Dog Swallowed Bully Stick. What Should I Do?

If you’ve never had a chance to interact with this dog treat, you are missing something unique. Bullystick is a chewable protein treat that’s loved by dogs. The bully stick keeps your puppy interested for many minutes while it enjoys chewing every last bit of it.

But what if your puppy swallows the bully sticks? Let’s find out how to deal with this common problem.

Bully sticks are high in protein, so they are easy to digest for most dogs.

However, some dogs may not be able to handle the danger of swallowing a bug peace of a bully stick. This can cause breathing problems, intestinal complexity, sores or swelling, and other serious issues. If it gets too severe, your friend might be at risk.

What is a Bully Stick?

A bully stick is a dog treat that comes from curtain flesh. You will be blown away by the flesh I’m about to reveal. It is located in the bull’s sexual area. Can you guess it? Bully sticks are usually made from the penis of bulls. Although it might sound gross to you, the bully stick is delicious to the dog.

The bully stick is baked in the oven before it reaches the market and is completely bacteria-free and rich in protein.

These sticks can be used to keep your dog entertained for hours and are also said to reduce the risk of dog dental caries.

Additionally, bully sticks are the best option to protect your furniture from dog damage. You can choose from a variety of sizes, starting at 5 inches.

A bully stick has many benefits that outweigh its cons, such as being costly or smelly. However, the biggest concern for pet parents is “What if my puppy swallowed the bully stick?”

Bully Sticks for Dogs are Beneficial

Bully sticks have many benefits for dogs, especially when compared with other close substitutes:

Bully Sticks Are Natural And Last A Long Time

Bully Sticks, made from natural beef, have many essential nutrients that your dog will love. Bully Sticks are a great treat for dogs who don’t want to finish their meal quickly.

Dogs Can Eat Bully Sticks In Any Way

Bully sticks don’t cause stomach upset like the rawhide and break down quickly. A great plus is dogs with dental problems can eat that bully sticks.

Easy Digestion Processes

Unlike rawhide, coffee wood, pig ears, or other dog chews, bully sticks are strong but easy to digest.

Dental Health Benefits

These canine foods are great for your teeth. Bully sticks cause friction between the teeth, which can help remove plaque and tartar that are detrimental to the dog’s dental health.

Good Protein Source

Bully sticks are a great source of protein that dogs need to be active. This low-fat treat is an excellent choice for overweight dogs on a mission to improve their body shape.

Market Safe Food

Bully sticks are the healthiest and most popular beef for dogs worldwide. They are free from bacteria and chemicals that could cause health problems in your dog. Bully sticks can be consumed by young puppies who have good teeth and can chew rawhide.

What Happens if My Dog Swallows a Bully Stick Part?

Bully treats are so yummy for puppies that they will eat every last bit and won’t give up a piece of this meaty food. They might even gulp it down rather than give it back to your hands which in some cases leads to problems later.

Bullies can be digested, so the chance of your dog choking or having internal problems is significantly reduced.

If your dog is having trouble swallowing and the tasty treat has become dangerous, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Bully sticks that are small in size can cause choking and even GI stress in puppies. You should throw away any bully sticks that are too small to risk your dog’s safety.

Your dog may giggle or throw up. In some cases, it can be after two days. This is a sign of good health and can eliminate any potential for health problems.

How to Help your Dog if Swallowed a Bully Stick?

Here’s how to help your dog swallow a bully stick.

1. Examine your puppy’s airway and mouth

If your dog swallows a bully stick, you should quickly check your pet’s mouth to ensure that the beef doesn’t get stuck between the throat and the oral cavity.

Some dogs are intelligent and try to hide some of the delicious treats in their cheeks. Make sure you scrutinize the dog’s mouth.

2. Take the tong out and examine the entire oral cavity

Do a Heimlich on your doggie. You can remove any bully sticks stuck in the dog’s mouth with your fingers. Be careful not to push the bully stick further into your dog’s throat.

If you are unable to help, try the Heimlich canine method. Move behind your dog and wrap your fingers around its abdomen. The pressure may help to remove the bully stick stuck to your dog.

3. Clean the area

To avoid any further consumption, if Heimlich is successful, you should get rid of all bully sticks. Allowing your dog to continue chewing on some bully sticks won’t help.

4. Call your vet

If your dog swallows the bully sticks, you should immediately call your vet. This is especially important if your dog suffers from any pre-existing health issues.

Your vet can diagnose and monitor any health problems your dog may have to help prevent future ones.

5. Keep an eye on your dog

If your vet suggests that you wait and see, calm down, watch your dog, and ensure he behaves normally. Note any changes in your pup’s eating or drinking habits.

6. Be prepared for anything

You should immediately visit the vet clinic if there are any issues with its behavior.

7. Stay alert for the next few days

Although it can be difficult and uncomfortable, your dog should remove all bully sticks with its stool.

Your dog may begin to excrete small amounts of bully sticks or larger quantities depending on what medication the vet gave him. Contact your vet immediately if your dog’s stools contain blood or mucor.

Contact your vet for advice if your dog is not excreting but is constipated.

How Can You Keep Your Dog from Swallowing Bully Sticks?

A bully stick holder is necessary to keep your doggo safe and give him something to chew on. There are many sizes and types. These toys and holders prevent swallowing and reduce bully stick consumption, saving you some extra money.

Can A Dog Digest A Bully Stick?

This is a common question, but it’s not easy to answer. This uncertainty is because dogs have different capabilities in terms of their ability to digest food and eliminate toxins. Some dogs will have trouble, while others may need longer periods of time than what is normal for other animals.

Are Bully Sticks Safe To Puppies

Bully sticks can be dangerous for puppies, so you need to monitor them while chewing.

Keep in mind that ten minutes per session is enough for your dog. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t become unhappy and damage random furniture at home.

How Long Can A Puppy Chew On The Bully Stick?

A puppy should only chew on a bully stick for five to ten mins. This will allow you to supervise your dog.

Puppy’s sensitive GI tract can cause problems if they chew on this treat for too long or multiple times per day.

Can Bully Sticks Kill a Dogs?

Bully sticks can cause choking in dogs that have bitten and swallowed a big chunk. Even though they are easily digestible, bully sticks could become choking hazards. In this case, you may need to use quick entanglement techniques to ensure they don’t get further into their trachea.

When we examine the potential side effects of these threats, it becomes apparent that dogs can’t vomit like humans. There will still be times when delicious food particles are trapped deep in each dog’s throat, waiting for someone to take them out.


Bully sticks are a favorite treat for dogs, but you may have to remove them from their reach in some instances. It’s best to stop your dog from chewing on the bully sticks if the pieces become too large and start choking your furry buddy.

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