Is Best For My Dog To Drink?

With countless varieties of water: filtered, sparkling, and a constant stream of innovations in the market, it can be easy to complicate hydration. On that note, clean, fresh water is best for your canine. Whatever water you drink is safe for your dog, whether tap water or filtered water.

If Fido has special health considerations, then speak to your vet. Additionally, monitor your pup’s drinking habits since some hounds are pickier than others. If your dog doesn’t fancy tap water, you can consider giving him clean filtered water.

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Have you ever been curious about the temperature of the water you’re giving Fido?

Claims that you should only give your pup tepid water are confounded.

Just like us, most dogs prefer cold water. A crushed or shaved ice treat when it’s hot outside is a refreshing treat for Fido. But don’t do it regularly to avoid wearing down the enamel on their teeth over time.

On the other hand, ice water is not a favorite for most canines. Their mouths are more sensitive than ours; thus, it can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

But pay attention to your dog’s preferences. Any water can do as long as it’s clean and fresh but not ice cold. It’s generally safe to give your canine friend the same water you drink, whether tap or filtered.

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