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Dogs That Get Along With Other Dogs – Friendly Dog Breeds

Have you ever been enthused about interspecies friendship? If so, the prospect of owning multiple breeds of dogs should be delightful. After all, having just one canine buddy might prove insufficient sometimes. However, dogs have unique traits, just like humans. For this reason, doing appropriate research would be wise to determine the breed of dogs that get along with other dogs.

If you wish to have a house full of dogs, then it is likely that your furry friends will be of varying breeds. As you go through this comprehensive article, we will provide a deep insight into the various breeds of dogs that can socialize with other dogs. So, keep on reading!

Golden Retriever

The first on this list is a perfect family dog breed. This lovable breed is well-known as one of the most social dog breeds to have in your home. They are not only great with other dogs, but kids can also spend quality time with them. In terms of friendliness and temperament, Golden retrievers are playful to all.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are known to be friendly and outgoing. These snuggle buddies have enough love to share with other dogs and kids. They are high-spirited companions that are known to be energetic and intelligent. However, to keep them healthy and happy, sufficient mental stimulation and exercise are needed. This can also help in warding off unwanted behaviors, including barking and biting.


Beagles are sociable dogs, thanks to their instinct to work and live in packs. After all, they are believed to have evolved from wolves thousands of years ago. These fur babies don’t just love their humans to keep them happy; they are cheerful around other dogs as well. By nurturing them with love, they are more likely to share their affection with dogs and humans. Even though they are friendly to all, Beagles are known to express their loyalty to one person.


If you have ever watched the movie “Lassie Come Home”, then it shouldn’t be hard to realize how playful and friendly this breed of dog can be. However, unlike the connections they strike with humans are not limited by size or age.

The compassionate and loyal nature of these dogs is not restricted to humans alone. They are known as friendly dogs that get along with other dogs. For this reason, they are good family dogs.


Goldendoodles are popular as one of the most sociable dogs on the planet. These canine buddies are not just smart, but they are also obedient and adaptable. They just won’t care about the presence of other pets around them as long as their needs are satisfied. This makes them a great companion to have around, especially in a multi-pet home.

Australian Shepard

If you wish to start an amicable, peaceful pet family, then the Aussies are the right dogs to consider. Are there any dog breeds that are more energetic than the Australian Shepard?

In a multi-pet home, these social furry buddies are likely to expend a lot of energy trying to get other dogs to try to play with them, which can be an issue. However, if you wish to put this under control, regular exercise can prove effective.

Regardless of the number of legs you have – two or four – these dogs are friendly and playful to all.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound makes amazing family dogs, thanks to their loyalty and social nature. They go along with anyone – whether a child, an adult or another animal. Indeed, these pack-oriented fur babies can get easily lonely, echoing how incredibly social and friendly they are. For this reason, those who look to nurture different breeds of dogs can consider having a Basset Hound in their homes.

Even if they may feel secluded at first, they will eventually form strong alliances with other dogs. However, having them around means that you should give them their reward system to prevent them from becoming territorial.


Even though they do have their moments of high energy, Pugs are generally low-energy dogs. Because of this, they have become a popular breed of dogs, especially for first-time pet owners.

While their temperament needs some grooming, Pugs are easy to train. In addition, their low energy makes them less likely to be aggressive toward other breeds of dogs. Besides being tolerant of kids, these snuggle buddies love fondling and keeping the vibe calm.


From their small, yippy size, it is not hard to imagine these four-legged canines to be loyal and friendly.

Various multi-pet household owners have long described Papillons as a good dog breed to have around other dogs. However, these cuddle buddies love their space. They are so cute and social that filmmakers love using this breed of dog in their movies, as seen in Ozark, Venom, and Star.

Siberian Husky

You must have seen a Siberian Husky before if you have watched the movie “the thing”. They originate from Russia and are often bred as sled dogs. Because of this, they often find it easy to strike up camaraderie with other dogs.

Unless other breeds are aggressive with them, they show no hostility. When nurtured with care, they are very friendly with whoever handles them.


These little balls of energy are super-friendly. The presence of other breeds of dogs does not threaten them. They are some of the friendliest dogs that get along with other dogs.

While some might consider them to be slow due to their small size, Corgis are very fast. These smart dogs can quickly understand boundaries when they are rewarded for their good behaviors. Furthermore, they love engaging in exercises.


You can never get bored of watching two or more dogs of different breeds playing together. As a pet owner, it is important to be aware of the friendship your pets share with one another.

After all, we all want peace in our homes – among children as well as pets. For this reason, you must consider the best dogs that get along with other dogs. With the list and advice given above, getting the right pet should be a walk in the park.

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