Why Do I Keep Finding My Dog Hiding Under the Bed?

Most mornings, do you wake up and find your dog sitting on top of you or just jumping on the bed? Does it get excited and giddy because you have finally opened your eyes to start the day? If yes, then that is wonderful.

However, on some days, you may notice that you wake up to your alarm, but your dog is nowhere to be found. You will search for them everywhere until you look under your bed and see your furry little friend hiding away.

It is quite challenging to determine such behavior. But learning why you keep finding your dog hiding under the bed can help you be there for your canine companion.

Some Common Explanations For Dog Hiding Under The Bed

For comfort:

Dogs need an area where they feel secure. For this reason, most dogs love to have a bed of their own or even a crate. But if you do not have something like that for your dog, you may find them looking for a place for themselves.

Consequently, this search could lead them to hide under your bed. It is possible that it also reminds them of your smell, is dark and quiet, and thus, is the perfect place to relax.

Because of anxiety or stress:

Do you feel stressed when you visit an unfamiliar place? Pets can also experience the same feeling sometimes. You can quickly address fear in canines if you remove the alarm source. However, nervous behavior is an entirely different thing.

Dogs may be stressed by situations that are not under your control, such as separation anxiety, past trauma, and thunderstorms. In these cases, your furry little friend may find solace by hiding under your bed.

You must look out for other signs of stress. These may include the following.

  • Escape attempts,
  • Digging,
  • Excessive chewing or licking,
  • Destroying furniture.

They Are Scared:

As courageous as dogs can be, they may also get scared. Perhaps you are having a party, and your furry friend is not used to being around a large number of people. Or maybe, they are afraid of another dog that a friend or family member has brought.

In such cases, you will find that your dog will quickly find refuge underneath your bed. Such behavior and response are natural for dogs when they are scared; therefore, fret not.

To Guard Something:

If you have researched dogs, you may know they are territorial animals. Therefore, once they get their paws on something, they want to keep it all to themselves. As a result, your little pet may try to hide things under the bed, which is a secluded and small space.

Your dog may be hiding a treat, one they know they are not supposed to have, food, or even a toy under your bed. Moreover, you will often find your canine running back and forth from beneath your bed if it believes that something is a ‘threat’ to whatever it is guarding.

Because It Feels Unwell:

When dogs are either ill or injured, they will want to feel secure and safe. It is a normal response, but it also means that you should keep an eye on their patterns or behavior when it comes to hiding.

If your furry pal does not usually go about cowering under your bed, it could indicate it is not feeling well. It is also possible that your dog is wounded and trying to disguise its health concerns.

Other than your dog hiding under the bed, some other indications of illnesses include:

  • Difficulty defecating or urinating,
  • A lack of appetite,
  • Runny nose or eyes,
  • Gagging, vomiting, coughing, or sneezing,
  • Stiff limbs.

They Feel Cool:

The area under the bed could be an excellent cooling spot for your canine, especially during the summer season. It is also possible that the carpet floor under your bed is not worn out, which could be more comfortable for the dog.

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Tips To Make Your Dog Come Out From Under The Bed

If you want your dog to spend less time hiding under your bed or any other place, you could train them to be braver, more robust, or exhibit different behavior.

It will mean that you give them a treat every time they lie down on a rug or a mat or come out from under the bed. Doing this a couple of times will likely change your furry friend’s behavior.

However, if you need additional tips to ensure your dog lets go of this habit, you can try the helpful tips below.

1. Get To Know Your Dog:

Getting to know your dog will help you understand whether their hiding under the bed is expected behavior or not. It could also indicate that they are stressed or that something is wrong. If you are suspicious about your canine being unwell, immediately make an appointment with the vet.

2. Help Alleviate Their Stress Or Anxiety:

When you see your dog hiding under the bed, try to reassure it that you are there no matter what. It will include sitting in close vicinity for a while and perhaps getting some water or food. You could also bring your furry little friend’s favorite toy and a blanket. Remember to also speak in a gentle and soft voice.

As aforementioned, the nervous behavior of your pet could be a reaction to a situation that feels threatening or strange. Therefore, it would help if you could remove the source of your dog’s stress. However, if the condition worsens, you can consider using CBD oil for dogs.

You can also mix CBD oil in the food to help alleviate tension. It is because CBD consists of an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which allows for the regulation of essential body functions. It could be just what your dog needs to soothe nervous or fearful behaviors.

3. Play With Them:

If your dog is hiding under your bed for reasons other than tension, fear, or illness, then the best thing you can do is give them some time and attention. It would mean pulling out a length of rope or ball to get your dog out.

You could also get a brand-new chew toy to reward your canine for coming out of its hiding place. Find as many opportunities as possible to shower your furry friend with love and adoration. It is ideal for their mental and physical health and sensitivity to overwhelming situations.

Final Thoughts

If your furry little pal is not playing in its usual spots, it is likely hiding under your bed. It is an instinct primarily due to dogs searching for quiet and comfort. But it could also indicate a hidden stash of treats, a health problem, or tension.

When such a thing happens, you should immediately remove the source of stress or discomfort. Otherwise, leave your pet unattended for some time. Provide it with water and food and allow it room to come back to you. It is up to you to give your loving pet safe, healthy, and happy care!

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