The Best Dog Gates of 2023

Setting up a dog gate is often essential if you have concerns about your dog leaving the house by accident or getting into premises where there are dangers for it, as well as hazards for your furniture and property.

Choosing the right dog gate was not an easy task given the wide assortment available on the market, but we have decided that our favorite one for 2023 is Internet’s Best Pet Gate. Read on to find out more about this item, as well as about our remaining top picks for the year.


Best overall

Richell Wood Large Freestanding Pet Gate

The beautiful Richell wood pet gate is a very stable freestanding gate that has side panels for added safety and to keep your small-sized dogs confined within a certain area of your home.


  • Very sturdy construction and yet is lightweight and easy to move
  • Also available in small and large and extra-large sizes
  • No installation is needed, you just have to place it wherever you need it and can adjust its width for the safe confinement of your pups
  • The stable base with the added sidewalls makes it very difficult for you or the pets to knock it over
  • The width of the large gate is adjustable from 39.8 up to 71.3 inches
  • The dimensions of the large version are 39.8 -71.3 x 17.7 x 20.1 inches
  • The space between the wire slats is 1 ¼ inch
  • Suitable for confining cats or dogs weighing from 6.5 to 17.5 lbs.
  • It is available in autumn matte, white, and wood with an autumn matte finish
  • A very elegant design which will not ruin but rather complement your home’s décor
  • Easy to step over thanks to the comfortable height of 20.1 inches
  • It has rubber feet to keep your floor safe from scuffs and damage, as well as for preventing it from sliding
  • It is collapsible, so you can store it or travel with it when needed

Internet’s Best 4-Panel Pet Gate with Arched Top

We picked the Internet’s best-arched top free-standing dog gate as our favorite one currently offered on the market. It is a versatile gate that you can easily fold up and store away when not in use.

You can place this gate whenever you need it and wherever you need it without having to drill holes in your walls or doors.

It is perfect if you need a pup gate that you can quickly set up and then put away.

The gate consists of 4 20-inch wide panels with pretty arched tops which are interconnected with sturdy hinges and can be unfolded into a Z-shaped game without hassle. You can even create a small confined playpen or play yard for your pup, or to keep your dog or other pet from moving around the house when you need to clean up or for some other reason want to keep it in one place for a little while.

This gate is actually quite elegant, so it will add style to any home or other property. It is 24 inches high, which is sufficient to keep the pets from jumping over it, and yet you can easily step over the gate when needed.

You can use it in front of doorways, hallways, staircases, bedrooms, or wherever you decide,

The panels are made of solid wood which is sealed with a beautiful espresso finish. They are sturdy enough to stay in place even if your pup pushes the gate.  The wooden slats of the panels have a 2-inch space between them. The total weight of the gate is 14 lbs.

Once you come home or you are done with it, you just have to fold it, and it will collapse to a thickness of just 3 inches, so you can store it under the bed or in other tight and narrow spaces.

The overall dimensions of the dog case when unfolded are 80 inches in width, 75 inches in depth, and 24 inches in height. The usable dimensions of this very reasonably priced and versatile gate is up to 74 inches.

The gate is perfect for confining small to medium-sized dogs and is a perfect solution for all of you who want a useful and beautiful dog gate which can be set up and then put away in a matter of seconds.

Best runner-up

Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

This clever and sturdy expandable gate is perfect for those of you who want to keep your small or medium dog in or out of a specific room but are not ready to break the bank for buying one.

It is inexpensive and yet will safely keep your pet out or in without the need for drilling holes in your walls or doorways, and without damaging them.

The gate is built of sturdy metal and is covered with a safe and non-toxic finish.

It is suitable for doorways, hallways, and stairways as it can expand from 26 up to 42 inches in width.

The height of the Carlson Lil Tuffy is 18 inches so you can easily step over it. The overall dimensions of this inexpensive dog gate are 18 x 26-42 x 1 inch. The slate distance is 1.75 inches

And it is made to lock in place via a pressure mount which is very easy to set up and release. No tools are required for its installation and it will not damage your doors thanks to the four rubber bumpers placed on both sides of the gate.

To install the gate you need to grab both sides and expand it to a size you want, after you lift its locking pin you just need to put it in the door or other place and twist the plastic knob of the Easy-Fit Locking System which will adjust the pressure until it is tightly and securely fitted against the door or wall. Once you are done, place the locking pin back into place, and voila!

This affordable pet gate has a nifty small pet door which is 10 x 7 inches in size and will allow your cat or other small pet to pass through it while keeping the larger animals out. Or you can open it to let your small dog get out without having to take down the gate. You can leave the small door open or lock it whenever you want.

When you are not using the gate you can fold it to a flat shape which makes it easy for moving, storing, and traveling.

Top budget choice

Arf Pets Free standing Foldable Wood Dog Gate

The runner-up in our list is another very well-built, wood foldable dog gate from Arf Pets. It is made of solid sturdy wood and comes with either a black or white beautiful finish which will complement any décor.

It collapses and is set up so quickly, that you can even take it with you when you are traveling with your fur baby.

No assembly neither a hardware installation is required for this pretty gate, so you can move it from one place to another depending on your needs.

The panels are 23.5 inches wide and 24 inches high and are connected with strong hinges which can easily be turned in either way.

You can easily clean this freestanding gate with a soft cloth and some mild detergent, and fold it up to a very thin size when you are not using it, which means that you can store it or travel with it pretty easily.

The gate is suitable for small dogs and will keep them safely confined thanks to the sturdiness of the wood and hinges. The overall weight of the gate is 7.85 lbs. The distance between the slats is 2 inches, so there is no way that your dog can get through to the other side.

You don’t have to worry about the gate scratching or damaging your floor or walls, as it has rubber pads on the bottom, and the finish of the panels does not leave unsightly marks when in contact with a wall, door, or other.

When unfolded, this Arf Pets gate can cover a door, hallway or another opening of up to 6 ft.

Overall, we love the high quality and the versatility of this portable freestanding gate. It is very elegant and will do the job of keeping your dogs safe perfectly whenever you need to keep them confined in a certain area, or out of a room or part of the house.

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And here are the rest of our top picks for 2023

Carlson Pet Yard Convertible Super Wide Pet Gate

This is the most versatile pet gate we have seen so far this year. It can easily be converted into a pet yard or be used as a wide dog gate as well.


  • The pet yard will provide a space of up to 12 ft. and you can form it as a rectangle or hexagon depending on your preference and free space.
  • You can expand the gate or play yard by purchasing and adding more panels to it.
  • The pet yard can be converted into a 144-inch long dog gate, which you can use free-standing or mount to the walls for a more permanent solution.
  • It can also be used as a fireplace guard or Christmas tree gate.
  • It is easy to take down and store or take it with you when you travel or go to the park.
  • Made of durable chew-proof steel and a non-toxic finish
  • Suitable for use both indoors and outside
  • The construction includes six 24 inch wide panels that can easily be detached.
  • A height of 28 inches makes it suitable for medium and large dogs.
  • When used as a play yard or gate, you can easily open a panel to allow the dogs out or to pass through it thanks to the clever walk-through design and the easy-to-release safety lever.

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Final Words

After our rather thorough research, we picked our favorite dog gates for 2023 based on a variety of features. We looked for gates that are easy to install and reinstall and those that are foldable and easy to store or travel with.

We also wanted to pick gates which are the safest for your puppies, dogs, and for you, as well as those which were the most versatile so that you get the best bang for the buck when you purchase one.

So, hopefully, you have made your choice and will soon be able to set up your own dog gate to keep both your pup safe and protect your home too.

Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy the benefits of your new dog gate!

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