10 Great Dogs Walks in Yorkshire

Do you feel like getting some exercise with your four-legged pal? Both people and their canine companions are welcome on these breathtaking hikes through God’s Own County.

A dog walk in Yorkshire is a thing of glory because it features babbling brooks, beautifully rugged moors, and a sky that seems to stretch on forever. Just you and your best four-legged friend taking a leisurely stroll through the unrivaled beauty of the Yorkshire countryside, where the air is so crisp that it feels as though angels have just finished exhaling it.

Get your walking shoes, a leash, some dog treats, and a bottle of water ready because these spectacular strolls are something that not even a dog would be able to resist taking.

1. Tockwith and The River Nidd

Tockwith and the River Nidd is a circular round trip that is 4.5 miles long, and the best part is that it is almost impossible to get lost.. This route is ideal for those who are looking for a scenic and easy-to-follow route.

The trail is mostly level, with only a few mild inclines; it will take you and your dog somewhere between one and two hours to finish the riverside path, based on how fast your dog travels. There are numerous chances to let your dog run free without a leash, but you should be aware that you might run into some cattle along the way; in this case, you should keep the leash close at hand.

2. Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay is the starting point for a memorable stroll along the Yorkshire coast, and four-legged friends are invited to tag along. The town’s winding, attractive streets are perfect for a stroll with your dog because they are completely car-free, and you can enjoy the company of the town’s resident dogs as you trace the arc of the beautiful bay. Be on the lookout for fossils along the beach to bring back as a memento, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the North Sea as you travel along.

Those taking a stroll along the water’s edge and in need of a break are encouraged to stop at The Royal Hotel. Whether you choose to sit inside the establishment or in the beer garden overlooking the coast, your dog is more than welcome with bowls and treats. After you’ve had a chance to refuel, head on to the tiny settlement of Kettleness, where you’ll be treated to even more stunning landscapes. Your dog might appreciate some time to run around in this isolated region before you travel back home to the comforts of your own four walls.

3. Hardcastle Crags and Hebden Water

If you have an hour and a half to kill and want a more interesting experience, the walk between Hardcastle Crags and Hebden Water is perfect for you. The walk in Wakefield is well worth the nearly hour-long commute there. After leaving Hardcastle Crags, your path will likely consist of muddy boardwalks and rocky trails, and depending on the weather, you may even have to ford a few shallow streams. This hike is perfect for the whole family because there are so many places to stop for a picnic and see wildlife.

4. Wessenden Valley Circular

Your hike across the Yorkshire moors will be like a scene out of Reservoir Dogs, albeit a tamer one. On a roughly seven-mile loop, you and your four-legged friend will cross not one but six distinct reservoirs: Blakeley, Wessenden, Butterley, Swellands, Black Moss, and Redbrook. Along the way, you’ll avoid the Wessenden Brook, a tributary of the River Colne that flows today in a valley created by glaciers long ago.

The vast open spaces here are wonderful for letting your dog run free as you go on a hike or bike ride and discover some of the area’s secret waterfalls (like the one by the deer farm, which is great if Fido wants to cool down with a swim). You’ll make a complete circle and return to Marsden, a little town near the southern edge of the Pennines.

5. North York Moors

If you want to show the world why Yorkshire is the finest location in the world to take your dog for a walk, there’s no better way than to go hiking in North York Moors National Park.

Choose from a vast range of dog-friendly walks, ranging in length from under 3 miles for short legs and petite paws to 7 miles journeys that will tire even the liveliest of labs. Make sure you check out the National Park Service’s advice on how to make the most of your time in the North York Moors, including the best dog-friendly treks in the area.

6. Welburn and Castle Howard

This dog walk in Yorkshire takes place in and around Castle Howard, which serves as the backdrop. You will amble across the grounds of the castle as you make your way to your next destination after your nearly six-mile amble from Welburn. This charming village has many of landmarks, including the 19th-century church of St. John the Evangelist, which should be your first point of reference before you go out on your walk with your four-legged companions. The hike is very dog-friendly; in fact, there is a gate specifically for canines installed within one of the stiles.

However, depending on the time of year, you might see signs about nesting birds, and it is also a smart idea to restrict your dog when heading through a cattle field on the Castle Howard Estate. Your dog can go off-lead for a portion of the route because it consists of gentle hills and quiet woodland. When you return to Welburn, you’ll be greeted with the Crown and Cushion, which was awarded Yorkshire’s most dog-friendly pub – they even have treats behind the bar. Most nice hikes should end with a nice pub, and when you do, you’ll find it waiting for you.

7. Sugarwell Hill Park

Sugarwell Hill Park is the place to go if you want to take in the sights of the skyline of the city center while enjoying the fresh air and open space. Sugarwell Hill Park is a forest haven for wildlife, and its paths will lead you through a number of fields in a round circuit.

The park is located just a short five minutes from Headingley, a busy student neighborhood. There is a chance that you will run into some livestock, so make sure to keep a leash on your dog if he or she is easily startled.

8. Bramley Falls Wood

Bramley Falls Wood is an 80-acre wooded area that abuts the Leeds Liverpool Canal and is a great place to take your dog for a walk because there are a variety of trails to pick from. The well-marked trails will keep you from getting lost whether you’re strolling beside the water or through the bluebell woods. Bramley Fall Woods has some great fields for a game of fetch, and they’re not too far from the river.

9. Clay Bank and Greenhow Plantation

This three-mile hike through woods and the Cleveland Hills covers a lot of ground in a relatively small area, making it perfect for smaller dogs that don’t require as much exercise as larger breeds. Begin at the Forestry England parking area on Clay Bank and head east; on the horizon you’ll see Roseberry Topping and the Captain Cook Monument, and the vistas across the Cleveland plain are nothing short of breathtaking.

This path is ideal for your dog if it enjoys exploring new territory and sniffing everything in sight. Let them run free, but keep an eye out for horseback riders crossing Greenhow Plantations; if you see any, your dog pal will need to go back on the leash. It’s a peaceful neighborhood, but of course there’s a dog-friendly bar just beside the end point. Dogs are welcome at the Buck Inn in Chop Gate, and if you’re lucky, you can meet River and Tilly, the inn’s resident Giant Schnauzers.

10. Newtondale Circular

This dog-friendly outing in North Yorkshire has everything you and your pet might want. Wonderful forest, easy inclines, and lots of room to let them off the leash. This six-mile loop starts at the Levisham Station parking lot and travels around farms such as Kale Pot Hole and Raper’s. In the latter, you may stop for a breather at a picturesque picnic area where you can also fill up your dog’s water bowl and enjoy the scenery.

Even though this is a dog-friendly path, you may wish to leash your pet near the North Yorkshire Moors train unless they have excellent recall. You’ll find yourself right back where you started, and if you ask around for a dog-friendly bar, you’ll hear about The Horseshoe Inn. It’s a beautiful stone building with a great selection of Yorkshire beers and a delicious pie and peas.

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