Do Foxes Eat Squirrels?

Foxes are adaptable hunters, known for their versatility and opportunistic approach to diet and prey.

One question that frequently arises is whether foxes eat squirrels.

Squirrels are often seen in areas where foxes live. Due to their small size, predators frequently hunt them.

In this article, we will explore the fox diet in more detail and answer the burning question of whether or not foxes indulge in squirrel meat.

Fox Diet Overview

Furry hunters prefer a varied diet that includes everything from fruits and insects to small rodents and birds.

Fox hunting is a fascinating subject that has intrigued many researchers and animal enthusiasts.

These cunning creatures have a unique combination of hunting and scavenging habits, allowing them to survive in various environments.

Their food preferences in different seasons can also vary depending on prey availability.

In the summer, foxes feed on insects, fruits, and small mammals like rabbits and rodents.

During winter, their diet may shift towards scavenging on carrion or hunting larger prey like deer and rabbits.

Foxes are remarkably able to adapt to their surroundings and food sources, making them incredibly versatile predators.

So, do foxes eat squirrels? The answer is yes, they do.

Although squirrels may not be the top choice for food, foxes will still hunt and consume them when they can.

Do Foxes Eat Dead Squirrels?


You might be surprised to learn that even if a squirrel is dead, it could still be a potential meal for a fox.

While foxes primarily hunt live prey, they have been known to scavenge for food when it is scarce.

Dead squirrels are not off-limits to foxes, and they will eat them if they come across them.

However, this is not their preferred meal as it lacks the nutritional benefits of fresh prey.

Here are some interesting facts about the decomposition process of dead squirrels and how it affects the scavenger habits of foxes:

  • The decomposition process of a dead squirrel can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity.
  • As the squirrel decomposes, it will attract a variety of scavengers, including foxes, who will feed on the remains.
  • The ecological impact of foxes scavenging on dead squirrels is minimal, as they are not a significant food source for the fox population.
  • While foxes may eat dead squirrels, it’s important to note that they primarily hunt live prey and play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of their ecosystem.

Do Foxes Like to Eat Squirrels?


Foxes have been known to have a taste for squirrels, adding to their diverse diet.

Squirrel hunting is common for foxes, who are skilled hunters and prefer smaller rodents.

While foxes are known for their opportunistic hunting style, they also tend to focus on certain prey.

Squirrels are one of these prey animals that foxes enjoy hunting and consuming.

Fox’s behavior when hunting squirrels is fascinating to observe. They often stalk their prey for some time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

Once they catch a squirrel, foxes will typically carry it away from the area and consume it in a safe location.

While foxes may have a taste for squirrels, they do not rely solely on this prey for sustenance.

Predators of Foxes

Predators love the taste of foxes, including coyotes, wolves, and birds of prey.

These animals hunt foxes using various techniques, such as stalking, chasing, and ambushing.

Prey size plays a role in which predator goes after foxes; smaller predators like birds of prey tend to go for smaller foxes, while larger predators like wolves go after larger foxes.

Additionally, territorial behavior can play a role in fox predation, with territorial predators like coyotes and wolves defending their territory from foxes.

Despite predation risks, foxes have evolved several adaptations to avoid becoming prey.

They are agile and quick, able to outrun many predators and climb trees to escape danger.

Additionally, foxes are known for their cunning and intelligence, often using their wits to outsmart predators.

Despite these adaptations, however, foxes remain vulnerable to predation, and their populations can be impacted by the presence of predators in their environment.


So, do foxes eat squirrels? The answer is yes, they do.

While foxes are omnivores and have a varied diet, they are known to prey on small mammals like squirrels.

Their sharp teeth and agility make them efficient hunters, and they often stalk their prey before pouncing.

However, squirrels are not the only thing on a fox’s menu, they also eat insects, birds, fruits, and even garbage when food is scarce.

It’s important to note that foxes have predators, including larger carnivores like wolves and coyotes and birds of prey like eagles and owls.

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