My Dog Ate a Dryer Sheet. What’s the Best Course of Action?

Pups are known to chew and swallow most of the things they find. They tend to primarily love fabrics like underwear, socks, toys, and even dryer sheets. Thus, if your Fido has eaten pieces of dryer sheet, you are not alone.

Recently, the rate of pooches eating them has been increasing. Most probably, you’re seriously worried about the outcome.

Read through to find out.

Fact! Dryer Sheets Are Toxic To Your Dog


Dryer sheets contain a lot of chemicals that are toxic to your doggie. Things like cationic detergent and fabric softeners will burden your pooch’s gastrointestinal system. This will lead to stomach upset, irritation, vomiting, and diarrhea. Other effects include burns and poisoning in the dog’s digestive system.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet

If you’re sure that your furry pal has gulped down pieces of dryer sheet, get informed by reading the packaging label. If it doesn’t state that the product is toxic, but you have doubts, contact the number available on the container and ask questions.

Depending on the response, you can then induce vomiting, provided the incident happened less than 2 hours ago. The less time the fabric stays in your pup’s digestive system, the fewer problems and damage you’ll have to encounter.

Contact a vet for professional advice if you can’t make your four-legged buddy vomit. They might advise you to give your dog a special meal of rice, potatoes, or boiled chicken. These will assist in pushing things down the pet’s GI tract.

Restrict your dog’s activities for a few days. That means no heavy workouts or long walks, and monitor him during this time. Pay attention to any sign, like an obstruction that might occur in the digestive system.

Final Words

Maybe it never crossed your mind that dryer sheets can be dangerous to your dog. Besides, your dog doesn’t know how to avoid eating them.

However, don’t panic when your dog devours some pieces of dry sheets. Get it treated immediately. Also, in the future, it is best to ensure your dog doesn’t get into the laundry room.

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