Do Foxes Eat Chickens?

Have you ever wondered if foxes are a threat to your backyard chicken coop? The answer is yes – foxes have been known to prey on chickens and other small animals. Whether you are a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting out, it is important to know how to protect your flock from these crafty predators.

Here will explore the habits of foxes, their impact on chicken coops, and, most importantly, how to keep your chickens safe from these beautiful yet dangerous animals. So, let’s learn more about whether foxes eat chickens!

Foxes do eat chickens

Foxes are opportunistic hunters, meaning they hunt both small animals and plants. They prey on anything they can overpower, including rodents, rabbits, lizards, voles, birds, and insects. They can scavenge carcasses and feed on a variety of fruits and vegetables. On average, foxes eat about 1 to 2 pounds of food daily. Unlike other predators, foxes do not have a specific prey preference, but if they locate a chicken coop, they will use it frequently as their primary food source.

Foxes are known to be one of the deadliest predators of chickens. They are fast, cunning, and bold, able to take down an entire flock of birds in a short amount of time. Foxes are opportunistic hunters, capable of attacking chickens at any time.

Their stealthy movements make it challenging to identify a fox attack, especially if the chickens disappear without a trace. Foxes are known for being quiet and sneaky predators, moving with speed and agility. They will stalk their prey while hiding under cover and suddenly pounce on them.

Foxes may attack chickens during daylight hours


Foxes are known to be predators of chickens, and they can attack them during the day or night. Although it is a misconception that foxes only attack chickens at night, they can also do it in daylight hours. Foxes are intelligent hunters who will attack whenever possible, irrespective of the time of day.

However, they tend to attack during the early morning hours and will scout the area before doing so. They will rush out and grab the chicken when they find the right opportunity. Therefore, it’s challenging to predict when a fox will attack chickens. They can kill several birds in a day, and they store the leftover for later. If they get into an enclosed space with many chickens, they may kill multiple ones at once.

Why Do Foxes Kill Chickens and Then Leave Them?

Although foxes are known to eat chickens, they do not always devour them immediately. Foxes are intelligent hunters and will sometimes kill more than what they can eat at one time. They will return to the coop and take more chickens if it’s an easy kill. They will store their prey under leaves or within the snow, ensuring they have a meal for later. This behavior is typical for other meat-eating mammals and is seen in animals like leopards.

Occasionally, a fox may leave behind the killed chickens.  The chickens that were left behind from the attack were likely unable to be carried off and stored. Foxes are opportunistic hunters that prey on smaller animals and anything they can overpower.

Chicken coops need to be secure to protect against foxes


Foxes are notorious for being a major predator of chickens. Protecting chickens from predators such as foxes can be challenging. These predators are intelligent and know that chickens make for an easy prey source. Free-range chickens are at greater risk of being attacked by predators.  Protecting your chickens is essential to ensuring that they remain safe from these cunning animals.

These animals are territorial, and their scent and excreta, called “scat,” are tell-tale signs that they are present in your area. Fox has sharp hearing and is an expert at burrowing holes, which they may use to access your chickens.

To protect your chickens from foxes, you need to make sure that your chicken coop is secure. Any weak points or damaged portions of the fence and hardwire mesh will provide easy access for them.

You can use an electric fence and a predator apron inside the coop to keep foxes from digging in. Another way to prevent them from digging into the coop is to bury the sides of the coop deep enough into the ground. Hardware, cloth wire, and tall fencing also keep these predators at bay. Consider keeping the top of the fence in the form of an outward slope to deter foxes from climbing.

Installing motion sensors, alarms, lights, or even water sprinklers can startle foxes and make them too nervous to stick around to look for a way into the coop. You can also train guard dogs to keep the foxes away from your chickens. By taking these measures, you can ensure that your chickens remain safe and secure.

It is difficult to recognize whether your chickens are under attack by a fox, and they may disappear without any traces. It is a good idea to be observant and vigilant for any sudden disappearances of your chickens during daylight hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foxes can be a nuisance for chicken owners as they have a reputation for preying on chickens.

Why Would a Fox Kill a Chicken And Not Eat It?

They often kill as much prey as possible to store it for later consumption. The chickens left behind during an attack were likely unable to be carried off and stored for one reason or another.

Do Foxes Eat Chicken Eggs?

It is a known fact that foxes eat chicken eggs, and they often sneak into chicken coops and take the eggs to feed themselves.

Do Foxes Kill for Sport?

No, foxes don’t kill for no reason. Like many other predators, their actions are driven by the need to survive and provide for themselves and their offspring. Unnecessary attacks or killings would only waste their energy and resources.

Do Foxes Kill Chickens During the Day?

The answer is yes, they do. Foxes are not just early morning or twilight predators, they can be seen out and about even during the daytime.

When Are Foxes Active?

It is commonly believed that foxes only attack at night. However, foxes can be active during the day as well.

Do Foxes Kill Chickens Quickly?

Foxes tend to bite birds’ heads immediately after capturing them, resulting in a quick death for the birds.


Foxes are truly cunning predators, and this makes them especially threatening to your flock of chickens. Your chickens are in for quite a challenge when it comes to foxes. They are primarily active at night, but if they come across an easy target during the day, they will take advantage of the opportunity for a meal.

The best way to protect chickens from foxes is to secure the chicken coop and yard with fences that foxes cannot jump over or dig underneath.

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